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My Age gap scenario

Meet his girl at a seasonal job We got on well toghter. She got on well with every, she's friendly, outgoing and funny. I started to develop bit of a crush.

Joking around became more serious conversation started like about our past relationships and family etc. So i thought ok where closed friends. Have had many crushes with people i've work with before so never really gave it a second thought.

Before the job came to an end, a friend told the both of us that we both liked each other. Well, we started to text each othe, about jokey stuff. Now at the end of season party, she got completely drunk, competely embrassed herself. Later, she told me that its because she didn't have the courage to kiss me sober. Oh we kiss that night. I could tell she was shy.

Now she does get a lot of attention, she is pretty and friendly and guys tend to thing she coming on to them, but its her being her.

We arrange a couple gigs/nightsout to go to after the end of season. Due to unreleative things, didnt happen, her fault and my fault.

We went on a date, her friend phone and need picked up. So she leaved, althought i could see the disappointment on her face while she was on the phone. I was annoyed, but her friend mean alot to her. She got a big heart.
I text her, after we said we like each other she told me, "I dont know wot i want. Dont wot you to think am leading you on, thought i gave up on this stuff awhiile ago, dunno if i still have"

We've text since, friendly stuff, but her texts are getting few and far between.

I've been single for a good while now, years. I was with my last gf for 5 years, had a couple crush. This is the only one in which i've tried and thought it could work. Its kinda driving alittle crazy tbh.

Now i should meation am 27, she's 18. Now we've talk about the age gap in relationship before, and she never say a issue with it. However, shes 18, she going out to club with her mate, drinks. I would trust her if we became serious. I would join, but kinda been there and done that thing before. Sidenote afterwards she been out with her mate she calls me "old man" jokely, when texting so i don think her friends approve.

I've setup a date with her tomor, is been good 3 wks since our first date.

Am unsure, is this a little job crash thing gone too far, should i stern towards friendship. Which as we dont share the same circle of friends, might disappear.
Should i still try
Should i wait to see wot she does, if anything
Simply cut my loses and move on?

Any thought?
18 and 27, no big deal, both adults, i'm 23 and my last girlfriend was 31 and that's much more taboo
This is not the real question that you will or should talk about the age gap. The real thing is this that both should be in legal age group older more than 18 years old. if male is 40 and girl is 19 they understand each other and wanna marry or love each other this will be fine and they can do it.

but any one of those is immature and can't have a better decision about the relation he or she should wait for some time
Your age gap may not be that noticeable in your lifestyle right now, but the bigger the age gap, the more you'll need to consider what your life together will be like in the long term. Health and the natural aging process are both factors that will impact on the quality of your lifestyle with a partner who is vastly older than you.

A gap of 20 years means that one of you will be a sprightly 45-year-old, while the other will be approaching retirement. And yes, you're only as young as you feel, but how will your relationship cope with the ravages of time? Are you comfortable with the idea of becoming someone's live-in carer rather than live-in lover?

Making an age gap relationship work is like any other successful relationship it depends on strong communication skills, dedication, honesty and a lot of effort. But as anyone who loves someone regardless of an age difference will tell you, love is not only blind, it can't count very well either.
if incase they say that your gal is a lot younger than you then i am sure you will not sleep for that night. You will think about it again and again. This is surely a vision. But think it this way she did not fall for you after asking your age and you did not have crush on her after asking her age. It's your heart that choose her and it's her heart that told her that you are nice. So think about your heart not your age. Age will always be there but heart is a moody one. Who knows it may become isolation lover!!!!
My parents age gap was 13 years - she was 18, he was 31 year old musician.

The age gap with my partner is 8 years (just one year less than yours).

Go for it! The age difference is not a big deal. (just keep in mind her age and don't take advantage of her sexually - as she might offer you sex when she is not really ready just to keep you).
As long as age difference is concerned. it is really really NOT an issue unless someone becomes sensitive about it.
However, if you want to becomes closer to her, you should be bit agrressive in actions. I mean take initiative and give little more time to her. I suspect/assume she liked you but you have been always decent more that required.
may I should use the word 'shy\ instead of decent.

Anyway, you may start this way to judge if the relation can grow or not; text more that usual and see if responses increase accordingly or not.

Call her more often and judge if she tries not to attend the calls.
If she give attention, it would be a better off to rethink and re-set the schedule and weekly time routine ....

Anyway, Good Luck!
If the two of you are on the same page with the relationship, in terms of how serious, and your happy you shouldn't think about the age gap. But I should stress that you should be on the same page and make each other aware of how serious you are. I have a slight age gap with my girlfriend (me 25-her 2Cool, however, we've sat down and talked about our future together and how serious we are.
I also have friends that are around 30 and want to settle down and they are dating girls in their early 20's and they whine how their girlfriend just wants to play around. Clearly my friends haven't sat done and discussed this with their mates. So I suggest to sit down with her and ask her how she feels and tell her how you feel.
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