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Does time have a beginning?

How do you feel about Hawking saying that before big bang even time didn't exist so it is insignificant to look for any reason that caused big bang as prior to it there was no time and so no reason?
I've actually never liked the notion of the big bang actually changing/creating the dimensions of time and space...

I suppose that's because I've never seen it adequately explained why it should be like that, ie, why the big bang couldn't have occurred within spacetime as we know it.
The beginning of time is January 1, 1970.

.. more seriously, what I like to think is that there was something before big bang, but the theory of relativity have some strange effects on time. I have never found the relativity intuitive so I can't say much about it.
Time, considered in general relativity, is intrinsically 'linked' to space - we call the result spacetime.
The corollary is that time and space do not exist independant of each other. Since space (as in the apparent nothingness which is in fact a seething quantum foam) was created by the Big Bang, it follows that time must also have been created at that point.

Not all physicists agree and many, including Smolin, Guth, Turok and others, are looking for refinements or even new models.

For those who want to know more, I can recommend the following.
First, my archive of BBC Horizon programmes below. The ones of particular interest are:
'Before the Big Bang', 'Infinity & Beyond', 'Parallel Universes', 'Missing Universe' and 'Of Big Bangs' (roughly in that order of importance)

For those with a fair knowledge of physics, I would recommend a lecture by Roger Penrose. This is fairly accessible, but you need at least a basic grounding in physics to get the best from it :
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