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What color theme do you prefer?

Ghost Rider103
There is a wide variety of both light and dark themes out there I'm curious to see what you guys prefer, a lighter colored theme or a darker colored theme?

I honestly can't really answer this myself. I have my fair share of favorites of both styles of themes. I do sometimes favor one color theme over another, but this is probably due to starring at one color theme longer than the other.

So, what color style do you prefer? Light or dark?
I prefer darker themes. It feels like it has lots of space for emotions and a little touch of mystery.
Ghost Rider103

Most of the websites I spend time on are lighter based themes. The only website I visit that has a somewhat darker theme would have to be

I think I do prefer lighter themes, as in my opinion they don't seem to get "old looking" so quickly. Dark themes always need to be kept up to date on the looks in my opinion.

Anyways, thanks for your comment. It's unfortunate you are the only response.
It depends on what the website is for. Ligther for business websites and websites that have a lot of content. But websites for entertainment i like in black.

There is a big website that is dark
I like a white background - always - with plenty of white space. With one bright colour like red/orange/green/blue and black font for the main heading/logo. Black font for everything else, except maybe for sub-headings.
Ghost Rider103
Blaster wrote:
It depends on what the website is for. Ligther for business websites and websites that have a lot of content. But websites for entertainment i like in black.

There is a big website that is dark

Depends on the business and their preference of style on how they do business. is a big business with a darker based theme and it looks and works great for their business.

But yes, if you have a lot of content, then probably best to go with a lighter theme as it's probably easier on the eyes.

However I have been (still am) apart of some websites that use a very dark theme for forums. I am actually used to it and don't mind it for forums, even though it's a large amount of content.

Just depends on how well it is done really.
I prefer light blue coloured themes.,
But if the black themes are user friendly i like them too.
I think dark/black themes can be hard to get right, but look good if they are done right.

I think of dark themes more for gaming and such..
And light soft colours for a more relaxed company / business feel.
the color of theme are depend on website niche, i thought. but personally i like kinda lighten type color. prefer in black, green, blue. I means i do like the color which make the site look very professional and corporate.
I prefer simple and with details.
I prefer Lighter Theme(Blue!).

What you thing about Poll?
I suggest to use
It not only depends on what the content is about (somebody mentioned business, and somebody stipulated what the business actually is) it also depends on the application of the design itself. Either light or dark can be handled elegantly and the decision of it being light or dark should depend on not only the business being represented but also the recognition of the design solution itself. For example, "It's a tattooist, I have to make it dark" or "It's a law firm, it has to be light" it is a flawed logic. It's a "safe" logic, no doubt, but it's still flawed for many reasons. What if your 'tattooist' inks divine/religious tattoos and your 'lawyer' mainly represents rock music artists? Different designs are required again. "Light or dark" kind of goes out the window.

This is a problem, I find with the "theme" mentality. I admit I got a wiff of this in the opening lines of your post/title. I was reassured that you were not as insipid as that reading on a little further, but you'd be surprised at how many actually do have that 'two step' mentality.... "Hmmm.... Light or dark"? I guess the gray area is only seen by grey matter.

r: 115
g: 115
b: 115

Is mistaken as "neutral". It's the only colour that is completely invisible in overlays blend modes. And yet it is a perfect gray. What does that tell you about this "light or dark" ethos?

I prefer websites that are recognized and considered appropriately, design-wise. And I think themes are for people who are either to lazy or too cowardly or too conditioned by 'web standards' to do that adequately. No not "adequately"... (forgive me) BOLDLY (even in white).
Yes this is true that what types of your webpage and what types of contains you added. But I like to add light color and slow movements any flowers or snow falling in background. Smile
i feel lighter theme
I like black and white Very Happy
I prefer chocolate color, Light Blue, light gray.
I always use these colors mostly.
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