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Ever been caught by people using your good name?

Trouble is they can claim to be you and then of course say lots of stuff that can ruin your reputation so easily
Has this ever happened to you ?
Are you referring to identity theft?
Sounds like a nightmare of sorts. Did this happen to you personally?
Very Happy
Not sure what you mean by "good name". But I don't think so.
Well it's quite common for it to happen and must be very frustrating if they change your password.
Yes it's a mini form of identity theft.
chasbeen wrote:
Yes it's a mini form of identity theft.

That just makes it sound like someone has pretended that their left thigh is really yours and now everybody you meet keeps assuming that you need more leg workouts.
Yes, I've had that experience. I had my yahoo account hacked a couple of years ago.
The hacker then went around chatting and flirting and who-knows-what with it, as well as abusing other people.
I then created a similar id, and one day sent him a pm and he replied.
He was drunk, and I asked him why, how and requested him to give my id back.
He did, and I changed the password to something really complex... and even after that, he showed me the new password : Shocked
Anyways, he was kind enough to give it to me, but he said he got it, because he was a yahoo administrator in the UK working part time there, or something like that.
He did it, out of randomness, because he wanted to get back at people through some online wars with him and some other online gangs.
Once I got my id, I had to fend off so many people who thought I was him, and convinced them otherwise. I even got threats that they would hack my id, which fortunately didnt happen again.
I wished he had deleted all the spam messages I had during the time he had my id.
Yes I'm afraid it's the few who spoil it for the many.
If it was not for online fraud then the world would be booming.
What you describe is real fraud and reduces your faith and other peoples faith in online transactions
There is improvements in online security but it's about confidence and that takes years to build up and even then it's extremely fragile.
Ugh when I was younger I left my computer on and unlocked once while I went to take a shower and one of my cousins who came over while I was in the shower started to talk to a friend of mine on AIM and pretend it was me!!! It was humiliating and I was terrified when I realized what happened Embarassed She told him (my friend) all sorts of lies. She was just playing around of course, but it was embarrassing and was sort of difficult to fix and then I always wondered if my friend truly believed me (fully) that it had been someone else who had said those things! I don't know. He said it was funny but it was also kind of awkward.

Needless to say, I now lock my computer everytime I walk away from it for any reason!
Thats just the kind of thing I mean. It's kind of annoying that we all have to be continually taking precautions when we have to share our existence with the FEW WHO SPOIL IT FOR THE MANY.
This is the best example so far.
I am afraid "Nameless" got the wrong end of the stick again:(
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