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Want to develop your own FPS?

I hope to be the crazy one to say this but 2 weeks ago ID software released the source code for Quake III, Arena under the GPL. For those not familiar with the GPL, basically it says you can do whatever you want with the source code as long as when you distribute the product you make, you re-release the source with all the changes you made. You can sell the game if you wanted as long as you re-release the modified source.

So what do you have to lose? Get the Source, waste some time maping, coding, editing, and whatever else you want to do and make the next greatest FPS. I think Ill give it a shot and get my friends together to make a fun game.
yeah right. i have already downloaded the source code two weeks ago and will try to mess up with it once i've got time to waste. heheheh Very Happy
didnt they release it long time ago? ;/

wasnt it like.. 2 months ago or something like that? i thought i read something about this in like august or something anyway ;/

if i knew how to do anything with it i would try to make something out or it, now i dont know how to work it, and im not that creative Wink
SilverDogg wrote:
wasnt it like.. 2 months ago or something like that? i thought i read something about this in like august or something anyway ;/

It was announced at quakecon which was like 2 months ago.
I hate to be the one to burst everyone's metaphorical bubble, but if you take the source code and edit it, that's not really making your own game. It's editing someone elses. So you actually end up with a customisation, or a modification, rather than your own game.
Oi, cheers for this.. Very nice. What language is it in?

No wait I'll check myself.. *Checks*

*Clicks open*
*Opens directory*
Nice pl00x and theortically if you know how to use this the right way you could get the game for nothing. Wink

Have to agree with nameless.. You could only ever put this on the net under the title of 'Quake 3 Mod' to be honest. You'd have to do a lot of work to make it different enough to brand as yours and even then thats out of order.
It would be sooo coool, if we can make a game like BF2. I mean well get billions off of it. Very Happy
It would be difficult to modify the game code and may take time but definitely not IMPOSSIBLE to do it...

Very Happy Cool
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