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Just Getting Started

Ok, I have hosting here, and I have a layout and some codes (like news things) that I would like to put on the site. I don't have any clue how to do this and if you could give me some info on how to actually start the site like how to upload it and junk like that I would really appriciate it. I don't know what you all mean on how I want to build it like HTML or PHP, so just tell me whatever is best. I would have edited the last post but it was locked before I could get to it to edit it.

Sorry about that. I took what you said and did it Laughing
A mod can close or delete this if desired.

Well you need to code your site and upload then either edit and reupload via ftp again or edit through cpanel.

HTML will be used to format your pages, create the layout etc. PHP, javascipt, pearl etc will create interactivity on your site using forms, forums, database driven parts and more.

It seems to me you mostly want to know how to use ftp. Here is a tutorial which may work and a little something from Bondings to make sure it will work (we have some small ftp problems apparently!)
No problem, I thought of the problem like a day after I said you could close it. Thanks for the tutrial and info there, I just bought "Creating Web Pages for Dummies" yesterday so between that and help on these forums I should be set. lol I am using the Leap FTP you suggested in one of those tutrial things, could you tell me what all the things like transfer and all that means? Just tell me in stupid speak how to get a webpage up on FriHost if you can.
Can anyone help me?
I'm also new to frihost but very experienced at website building and publishing.

First, don't get bogged down with all the acronyms (ASP, JSP, .NET, JS, HTML, PHP, etc.) Learn HTML - It's the most basic and fundamental part.

Second, create your own HTML files and before going through the hassle of publishing them (that's posting them to frihost) just view them locally by opening them in IE (or if you like, netscape).

Third, setup a system to design, code, test, publish, test, test and test.

Fourth, Look at other people's code using view source a bunch.

There is obviously a lot more to it as you progress. What is the thing you need help with the most right now? Publishing to Frihost?
First, if you havn't already got it, download filezilla at and connect with the settings you got pm'd.

What you should learn
1. Learn HTML and CSS
Maybe that "for dummies" book has taught you but you should try as far as I'm concerned that is the best functional look at html.

2. Learn why you would want to learn PHP and MySQL
The rest of the book that the last link was a page of.

3. Learn PHP
also use as a reference (or use one of the downloadable tutorials from there).

4. Learn SQL

Not saying that that is set in stone but its what I did.
Another good way to learn, taking in to account what some of the other posters here have said, is to download some complete HTML/javascript/PHP and install it on your local machine (you may have to install PHP/mySQL aswell to do this). Once you're done, you can run the third-party product (such as phpBB) see how it runs, and have direct access to the source so that you can "tinker" with it, see how things change, how things interact, etceteras.

If you're unsure about commands, google is your friend. And there is literally TONS of tutorials and guides on the internet with regard to PHP, HTML, Javascript and mySQL. Once you've got your first PHP page running using mySQL for dynamic content, you'll be over the moon and wonder how you ever managed without it Smile
Thank You. I'm sorry I hadn't checked this before now. I will try these.
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