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How Temp Jobs Can Be Beneficial To You

These days there are very few job openings available this is why temp jobs are so important. When you can not find a permanent job you can always try working with a temp agency. Temp jobs may last you for a day or could last as long as several months. There are even some temp jobs that can eventually become permanent if the employer likes your work. Temp agencies will help you find temp work and all you have to do is take some test to determine your skills so the agency can place you with a company you are compatible with.

Working for a company temporarily can be an interesting way to make a living. You get to meet new people and learn new things. Every job you go on is a new experience. Of course just like with anything you may have a few bad experiences but for the most part it can be a lot of fun to work different jobs and work with new people.

For someone with a lot of different skills this is a great type of job opportunity for you. You can find jobs in several different types of environments where most of if not all of your skills can be used. One day you may be working as a file clerk and the next day you could be working as an assistant.

Most businesses can not afford to have an employee out for even a day of work. When an employee misses a day of work it can cost the company money and they can fall behind on certain projects. This is where temps come in handy.

There are also companies that hire temps to help catch up when they fall behind on projects that are time sensitive. Temps are also hired to help companies get things running more smoothly if the corporate office is coming to check on things. The pay for a temp job ranges from minimum wage and can go much higher than that depending on the job.

However if you are getting temp jobs through a temp agency the agency will take a percentage of your pay for getting you the work. They usually do not take much but this is how they are able to keep their temp business open. When a company calls the temp agency for an employee the temp agency goes through their files and finds the person that has the skills that will best suit the companies needs.

It is important that you learn typing skills and how to work most computer programs if you are going to work for a temp agency. The more skills you have the easier it is for the agency to place you in a job.

Just because you do have skills does not necessarily mean you will be working every day. There will be some days that you have no work at all and some days where you have too much work. However the more skills you have the more jobs the temp agency can place you in. This will help to keep you from becoming unemployed.

Quality staffing solutions provided by human resources consulting company offers full time or temporary recruitment options for your business. These agencies should conduct HR audits ensuring the performance of employees. Get the best candidate for the job through a renowned temp agency.

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I know this was posted last year but, that is a great write up! And times have now changed, in this area. It use to be MUCH easier to get a job even without going through Temp Agencies. Now it is even hard to go through Temp Agencies.

A few years ago I was traveling around 45mins - 1hr to a cabinet factory and everything was going great! I knew around 50 different jobs in that place! Had a decent Ford Explorer, buying a house, helping my brother and nephew out so they can get back on their feet... then all of a sudden they started cutting our hours back A LOT! Was working anywhere from 40 - 84 hours a week depending on their orders. Then all of a sudden my hours were cut back to 20 or less hours a week. Well, couldn't afford the gas, truck maintenance, utilities, house payments and helping my family out... I thought I would quit and find a new job since I was getting my tax returns back soon. Was hard finding a job, would find one then they would let us go...

A tornado came through and thrashed most of the city of Joplin, MO. Made it even harder to find a job because a lot of businesses were destroyed from the horrible tornado. One day I was looking through the paper and found an ad for free basic construction classes through the Laborers Union and thought, "What a great opportunity! I checked into it, filed out some paper work and took a drug test. After a 3 week 10hr/day course I got my certificate for basic construction, OSHA/Saftey and CPR certified. The Labor Union called me up one day asking if I was still looking for a job. I started the next day. It turned out to be mostly clean up, but some demo work for houses that only needed repaired. After working there for a few months they let me go, and I was the last out of 3 of us to be let go. My Supervisor said he kept me for as long as he could and even argued with the boss to try to let me stay. Well, I went back to the Laborers Union to tell them that I was looking again and no help there. I called them every so often and they could not help me out.

The President came to our town to make a speech at the college and was going on about how him and the city of Joplin was going to keep on construction related jobs within the community. NOPE! That didn't happen! Construction companies from other states swarmed in and out bid the jobs and took over like scavengers without a care! It was business to them! So THAT made it harder for everyone! Although I did volunteer to help with clean up a few times. Put in a few 8 - 10hr days just to help out the people that were less fortunate and lost a lot or everything. Just seeing the area made my heart sink! It looked like a war zone with all of the houses and building torn down, trees knocked over or had no branches, stuff that was just flung everywhere, etc...

So here I am filling out app. after app. straight through companies (even if I do not have experience with that type of work) and going to Temp Service after Temp Service. Calling them up... NOTHING! Just wish that I could find SOMETHING at the moment. At one Temp Agency (name of place withheld) a woman (NOT lady) told me 3 or 4 different times, "you know you have to take a drug test!? I kept saying, "Yes, I am aware of that". Till the last time she told me that, I finally told her, "Yes! And I WILL pass!" I think it is my long hair and how people are these days thinking all because you have long hair that you are on drugs. Ok, I got off subject there. But I have always thought that Temp Agencies were suppose to help you, not put you down or just not call you to tell you that they can no longer help, or whatever! Seems these companies (Temp Agencies, factories, call centers, etc.) just do not care about their workers like they use to. Just as long as they get their money.

I feel things are going to get harder as well. It is not even half way built up and everyone is still struggling! FEMA has ran out of money the last I heard. I dunno if and how I would locate when I am totally broke. I just wish the Temp Agencies would at least find me work here and there till I find something perminate! There is my life about Temp Agencies, Jobs and Struggling through the Economy!
Most jobs never get advertised. It is tough for those who don't have many links - specially if you have no experience or going to back to work after a long gap. Temping is one way to get your feet into the profession you want to be.
In general, people are hired for temporary job ( Part time) for a short period of time. Usually it works on hire and fire policy. Now, there are people who have a (so called) permanent job with less salary, and have to go for part time jobs on odd hours and holidays for some extra bucks. Some have to do two or three temporary jobs in order to survive. Unless the world economy revives, things are not going to be better.
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