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My Little Pony -- Season 2 (aka, best season EVER!)

Let me make a belated thread here celebrating the start of the second season of the best show ever, My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

The long-awaited season 2 has finally arrived, and is more than living up to expectations, even after just 4 episodes.

A short explanation of the awesome episodes so far:

1 & 2: Two part premier, just like season 1. An epic struggle against a villain named Discord, who makes all kinds of crazy chaos, as well as corrupting ponies.

3: Simply put, Twilight Sparkle goes crazy! (And she puts all the insane moments from other ponies in season 1 to shame.)

4: The very highly anticipated return of Luna! Bronies everywhere demanded more Luna, and this episode finally delivers, with a whole episode centered around her! And nopony expected her to make the kind of appearance she did.

(Left huge amounts of info out, to avoid spoilers.)

Now, for all of you thinking, "My Little Pony!?! Really? That show is for little girls!"
The show is mesmerizingly well animated, and the relentless cheerfulness and charm of the ponies -- instead of being nauseating -- is actually hugely appealing, and wears down any resistance.
Believe me, when I first heard about it, I was like,
-Yeah, whatever, there's no way I would enjoy that.
...But then I heard it was actually very good, so I was like,
-I guess I'll look at it... ugh...
...But then I actually watched some of it, and the first thing that hits you is the animation style... and I was like,

And before I knew it, I was hooked... Not only on the animation style, but on the show itself...
And I was like,

Couldn't believe what I had been missing.

--And that's how bronies are made.
Before you criticize such taste in shows, I challenge you to watch an episode or two yourself.
They're all on youtube.

So, anybody else out there eagerly watching season 2?
Anybody want to take up the challenge of watching the show without becoming addicted to it?
*le reading the topic names in this forum*

*sees that there was already a thread about MLP:FiM season 2!*

Heh... Oops...
I really should search before posting, huh?

*le self moderating*
Locking duplicate thread. See for the original.

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