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What do you want to work with when you are adult?

I wanna become a programmer. Make games for Nintendo, Microsoft and more. I know it's computerprograming is expanding and I wanna be in it.

What do you wanna do?
I will graduate in Eletrical Engenering and became a researcher.
I probably would like to have a job in computers or something to that nature.
I'm in the army, as a tank driver so, yea...
soon wephons developer in the army then i'll see....

I love animals. Very Happy
Well as this is a web hosting forum ur probly going to get ALOT of engineers.....
Software Engineer... Computer Engineer
i wanna be a derivatives trader! haha..the fastest way to get rich b4 30!
I want to become an Engineer, motorist or economist.
i've thought about beeing a programmer, but it won't please me I think.
I want to do a job relative to computer security, and more precisly, relative to cryptography research.
hmm i guess soemthing that has to do with computers.. ^^ (not to hard to realize i think)
but im not sure what.. so an idia i don't have ...

maybe soemthing with web design or gfx...
but im not sure..^^
hehe, almost everyone wants to do something in or related to computers...i wanna be a consultant, come up with solutions to any kind of business...and be one the best in the field...

another option would be cryptography, i love coding and de-coding stuff, and have of late been reading quite a bit about it, thats another possible career move, though more unlikely as compared to the first one...
I want to be a programmer. and a artist on the site incase i dont.
a CG or AD designer, or game character design~~ I love painting~
i plan to be a computer designer like bill gates... so then you wont have to use shi**y microsoft xD j/k but yes i wanna be a comp designer
When I am a adult I want to go into advertising....
Making Websites, Borchures, Commercials for companies etc, maybe start my own business Smile
Either that or something completley different, I'd go into medicine Smile
I want to be a doctor
and I can lease others suffer
I want to make a big island,a toy.
I'm planning to major in computer sciences and minor in computer engineering so yea, basically i want to work with computers. i want to make games and stuff maybe become bigger than microsoft? lol doubt it i doubt i'll ever even end up starting my own company but its good to have dreams, am i right?
Id like to work in the IT field, mainly with networking and programming..
I want to be a prostitute.. obviously different from other people..

Don't worry I'm just kidding!
I want to be a paid web hoster.. NOT against FriHost!
Hopefully affiliates with FriHost..

But then again I am only 15 and cannot have a successful hosting company until I'm at least 18.. that sucks!
I hope FriHost will still be around then!
I'd like to either:

a) Work wonders with words writing... fantasy.

or, b) Computer game designer. That would be the perfect job. I could just design and plan the games, and then leave it to others to do the hard job of actually programming them. I'd probably have to be a programmer though.
Monica Bellucci.

any one else second that?
php_wizard_l33t wrote:
I want to be a prostitute.. obviously different from other people..

LOOOOLL!!!! Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy
When I grow up, I want to be different like everybody else... No not really.... I want to be a network administrator. I love the headaches that come with working on computers and troubleshooting computer network related stuff. Actually I really dislike the headaches but endure them because the bigger the headache is, the more pride in my work i feel when i finish it.

Well this is a really old topic, but who cares, I would love to be a graphic designer or maybe a scientist, but definately some with technology, I am good with computers and tech so thats what I want to do!
meet in rio

- Translation. (Preferably literature, but I'll probably end up doing cereal packets and furniture assembly instructions.)
- Journalism. (International stuff.)
- Writing. (That's a bit vague, isn't it? I'd dearly love to bum around and write crappy sitcoms or truth-stretching 'comical personal experience' books. Danny Wallace (for sheer luck and business skills) and Stephen Fry (for his charming, quick wit) are my heroes.)

Having said all that, I would honestly be very happy giving birth to baby after bouncing baby and fattening them all up.
bdoneck wrote:
I'm planning to major in computer sciences and minor in computer engineering so yea, basically i want to work with computers.

I went into college with almost the same plans as you! I went into computer engineering but dropped that after a semester; then I spent three semesters in computer science, but I just can't see myself programming for the rest of my life so now I'm headed into MIS. I find business really interesting and I think if I keep taking Chinese I might end up working there quite a bit, but who knows. I don't really want to spend too much time there.
I'll try to go in justice. International relationships, you know. Or... I'll be professional singer. I'm now in capella, and I have great voice, so... But singers in Ukraine are not very raisable persons...
I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I want to be an actor / singer ^^.
I want to do something that I love to do. I want to be a musician, compose song, do arrangment for song.
I want to be a dictator
No seriously though i would like game programing I'm already programing my first game it is going to be a dogie 1st person shooter.
I want to become an actor. But if that doesn't work out, i'm gonna be a prog(r)amer...
I want to do something related with computers... like website designing or something, maybe?
i want to be a mechanical engineer who is also good at playing guitar, cooking for his lover.....
I want to become a stage designer.. Next year I'm going to theatre college in Utrecht (Holland) where I will learn to make costumes, stages and decords... I so very much like the idea to e a stage designer in the future. As a small kid (8 years old) I already made my own stage in the living room, and my friends and I preformed a great act for my parents Laughing Razz
I'm an adult, working in the communication field. I'm currently a PCS Network Technician. I make sure your PCS phone is working correctly.

