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Pennsylvania guys

Ok first you must watch this video. I am from South East PA and Central PA (I'm a full time student at Penn State

Now to describe some of the scenes of the video in order.

Yuengling is America's oldest brewery and is in Pottsville Pa

Punxsutawney Phil is the groundhog we all look for on February 2nd to see if we will have 6 more weeks of winter. He is located in Punsutawney Pa and is a BIG DEAL

Both Pats Steaks and Genos Steaks are located across the street from each other in south Philadelphia.

Dorney Park is located in Allentown Pa and is a popular attraction. Later in the song it talks about Billy Joel sings about Allentown this is true.

The term Hoagie is what people in the Philadelphia area a submarine sandwich or a sub.

Horse and buggy's are still used in the south east part of the state most widely in Lancaster (pronounced Lankister)

Dutchwonderland was one of my favorite places as a kid and is an amusement park for little kids in Lancaster.

Intercourse, Bird-in-Hand, Blueball, and Paradise area ll towns in Lancaster that have unique names as you can tell and are quite widely talked about and is a big inside joke.

Scrapple the most disgusting and tasty thing ever is a big thing in South East Pa

Centralia is a town in Pa that has an underground mine fire burning.

Pennsylvania is arguably one of the most important state in the U.S. when it comes to history. This song also shows a lot about some of the other things PA has to offer. I hope you enjoyed reading.
A BLAST from the PAST! Great to see you posting again Blaster. Last you were fighting fires everywhere, so what are you studying?
Very Happy
Holy crap, being a fellow Southcentral Pennsylvanian that sh1t is hilarious! So many inside jokes! Is it bad that I've seen almost every place in that movie. I think the only land mark they missed is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and maybe a joke about the Office. Thanks for sharing, I am definitely passing it on to family!

Yea btw, are you back for good Blaster? I miss my only fellow PAer! Oh and how dare you describe scrapple as disgusting, it's like bacon but better for you!
Dean I am studying Criminal Justice and Economics

Coolclay I agree. You have to be from PA or just outside of it to understand half the jokes in it. I'll try to post a bit more but still busy fighting fires and in school. And as for Scrapple, I agree it is delicious... However if you think about what its made out of you can see how its disgusting
Blaster wrote:
And as for Scrapple, I agree it is delicious... However if you think about what its made out of you can see how its disgusting

You don't think about what it is made of, you just enjoy. Very funny video, Blaster. Thanks for sharing and it is very good to see you posting once again.
Less disgusting than mechanically separated chicken, beef, pork parts in commercial hot dogs, and sausage that the rest of the country eats. I've made scrapple before so I know exactly what's in it!
Home made scrapple... That sounds really really good. I have to remember to get some next time i'm home.
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