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How to change my domain name with a new domain name?

I tried to change my domain name to a new domain name but the application in cpanel don't work it says the domain name already exist." cannot create a domain". I also tried add another domain and still dont work. can any body help me to change my new domain?
Now i delete my old domain but still i cannot add new domain?
Is it a top level domain or a subdomain you are trying to add?

If it's a top level domain you must have registered that domain before you can use it. In cpanel I think you have to point the domain to the correct nameservers before you can add it. The change of nameservers can take some time so you might have to wait before the cpanel can see the new ones.
Now i delete my main domain and i could not add a domain. the domain i add is already active but no show of adding a domain. to explain it clearly here is what i did before.
old domain- -i delete it and i want to add this domain but i cannot add the
You can have many domains so deleting the first one shouldn't make a difference. How did you get the first domain to work? Can't you do the same for this domain?
I tried to remember how i set it up but it was so easy when i set it up but now when i go to cpanel home there is a button domain administration when i click it the choices are add another domain and change a new domain name but non of those are working to put a new domain name (
I tried to visit my account but there is no options in there to add a domain name only change request of subdomain name.[/u]
You have change the domain nameservers, right? How long ago was this? Domain settings can be really slow and take several hours to get updated everywhere.
YES, i register a new domain name yesterday (24hrs) now and i delete my old domain name these are all pointed to and
Hello all Frihost users and members,

I am stick with my problem right now. i could not add a new domain in cpanel. i just delete my old domain name and now i dont see any sign of support from the admin... I hope Bondings will saw my post and address my concern.

Have a good day to all.

Ghost Rider103
Adding the domain should be pretty straight forward.

So if you're getting an error message, then there must be something wrong.

Try looking in the actual domains folder and see if it exist in there (go into files, there should be a folder called domains).

Double check your name servers are correct.
I dont see any error in adding a domain but it always says that "the domain is already exist" both "Add Another Domain" and "Change a Domain Name"- i dont have to change a domain name anymore because i delete my old domain.

Try looking in the actual domains folder and see if it exist in there (go into files, there should be a folder called domains).

the only folder remain is domain folder and it is empty inside domain folder.

server names are:
Ghost Rider103
That's odd.

Did you look to make sure you didn't make a typo when pointing the domain to the name servers?

Though I wouldn't think that would cause this issue, but wouldn't be a bad idea to check, just in case.

Frihost offers unlimited domains and sub domains, so you should be able to create anything.

Try creating a random domain and see what happens.
to make it sure i copy paste it... i dont know anymore whats wrong. because as far as i can remember it was so easy when i do my first domain here in frihost. this is my first time i delete the old domain but now i don't know how to add anymore
Do you get the exact same error message if you try to add a random domain name like
ohhhh it works with other name... i don't know why. anyway thank you guys for all your ideas and suggestions... thank you so much!!!

Have a good day to all!

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