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Fri Hosting sounds pretty sweet yet there is much of a catch

Or is there I mean all you need is five posts and 10 points and you get a free website what up with that. I've seen lousier deals where you have to pay $10 a month for.
In title i meant there isn't much of a catch to it.
Sorry Im a quick typer but not very accurate.
Uuum im not a very "active" person but from my experience all i did was get my 10 points or five posts whichever it was and then i get a free website, with the set restrictions they have... which arent bad at all, and then u ahve to post of the forum regularly if ur littly credit thing gets to far int he negatives then u lose ur website... i believe... u lose a point every day and u earn about a point or more for every post and 2.5 at the max (which should be changed)
i think the host is pretty cool, as i don't have any terrible advertisements or popups in my site now, which i hate a lot.

well, but i need to keep myself active here. It's really hard for me, as i am somekind lazy to post... ... and the points are deducted quite fast !!!
WEll the host is pretty cool and it offers more than you can get by paying and the only thing it needs from you is being active on the forums and thats not that difficult. by the way you don't seems comfortable with english. Laughing
Kany English is my mother language so i think i'm pretty darn comfortable with it. I just like to get to the point if you know what I mean.
I had a need for space, googled, found some,, this was one,, tried it out,,, great community, having fun, got space in a matter of few hours, great support. All in all THIS IS PHANTASTIC !
I thank you mucho =))
Uum the points arent deducted fast... u just dont post enough lol if u post once a day if its just like 2 lines u get more than a point and it only takes a point away a day...
Yes, you lose a point a day, and the minimum you get per post is one point and a FriH$.
Still points do seem to drop a bit fast when your like myself and work out of town away from a computer for a week at a time. Sad But I love the options you have here at frih and I certainly love the reliability compared to other free host's I've had to use over the last 4 years, so I won't complain to much Smile
danthyman wrote:
Or is there I mean all you need is five posts and 10 points and you get a free website what up with that. I've seen lousier deals where you have to pay $10 a month for.

Which would you prefer? Pay $10/monthly, or make about 7 posts (if that) weekly (Which costs you $0.00)? I mean, you can pay for your hosting elsewhere, but, I mean, c'mon, you're getting something, it's only fair you give something in return, and don't you think that it's rather kind of Bondings that it's for FREE?
I think its a pretty good idea of setting up a post-for-webspace concept, it caters to a specific group of web people who are trying out new ideas and dont want to fork out the cash for a website...
The catche is that you have to post. And posting takes time. It comes down to... what do you consider most valuable, time or money? Of course if you ENJOY posting then it's a win/win situation.
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