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Windows xp service pack 2

I've got a windows xp professional setup but i want to put with the setup windows service pack 2 so i don't need to download that update all the time.
What you want to do is known as slipstreaming.

Here is a good tutorial on it if you want to do it by hand:

There is also a program called nLite that you can use to slipstream and many other things. Get it here:

Hope this helps.
Thanks foggy. I never like downloading all the updates every time i reformat. Now i will just have to download a few updates that will take 20 min instead of 2 hours.
i ordered a service pack 2 setup cd for free from the windows website, but before that i had put it on a usb drive so wen i install it i just run the setup from the usb drive. hope that helps
if not slipstreaming try

I downloaded SP2 myself from Microsoft so I can install it directly to systems when necessary. You can download it from:

This links directly to the Microsoft download page, I used for ease; Microsoft's link is huge! lol

It is a 266Mb download, but if you setup PCs often it will save you a lot of download time.
You can also get Microsoft to send you a free CD of SP2. Fill in your details at
Download Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers from

Pop it on a cd and update your new install of windows XP without keep downloading.

Hope this helps
quite helpful i also needed those informations..thanks
for everyone who speaks or understands german here is another great tool for that (even to create a boot-cd for unattended installation): or
I woundent do dat becuse the windows xp service pack 2 deletes some stuff u need in ur computer and adds diffrent stuff in my opinion I would just install windows xp service pack 3
wdonayre wrote:
I woundent do dat becuse the windows xp service pack 2 deletes some stuff u need in ur computer and adds diffrent stuff in my opinion I would just install windows xp service pack 3

Windows XP SP3 will not be released until next year, according to Microsoft. Therefore, you should do what the majority of XP users have done and install SP2 and ALL subsequent hotfixes. SP2 works fine and improves security on your PC immensely. I would not recommend connecting an XP PC to the internet without SP2 installed.
Backup SP somewhere like on a flash drive so you won't need to download it again if anything happens to your computer.
Oh and Microsoft have said that you will require SP2 to install SP3. No getting away from it then XP users. (although SP3 is said to finally properlyfix the annoying bugs in SP2.)
it is a good idea to install sp2, it does not remove anything you really need to run your computer. The annoying features of it that i personally do not wish to have I have been able to switch off. So definately install sp2.
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