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Blog Commenting

what is the blog commenting and what is the benefit of doing this.Are blogs Do Follow or No Follow like Forums?
Blog commenting is so good if you do it in the right way.

Don't worry about dofollow, nofollow, using keywords, or any of the other things you have ever read
about comments for links. Don't do it in the annoying way, it's spam commenting. Only comment if you
really have something to ask or have something valuable to add to the discussion. You will automatically
get good feedback from your comment.

Good luck, thanks. Wink

I never tried blog comments so i dont know much about it. I dont know we can create do follow back link or not. is there any one describe me more about how to help blog comments to promote a website traffic ?
blog commenting is a way to comment on blog related to your niche and purpose of commenting is to get traffic on your blog or website.
this is popular method and work great for new bloggers or site.
hopefully you understand it and will try this method and after share your experience here so others may get help from your experience
getsunil wrote:
what is the blog commenting and what is the benefit of doing this.Are blogs Do Follow or No Follow like Forums?

Blog commenting means give your reply on some blog and tell what your thinking on that. Blogs are also dofollow and nofollow. But blogs can provide the best result for the site ,and you can get the backlinks within some days of commenting if comment with the useful and quality content. And blog is also the best way to share your content on any topic and to attract the people. And use of less time video and images in the blog , can be helpful for the more effective results.
Blog commenting is the best way to build backlink for your site. If the blog you are commenting is dofollow than its great but even if its not, you will get some traffic from it if you write your comment carefully. Give it a try and you will definitely get some results.
The blog commenting acts as a platform where the required information can be presented as a posts displayed in specific order. The blogs have an important feature that helps lots of viewers to read the article and allows them to leave comments and feedbacks. These blog comments are very much useful and effective in building your online presence. It also helps to get high traffic to your websites.
getsunil wrote:
what is the blog commenting and what is the benefit of doing this.Are blogs Do Follow or No Follow like Forums?

Blog commenting is a simple way for getting back links but not a perfect way because mostly blogs are made by some website honors and if you are commenting on blogs related to your product than the honor of that blog will be your competitor and he/she will ban your comment.
Blog commenting is a very important, but oft neglected part of SEO. This form of search engine optimization helps search engine bots track a website and also improve its ranking on search engine results pages
by doing dofollow blogs and related blogs you can able to improve your keywords.
earch engines each interpret NoFollow in their own way. Here's a list of the major search engines with a short description about how they handle DoFollow and NoFollow:
Google follows NoFollow links but simply does not pass on credit [page rank] to an outbound link that is tagged with the value.
Yahoo follows NoFollow links, and excludes the link from all ranking calculations.
Bing may or may not follow a NoFollow link, but it does exclude it from ranking calculations. never adhered to NoFollow. It's not a search engine anymore, per, who cares!
Blog commenting give you some good amount of backlinks, but make sure that the blog links were do follow
blog commenting is very gud and effective. and links from blogs commenting are also do follow and no follow, as most of the blogs links are no follow.
thank you! never knew earlier what blogcommenting was.
Blog Commenting is also an another off page SEO activity for website promotion. It is a very good source of diverse links back to your site. Blog commenting simply to put your views on related article or post. Blog commenting really helps you to increase your web traffic and rankings as well.
I think it is a great way to share one's website. It is especially useful if the blog you are commenting on corresponds to your niche. You could simply comment on the blog post and then put a link to you website with a small description. I have found it to be an effective method to attract visitors, while also contributing to the conversation under the blog post that you are commenting on.
Hello Every One !!!
Will not be worried about carry out stick to, no stick to, making use of search phrases, or maybe any of the other pursuits you have previously read about responses for hyperlinks. Will not take action inside the frustrating means, it can be spam commenting. I never ever tried web site responses and so i don't realize significantly concerning this. I don't realize we could generate carry out stick to back link or maybe not necessarily.
Every time you make an interesting comment in Big blog site you get direct traffic from it. You just need to post something catch visitors attention.
Blog commenting is definitely beneficial, especially if you are going to blogs with the same niche and topics as yours. Doing so makes your blog more credible and also increases the chances that people will want to read your post. Most blogs are no follow, but there are some that are do follow and can build good backlinks. As stated before, regardless of what the setting is, it's one of the most effective ways of advertising your blog.
yes Blog commenting is definitely beneficial and i am also used it its good and no problem creat if used it in right way. don't worried about it and just worked with it.
thanks......... Smile
Take care about your blog commenting.. select right blog related to your website
Blog commenting is the best way of getting high quality back links. We can even solve our queries and can give suggestion for the given articles.
If you comment on sites, most of which are Wordpress based, using your website, you'll get backlinks.
Try to search your site on Alexa, you'll get a list of backlinks of the site. Many of them would arrive through comments if you've posted your links on comments.
Blog commenting is a good way of getting back link
Blog commenting is working even now it provides back links to web site. Its also useful for promoting website and its interesting.
Secondly, Mix blogs are available, some are do follow and some no follow.
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