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Cats weigth

I have a cat almost two years old. A few months ago it was overweigthed and his vet sugested feeding him with Hill's RD.

It lost weigth, but at the end of the diet, he developed intolerance to that food, so I returned to its former food, Cat chow.

Its target weigth is 4kg (is a big cat) I'm feeding him 80gr a day, he seems to continue losing weigth, I try to give him more food but he is not eating it (a recently arrived kitty eats what it does not)

Should I bring it to the vet again? It is eating, but less.
I would take him to a different vet to the one that prescribed the food for losing weight. Just so as to get a second opinion and get your cat checked out. If you Google the formula that was prescribed to you, there has been some negative feedback by a few people. I don't want to alarm you, but you must have done the instinctive best thing for your cat when you stopped the diet food. You're obviously great with cats.
Do the cats poop seem normal?

Is that Purina Cat Chow? Purina Cat Chow is a decent food for the money. There are better food brands, but they get really pricey. There have been millions and millions of cats that ate nothing but Purina Cat Chow over the decades.

Deanhills suggestion of getting a second opinion could be money well spent just for your peace of mind.

As long as it is continuing to eat and it's stools look normal, it sounds to me like he went on a diet, his tummy shrank and now doesn't need as much food to feel full. I though that was what you wanted to begin with.

But, you know the animal the best. And if something doesn't seem right get it checked out.

Another thing is to change foods gradually. big changes in a cats life can stress it out so much that they may quit eating all together. If that happens then be sure and take it to the vet as soon as possible.

ive hab also a cat and he is very fat but i love it
he eats now other food and now hes thiner
I have a black cat, but only Ricocat eats, eats nothing but everything is a hunter who hunts shot and let him die for his Ricocat.
It is a cocky ...
You do want to be careful with cats. Sometimes it can be hard to tell there is something wrong. If the cat is eating but is still losing weight keep an eye on their activities (how much they eat, how often they drink and how often the go to the bathroom). Getting a second opinion isn't a bad idea but your current vet would hopefully know your cat best and they might have something to stay about the cats reaction to losing weight after the diet. Another vet may not be aware of the cat's past history. They would only know what you tell them.

I imagine the cat is fine, but switching foods can be tough on a cat so it might be having issues adjusting.
I Like Cat........Smile
he cleaned my house frm rat. Laughing
Weight can be a funny thing for animals. If the weight was making the cat uncomfortable, then it may have slept more as it didn't feel so well, and this caused it to put on more weight. If the weight goes, but the cat still has lots of energy then you should see a drastic change in the cats behavior to include more activity. If the cat is still loosing weight, then switch back to the high fat content diet, and if the cat begins to put on weight again or activity slows back down then you know the foot is too high fat content. However, the energy is needed for good health, and I suspect that many diet foods, like with humans, allows you to eat more but the quality of food and energy content is so low that it has adverse affects.

Honestly the goal should be good quality food with high energy content so the animal can eat less and get more energy. If the cat is indoor and doesn't have much activity then you can adjust the food, but if the cat is outdoor, and going on a diet helped it loose weight, then you might be able to switch back to high fat content food and the cat still live a healthier life. As long as the cat is keeping the weight off then there is no reason to keep it on diet food, unless you find a food that is a good balance for the cats active life style, and also proportionate to how much the cat likes to eat.

My cat wants to eat all the time. Every time I go into the kitchen then she follows me and begs. I keep crunchy food down for her all the time, and I regularly feed her meals of soft cat food which she really enjoys and that is actually what she begs for. She's really skinny and very active, even goes outside most every day, and I'm more worried about there not being some food down for her to munch on if she's hungry then I am worried about her gaining weight because she's so small! I will be able to tell if she starts putting on weight too quickly.
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