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Studying in the US?(financial aid/scholarships)

I'm from India, and am preparing for SAT and TOEFL so that I can get into a US based college. My aim remains to study Computer Science, Programming languages, hardware as well.

But the Financial aspect is really bothering me. I cant seem to find a good college which is reputed for my favored major, and provides aid/grants to international students as well... I'm really confused, and wanted to know about any good college that provides the same.
Also, if you know about any alternative sources of scholarships or so, then please give me an idea about them as well..

thanks Smile
I hate to break it you, pal, but the U.S. is possibly the worst choice for education right now. Students are being extorted left and right in the American school system, and that coveted piece of paper that certifies you as an individual trained in the U.S. is becoming less and less valuable worldwide. American universities are charging students an ungodly amount for services that they hardly even use, professors and staff are being given pay-cuts but are expected to do the same amount of work, and the worse part is that even after a student has graduated, employers won't be impressed with your bachelors or masters degree because EVERYONE has one.

You're better off going to a European institution.

Source: I am an American.
Sadly, I will have to repeat what rogue_skydragon said.

I actually emigrated to the US and started school here. It still took me a nice piece of time.
First of all, at least in New York State, tuition is higher for non-state citizens, meaning for you, me and people from other states. It's about 3 times as much, which is a HUGE difference as you can imagine. Additionally, the financial aid isn't that great - even though I'm at an economic disadvantage, I get barely enough financial aid to cover tuition, but I have to spend ungodly amounts of money on text books.

Personally, Id advise you to maybe look into England or some other European countries because they have cheaper schools, more affordable living conditions and you get healthcare, which is a lot.
everything in world iiiiiiisssssss becoming expensive
education sector is also becoming hard and hard for most of peoples
and every country charges extra money from outsiders compares to their own students
so be in your country and get education and job in your own country
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