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X Arcade Version 1.0

X Arcade Version 1.0

Have you ever wanted an arcade for your forum? Well now you can! The best part is you can play the games from x arcade at your forum, and not at some site! The instructions are easy to understand, and in no time you will have an arcade!

You can add your own games, as many as you'd like
Easy to edit.
Every game works for this
Looks just like Ib Pro Arcade!


.Web Space

.A Forum

.A bit of Html Knowladge

The Steps

Adding a Game
Step 1:
Add a category, call it Arcade Games. Now in that catagory, make a new forum. Name the forum the title of the game you want to add. In this case, we will be showing how to make the game breakout. So we made a new forum called breakout.

Step 2.
Go to forum control-->Manage forums-->edit forum rules, for the forum you just made. Here is what it looks like: (incase you didn't know)
Now, for the Rules title, put <center>Breakout</center> The <center> tag centers the title, so it appears in the middle. Now for Rules text, copy this into it. Change the colored parts:


<object classid="clsid27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="650" height="450">
* * * <param name=movie value="The .swf file">
* * * <param name=quality value=high>
* * * <embed src="The .swf file agian." quality=high pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300">
* * * </embed>
* * </object>

The things in red is the link to the game. The file must end in a .swf to work. If you find a game that dosen't end in a .swf, you can either contact me to find it for you, or you can do the instructions below under faq. The file must be a full link, example, you can't just put gamename.swf, it needs to be something like "". The .swf for Breakout is This:
Please download that, and upload it somewhere else.
The things in blue is the height and width of the game, you can edit that, but don't make it too small, or too big. It controls how big the game will be on your screen.
So 650, by 450 is big. 200 by 250 is small.
Now for Display method, set it to show link only.
It should look something like this:

Step 3.
Now hit Edit forum Rules. Go to the forum you just created, and at the top will be the link to the game you added. For example, Click Here Go to that link. You can now play the game!
Now before you go anywere, get the link of the game. Example: Save it somewhere. (I usually put it in notepad) Note: Do not use the links from my example!

Adding the main Page of the Arcade.

Step 4.
Now we need to add a main page for the arcade. Create a new category, call it Arcade. Add a forum under it, and call it Arcade. Now edit the rules. For the Rules title, put this: <center>Welcome to the arcade.</center> Now in rules text, add the link to your breakout game. (That link you saved under notepad) Here is what you can put to make it look somewhat like ib pro arcade, change the colored parts.:

<table border=1 width=100%><td>[img]Image Url[/img]</a></td><td>Game Name</td><td><center><a href="Link to the game(the link for the one under rules)">Play game name</td><td>discription </td><td>Type:</td></table>

Here is the image for breakout:
Agian, download that, and upload it somewhere else.
It should look something like this:
To add a new game, delete </table> add <tr> to the end of that code. Then post this code below it:

<td>[img]Image Url[/img]</a></td><td>Game Name</td><td><center><a href="Link to the game(the link for the one under rules)">Play game name</td><td>discription </td><td>Type:</td></table>

Keep repeating that step to add more games.

Step 5.
Now in display method, set it to show link only. Now hit Edit forum rules. Now go to the forum that you set the arcade to, and agian there should be a link up at the top (Example:Click Here. Get the link to the arcade, and save it somewhere.

Step 6.
Now you need to put the link to the arcade up at the top, near help.
Skinning and Templates-->Html Templates-->Chose your skin, and hit Manage Html-->Global html elements--> Board header


Add this above:

[img]Arcade Pic[/img]Arcade[/color][/color][/color] You can use this picture for the arcade pic.

Step 7.
Now go back to Forum Control-->Manage forums.
Edit the category Arcade Games Change Category state to Hidden from forum list
Do the same for the category Arcade.
Here is what it should look like:

Step 8.
Open Skinning and styles-->Board wrappers-->At the bottom of header and body put this code:

<center><font color=black>[url]X Arcade Version 1.0[/url] Made by Elibra</center>

You are done! You added the arcade and breakout! Have fun adding more games! Just do the same thing over agian when adding another game. If you have any questions, ask them here

I will not install it for you.


Q: I found a game that I really want to add to my arcade, but it dosen't end in a .swf! What do I do to get the .swf?
A: Go to the game you want added, then right click, and hit View Source Scroll down until you find something like <embed src After that should be a link to the .swf. Not all sites have the .swf in their source. Sometimes they take it out.

Q: Could you install it for me?
A: No, sorry. You will have to try your best. Any questions you can ask here.

Well, Enjoy your Arcade.

Features in Next Version

Highscore List

More features such as post requirements

Easier Intructions

Thanks Razz
If you copy a link from somewhere else, make sure that you copy THE LINK and not the tekst... now one of your links contains a ... that's because you copied it from somewhere else where it was shortened.

James Smile
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