As for programming; I actually went to school for programming and Computer Sciences. When you "grow up," per say, you'll get sick of even seeing a computer. Programming C++ had to have been the most boring course I've ever taken.
i wanna love to work into graphics jobs,like designer
Pyro Man
I will be graduating in Electronics and Communication Engineering, but i want ot be a game developer Very Happy
Graphic Design and Web Design.

I became interested in it when I was in gr.6, but didnt actually start till I was in Gr.8. Now Ive been doing it for quite a while and Ive grown into graphic designing.

Its quite fun and creative, it lets me go wild with ideas and i doubt I will ever change my mind and turn away from this Very Happy
php_wizard_l33t wrote:

I want to be a paid web hoster.. NOT against FriHost!
Hopefully affiliates with FriHost..

But then again I am only 15 and cannot have a successful hosting company until I'm at least 18.. that sucks!
I hope FriHost will still be around then!

I don't see why you need to wait until you are 18 to start? Age has nothing to do with starting a business.

To reply to the topic:
Seeing how I am an adult: I have my own unique product (www) and business. I am also a freelance mechanical engineer.
I would like to be a doctor .....
mistuh griddlez
I've never actually dreamed of being anything when I grow that a bad thing? But i might want to be a lawyer (I argue alot...I win 95% of the time... Very Happy ) or perhaps a scientist......ehhhh...I still don't know what I want to be.... Sad
I want to be in IT field as this is my course, or maybe related to computer. I want also to be a teacher to make life of the student like hell... hahaha. Joking.
Guys... I have to tell you that not everybody in the world can be a programmer...

Seriously, if everybody designs games there will be more people MAKING them then people PLAYING them. If any of you have actually looked up how difficult it is to get into the field of game design... And also, it is a job that involves alot of stress and deadlines.

By the way, being a graphics designer is not actually a profession.. Graphics design is a skill, not a profession (Unless you're really, really good at it; as in exceptional. Most people on Frihost are good at it.. But not many are able to actually draw stuff in photoshop, gimp, whatever. All they can really do is edit pictures.)

On a more positive note, I want to do something in the field of health-care. I'm thinking of being a doctor, as there are not enough doctors (Everybody wants to be a programmer Rolling Eyes Razz ) (Actually, just most of the people on frihost)
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid. A million toys to choose from, that I can play with. From bikes to trikes and video games, its the biggest toy store there is. GEE WIZ! I don't wanna grow up, cuz baby if I did....I wouldn't be a toys r' us kid!
Oh wait no, that's not really possible... When I grow up I want to rule the world? No, that's not it either. I guess I'll have to settle with doing something that's fun. I was going to go into accounting, but that just puts me to sleep. Now, it's anyone's guess. I do want to eventually own my own Inn, but that's later down the road for now. Smile
I want to be a software developer but I ended up as an IT Instructor..Its not that bad since at least I got a which is also related to my course. Computer Science. Twisted Evil
What do I want to be when I grow up? Hmm, if I haven't grown up by now, I doubt if I ever will Laughing

Actually, I took an early retirement last year as a package engineer, but I wouldn't mind getting back to the only job I really enjoyed. Lab Tech. Did it for decades in a number of different research facilities. Always doing something different, the newest equipment to play with, getting payed to break things, occasional travel to cool places. Best job in the world.

The LabRat motto- You make it, we'll break it!
Some kind of engineer. Its a hands on job and it takes skill and it is something that i enjoy. I love taking stuff apart and putting it back together. So that should be the right job for me. Plus i'm taking Drafting and CAD so that should help with it.
I already consider myself an adult (almost) but I would soon like to become a college professor.
I have numerous things that I wish to be when I am older.

I am currently studying the following:

Criminal, Tort and European Law - a job in the law profession, or teaching
Biology/Human Biology - ?????
Cognitive/Social/Cognitive Development Psychology - Psychologist, Social Worker, Counsellor, Criminal Psychologist (or some other job similar)
Sociology - ?????
English lang.

^^ most of them are pretty obvious to explain.

I also do part-time and voluntary work but haven't been able to do anything recently. my mother wishes me to follow this career path but I have decided to at least get my A levels first. After I may go to university, or a may not, I haven't decided yet.

