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Ok a little help for a semi-beginner

Ok so my old host closed which I stated before and frihost is much more complicated then my prior host, I now have all my old files, and all my old websites uploaded to frihost but how do I make them available to the public. They show up in my file manager, but how do I get them attached to my domain. You know like I have my home website file home.htm uploaded, but how do I get it to be Thanks again you guys are the best Cool

Edit: Stupid mistake
The public_html folder is the root of the site as exposed to public.
therefore the home.htm (if it's called index.html, it's better) should goto this folder.
recreate your existing folder structure inside this folder.

In fact for all practical purpose, this is the only folder where you should upload any file.
but that doesn't mean that the other folders are not important.
don't go messing around with them.
OK thanks that is what I thought, will then something is wrong with my domain name and stuff. My root directory is, but it doesn't work. And every thing in my public folder, doesn't work either like How long does it normally take for my directory to propagate, it has been 2 days. I recieved my free hosting on the 21st.
If you remove the "," from the url, it should be working:
Ok awesome almost everything is working now, but one more problem and one more question.

I am in the process of going through my websites and changing my link and picture locations to the new ones, but then everytime I go to save it my background color disappears <body bgcolor=#000000>, and my <center> goes away, and a bunch of other stuff changes.

I think the problem is that my html code isn't compatible with your WYSIWYG editor, and it deletes it, even though my code works fine normally. Is their a way to save just my html code without clicking the WYSWYG editor (design tab).

I know I can do it on my computer and just upload it again, but that would take a while, and my old host had just a html editor without a WYSIWYG editor. Thanks again for all the help you guys have been, the community here is what I like the best Very Happy, I am glad I have to keep posting here to keep my site Surprised
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