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great new album, i like it a lot... do you?
Anthrax is a thrash metal band that was founded in 1981 in New York by guitarist Scott Ian and exists to this day. The band has always tried to set themselves apart from the rest of the scene, which is expressed not least in its genre unusual style of dress (Bermuda shorts, Chucks, generally very colorful).

The band's music is to describe the departure of Joey Belladonna in 1992 to as classical Speed-/Thrashmetal to be heard on records like Among The Living or State Of Euphoria. Anthrax was seen as a driving force behind the merging of rock and rap (crossover). So they were there in 1986 before Aerosmith & Run DMC made ​​a crossover in the form of "I'm The Man" with legendary even before the "Judgement Night" soundtrack, on the rock / grunge / rap metal bands / Hip hop acts collaborated to establish a common track with hip-hop veteran Public Enemy recordings.
The album not good as the old ones,
but It still a cool to hear thier new stuff.....
More than two people in front of a radio device already solved through discussions about musical taste. It's actually quite good that here, everyone has their own taste, and not all want to hear the same music. Mutual acceptance is not always as easy as it sounds. Each has fangruppe their reasons why they will not tolerate the other music. People who are on very special music, sometimes even laughed at, which is not always appropriate. However, it should be every music genre, and his friend take care of it, that you can live out his own preference as undisturbed as any other. There will never be possible to get a trailer and a classic punk rock friend under a hat.

Rock music has a large following. Each different section of the heavy metal scene up to the rock ballads, finds many friends. Here too one can not generalize taste, and must accept the people at the concerts where the music can not be tough enough, and even dress accordingly. So, like House, Rap, and many other divisions, each has his genre fans and stars. In the course of life can alter the taste, and some music at a young age is also one more reason to belong to a particular group to, but no later than when people are adults, and to consolidate the flavor is much and still hot discussed.
In 1981. Lady Di married Prince Charles. Bayern will be champions again. Metallica are based, MTV goes on the air. Anything else? Oh yes ... In New York, the then 18-year-old Scott Ian (guitar) and his classmate Danny Lilker set (also guitar) anthrax.

On bass is a type named Kenny, the rhythm section is enhanced by drummer Dave Weiss. The microphone picks John Connelly in hand. One indulges in yet cover songs and plays first concert in the basement of a church in Flushing, Queens, New York City.

Kenny must shortly take his hat, Paul Kahn takes over the bass. But only briefly, Paul leaves Anthrax again. Short hand grasps the former guitarist Danny Lilker on bass, the guitar debuting Greg Walls.
The Besetzungsrad revolves merrily, because Neil Turbin replaced John Connelly on the microphone. Connelly rather founded Nuclear Assault.
Relatively the same time leaving the band drummer Dave Weiss, and Gregg D'Angelo can present a new drummer. This will be replaced shortly afterwards by Charlie Benante. And the lead guitar changes hands, Dan Spitz from Anthrax comes from overkill.
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