In my spare time I wish to still be able to continue with mulitple projects that I have been working on for a while. Most of them have a very long way to go still, a few however are nearly finished.
i want to be the new born human with
multi intelligent

i wan to be an engineer electric electornic ,business engineer,musicion,singer,dancer,pyscologisz(wrong spelling),magicion,hmm

i hope and i gona create the miracle from this second XD
Programming, making computer games is fun! Very Happy
I would like to become a web developer, designing and programming a website is really cool. Plus I like my projects to see by other people and have some comments about my projects. Other than becoming a web developer, I would like to become a 3d Animator too. Its really amazing to make those 3d movies and to do those special effects.
I'm not entirely sure what I want my profession to be yet, but if I had to choose right now, I'd say a police officer. I know a lot of people dislike cops, but this is honestly what I'm leaning towards right now. I requested a double major in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science (I'm just majoring in forensics right now) a few weeks ago, and I'm still waiting to hear back. I may also look into the FBI, but I'm still obviously very undecided.
I'd like to be a good programmer and have my own IT firm. It has been my dream to get into robotics too.
Well, at this point in life (I'm already legally an adult by law, heh), I'd want to work with computers. Ever since my parents finally let one into the household seven years ago, I've grown to love all the things you can do with it - websites in particular. I'm nothing special when it comes to website designing, but I'd love to do it anyway.

If I could own my own business, it'd be great - that is, when you ignore the self-liability issues.
I want to be a computer-engineer when I grow up. Why? Because computers have always fascinated me ever since I first got my PC 2 years ago. I've learned a bit about them, though not that much yet. Laughing

Anyway, yes, I may also have a second job (a small one, like coding for people and charging them) which would be my job I would do on the weekends. More specifcally, I want to learn to code in php/html/css/javascript because those are the most popular and most used coding languages. It would also help bring in some extra cash for those emergencies. Wink
I wish to work in an IT field as I'm currently studying IT Wink
well im currently studying computer games development at university (ps, has to be one of the best courses in the world to be on! Smile )

So hopefully a job in the games industry once i graduate,

or my own web company, whichever comes first!
Already an adult. Did the computer thing in the corporate world for 26 years (started when I was 16), and am now a missionary helping other missionaries with their computers, among other things.

ADOLESCENCE: The stage between puberty and adultery.
(Source: Attributed to Ambrose Bierce and his Devil's Dictionary, but I've never seen it in there.)
keep dreaming if you're still young.
when youre growing up you will aware that it's not easy to get what you want.
when i was a kid i want to be a nba player, but my body physicly and race reject it since i'm born not as athlete.
Hm... dreams....

As I got older, my dream has changed.
When I was very young, I wanted to be a General or a president.
Wehn I was a high school student, I wanted to be a lawyer, or judge or successful business man like CEO of big company.
When I was a university student, I just wanted to get a good job. I just wanted to work for good company like IBM.

When I got the first job after graduated from university, I just wanted to work there as long as possible.

Now I'm seeking new job......
I want to go into neuroscience, microbiology, physics (general), computer science, and mathematics. They all tie into eachother, in a sense at least. I am very fascinated with all of those subjects, and I hope to major in a few of them when I reach college.
Good luck with that Mog, but I'd suggest majoring in only one...maybe two if they really coincide. One is bad enough as is ^_~.

Anyways, I'm going to graduate with an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering in the coming spring and thought I might join a friend of mine who graduated before me working at the patent office, it sounds like it could be fun. However, I love doing design work as I've been spending time with a package we have at school called Solidworks. It's a 3-D modeling software that is really quite fun ^_^.
I either wanna Play in the NBA!! - lol
Or Be A Graphic Designer Of Templates etc.
Michael McNeil
I work with my hands. always have and always will.
I put a lot of thought into it and I really want to be a psychiatrist *sp?*
DeathlyHallows wrote:
I put a lot of thought into it and I really want to be a psychiatrist *sp?*

if you want to be a psychiatrist... go all the way. my sister got her psychology degree from SMU and had all intentions of becoming one, but the degree isn't really worth much if you don't. She works at dillards selling shoes because of it.

I've been looking into becoming a doctor, though the 50 years of med school and all that is kind of daunting. I'm hoping it will be worth it, because I know that doctors get paid a lot and don't work all that many hours. couldn't be all that difficult, right? other than the MCAT.
alot of dream jobs have entered my mind when i was in high school, right now im in college and all i want at the moment is to graduate Laughing
godam64 wrote:
keep dreaming if you're still young.
when youre growing up you will aware that it's not easy to get what you want.
when i was a kid i want to be a nba player, but my body physicly and race reject it since i'm born not as athlete.

I told myself that at 18 when I went to work (computer retail) and lowered my hopes for the future to the job of network admin. I stayed that way for 5 long years.

This summer I will recieve by BA in anthropology. I am already a trained and experienced archaeological field tech, with several digs under my belt, and barring a major disaster, I will be going out to another dig this summer.

In other words: I'm Indiana bleeping Jones!

Dreams ARE hard to achieve. It DOES take years of struggle to get what you want. But more importantly, it IS worth it. You want your dream? Sweat blood, tears, and agony for it. Join the air force, get that areospace degree, and fly to the moon. Or admit that you don't want your dreams enough to give up what you'd have to.
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