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English Mp3

Dear Friends,

I want to download some English songs in mp3 format, where can I get that? plz provide me the link of that website..

Thank you
There are some websites with songs uploaded by their own artists. Some are:
  • Jamendo - all songs on this site can be downloaded for personal use, and many of them have licences that allow you to remix them or even use them comercially
  • SoundClick - not powered by CommonCreative licences like Jamendo, but also lets you download and listen to as many songs as you want

If you are trying to improve your English, these websites may be useful for you: Voice of America Learning English programs (U.S. English) and BBC - Learning English (British English).
This should get you started nepalstar.

Most of these will play in your browser if you have Quick time installed & configured properly
Edited & Replaced with QuickTime Lite

Some of these are unsecured Apache servers & some are plain mp3 sites. All the regular sites work different.

If you want to find a particular song you can try this. Go to Google & insert this Exactly:
intitle:"index.of" (mp3) Sido.
Replace Sido with the group of choice

Or this
"Sido" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls (Replace Sido again)

intitle:"index.of" ("don't download this song") %s -html -htm -php -jsp
Replace don't download this song (leave the quotes in place) with the Name of a song

This page is large & will give you many choices of individual artists. From there you can pick out the certain song.
*Highly recommended & easy to navigate*

Regular sites

USA top 20

Hope that helps you get started
Rather then edit in case someone had read the above already

How to install QuickTime so you Can Listen to it in Your Browser Before you Download it:

First Click on the above link. Install it.
When it says 'QuickTime installer Completed' you will be asked if you want to configure the File types. Click yes.
All you have to do is Un-check everything but the two that are greyed out then click OK and Finish.

Note: If there is nothing greyed out or nothing is checked then it's all good. MP3's should still play in your browser.

I always open a bunch of songs in tabs & listen to them before I download them. I turn Off auto play
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