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Software for editing animated gif?

Is there any software out there that could easily modify an animated gif file?

I have the gimp, which can do it... but it does an extremely poor job, and the resulting gif is of very low quality, jumpy, grainy, incorrect timing, incorrect motion...
Perhaps it could do it properly if I took the time to learn all the animation-related settings... but there are a LOT of settings, some very confusing, others probably needing to be carefully matched to the original gif...

Is there a program out there that could do simple things like resizing an animated gif easily though?
It isn't something I do too often, so I don't want to put a whole lot of effort into learning how.
I distinctly remember looking for such software myself maybe even 7 odd years ago now, a quick Google search funnily enough came up with similar looking rubbish. If all you want to do is resize (guessing dimensions not file size you mean?) you can do it in various places online. Example: Try that, I'm pretty sure I've used that a long time ago - it's terrible but at the same time it's simple and *might* do what you are looking for.
I use one by adobe but that isn't a free program. Very Happy
If all you want to do is resize you can use online image editor.
Ghost Rider103
Depends on what you're trying to do to it.

I don't know about GIMP, but you can do it in Photoshop. If you don't have it and don't want to buy it, I recommend downloading a free trial if it's a one time deal.

However GIMP should be able to do it as well. Are you carefully checking all of your save settings? Usually there is a lot of options to select from when saving and the quality of the image will have a lot to do with the settings in which you save it in as a .gif. However .gif file are generally lower quality files anyways. But as long as you aren't adding a lot of things to the original file, it shouldn't change the quality by much.
truespeed wrote:
If all you want to do is resize you can use online image editor.

Thanks, that worked perfectly!
Great link Truespeed.

I've been using the ULEAD Gif Animator 5 for a long while. Extremely fast. It does not cost that much and for me has been a great investment in either touching up GIF files, or creating new ones.

Aha .... looks as though there is a Free Version - but an older version than I have.
Try Adobe Premier pro . import Clips .. drag them to t.ime line .. stretch them to maintain timings.
export it to GIF.
Ulead GIF Animator.
It is old editor but worth to use.
Use Photoshop ( image ready in old versions ) to do all what u want in images include GIF.

u can resize, change motions and motions rate.

(PM me to explain more if u want).
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