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How to become perfect marketing executive

Hello all,
please share some tips so that we can become the perfect marketing executive.What cares we should take when doing marketing?
Once I have heard from someone--

A true marketing executive is the man WHO CAN CONVINCE AND SELL A FRIDGE TO AN ESKIMO.

However some tips for good marketing--

1. Never make any false claim/promise to the client.

2. Never try to undermine the competetor's product in order to highlight yours.

3. Explain both the positive and negative ( if any) aspects of the product.

4. Never think that the client is foolish and is ready to eat whatever you give.

5. There is no substitute for hardwork and there is no shortcut to success.

6. Be honest to the client and to yourself.

7. Try to gather experience in various marketing field (FMCG / Home appliances.. etc) so that you can switch over as and when neccessary.
Marketing is all about sales and creativity as well.
It requires selling and creative ways to induce selling to consumers.
Most of the skill comes with practice, but also a formal business education will prove to be beneficial.

Marketing involves knowing the products, and the customers and presenting a way for customers to buy the product for its use and value also taken into consideration.
I think the advertising industry is always booming, and in need of marketing personnel, with quite a rewarding turnout.
You "bukaida" explained very nice and totally fair points for marketing in any field but unfortunately there are only few companies marketing there products in right way. Everyone is making fool of its competitor and there is no strong rules as its a violation.
Several of these skills revolve around communication with people and some of them require your personal knowledge; such as how to navigate a computer. Nonetheless, this is what employers expect of you. Employers expect these skills to correspond to your work ethic as well as your experience. I have done thorough research throughout three different occupations within the field of becoming a Marketing Manager and all of them required these seven skills in order to be hired. Depending upon how many of these seven skills you possess, you may find yourself being in the right industry and find that you have the skills to be a successful marketing manager.

    Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    Must possess the ability to write well
    Advanced computer skills using the Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, Power-point
    Be outgoing and optimistic
    Team Oriented
I agree with bukaida. You should have followed all these points.
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