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What is your Favorite TV Show?

I for one, like watching television, But when I am able too. I usually download and watch it lol...

My favorite TV shows are as followed

Walker Texas Ranger, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Flashpoint

Others are
Inuyasha, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy

There are others, but they are movies.
At the moment, the shows I tape are:

Big Ideas
Q and A
Everyone Loves Raymond
Mother and Son

Yeah, the last 3 shows are old, repeats. But they are still the best on TV at the moment and I haven't seen all of them, so I am enjoying them. Well, Buffy, actually I've been borrowing from the video shop.

Big Ideas is awesome, you can get it on the internet too, it is lectures of emininent people. They have featured people like Peter Singer and John Pilger. It is hosted by Waleed Aly.

Q and A is Australia's most important political forum on TV. It features a panel of people there from different sides of a topic, they answer questions from the audience and also from questions emailed/posted/even twittered in. The people they ask on the show are not just 'time byte' morons but are academics, politicians, eminant people in their fields.

Other good shows include Catalyst (science), Insight (topic debate with audience no panel), and Big Bang Theory, and SOS (a collection of short films from around the world).
I heard of Everyone Loves Raymond & Buffy, but not the others lol...

As for my selection, that is what I usually watch weekly when new episodes are shown. Flashpoint gets released with another episode tonight (Oct 4th) but I can't download it til Tomorrow (Oct 5th), Since its a Canadian TV Show, It doesn't get aired in the US until Oct 18th on Ion Television. Smile
Right now the big bang theory is my favorite TV show. It's all hilarious. There are some new TV series in this season I haven't checked yet.

There are other TV series which are canceled or finished. Like StarGate, Allo Allo etc.
I have too many favorite TV shows.

But the ones that I consistently watch currently are the following:

Burn Notice
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
The Simpsons
Family Guy
Modern Family
Cougar Town
The Walking Dead
I really like the Big Bang Theory. I just started getting into it, but it's pretty good. There are some moments when it's not that funny, but it does have its moments. I also like Firefly, which is something I just recently got into. It's only one season long, so it didn't have me addicted like many other shows that I'm trying to follow, but it's very good for one season. I don't know why it got cancelled. I also like watching the Office, though without Steve Carrell it's not as good anymore. I don't have as much time as I used to to watch television, but I do try to get some in.
my top favs:
1.married with children !!
2.fresh prince of bel air

al bundy is my american hero.

My Favourite TV shows are :-
1. house md
2. mentalist
3. suits (new serial)
4. modern family
5. workaholics
6. Bleach
7. COlbert report
I love to watch Dexter probably one of the best Drama Series on TV and with season 6 I have became quit excited. Beside it I love Prison Break and True Blood
well for me almost anyhting on adultswim (except childrens hospital, eagleheart, ntsvsdsuv, and all those ) and then of course tosh.0
Well I've watched a lot of TV but I think my all-time history book favourites would have to be...

South Park (the only thing ever to make me cry with laughter apart from the next one)
Monty Pythons Flying Circus
The Prisoner (67/68 version and not the abomination)
Star Trek: Next Generation
Top Gear (again, not abomination version)
Rome (HBO and BBC = budget win)
Mine all time favorite :

Family Guy
There are loads I like, past and present. Among my favourites are:

House M.D
Criminal Minds
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
The Mentalist

Other defunct shows I loved included Spooks, Monk, Flashforward, Quantum Leap
I like Man vs wild program too much. This program of Discovery Channel.
My current tops:

Breaking Bad
Doctor Who

All-Time faves:

Star Trek (Original, TNG, DS9)
That 70's Show
South Park
Favourite shows for the moment:

*The Big Bang Theory
*The Simpsons
*Modern Family
*Cougar Town
*Happy Endings
*Raising Hope

also Swift n Shift - can't seem to find anymore Eps online.
At this point - Simpsons / Sherlock. Waiting for a new season of Sherlock.
diya aur baati hum is currently my Favourite TV show. (In Star 9:00 PM India Time)
Right know it's Chuck, Supernatural, CBS 60 minutes (Love it!), Inside MMA and UFC.
bing bang theory, sons of anarchy, desperate housewives, greys anatomy, californication, human target...
Greys Anatomy and House MD thrill me as i am from medical field. THe philosophy quotes by Dr.House are awesome. THis shows also help me widen my knowledge of medical science besides entertainment.

The Big Bang Theory : For its sheer intellectual humor and specially for Dr.Sheldon Cooper, he is a gem, i envy him.

How I met your Mother: though its getting repetitive.

DEXTER: Getting hold of this series, watched 2 seasons in 4 days and plan to finish next 3 in next weekend.

Castle:Good suspense with sprinkled humour., waiting to buy 3rd season.Hard to watch it on TV here in India. Sad
Still happy with watching Sherlock. Heard they will have another season/.
I like New Girl, but I've also been getting into Walking Dead recently.
My favorite Tv shows are : The big bang theory, How i met your mother, Two and a half men. I just watched all episodes from Two and a half men and How i met your mother. Now i'm about to finish viewing all The big bang theory's episodes too. Do you guys like one of this tv shows?
My favorite TV Series right now are the big bang theory and 2 Broke Girls.

I think Stargate SG1 is my all time favorite and next would be Allo Allo and Mind your language, which both are British comedy series.

British comedies used to be great.
I just started getting into Parks and Recreation! What a show!
Just started watching 2 Broke Girls and New Girl. Its so awesome, definitely check it out if you're into comedies
30 rock
My Current List:

1. Battlestar Galactica
2. Game of Thrones
3. Fringe
4. Breaking Bad
5. South Park
6. Doctor Who
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
9. Sledge Hammer! (this show has always been there somewhere. It was like a tv-series Naked Gun only better... David Rasche was an awesome psychotic cop)
10. Daily Show & Colbert Report
there is several

from that series that already end

1.- MASH
2.- Six Feet Under
3.- House
4.- Big Love

the series that is still on air

1.- Dexter
2.- Fringe
3.- How i meet your Mother
4.- The Big Bang Theory
5.- Two and a Half Men
6.- Gossip Girl
Hanna Montana is my best TV show these days. I spend most of time to see this show ana i am also watch home TV show.
TraceTimmer wrote:
My most favorite TV shows are Mega Structures and Mega Factories..

i guess this link also helps
Any epic TV Show Laughing
e.i. LoL
geeks n freaks...

Batman was good (60s)

Heroes is ok.

The best of today:

TORCHWOOD! bbc wins...
Friends. Without doubt.
I can watch it every time, can be the middle of the night, or afternoon.
Their humor is great and always relevant.

In fact, when I think about it, I don't know someone among my friends, my neighbours, or my close and wide family, who doesn't like to watch Friends.

Certainly one of the most successful series.
Let me see the one who claims that I lied. Razz
My favorite TV show's are :-

The Office
Family Guy
Prison Break
Mine fav. Tv shows are :

Modern family
Henna montena

But i most like to Watch Chuck Online . Its very entertaining show.
My favorite TV show is Eat Bulaga! I like the Juan por all, all por Juan. It is really really entertaining.. Very Happy
I loved the shows that were telecasted in the good old days, nowatimes we don't see much of real television, all we see is in bad taste in some way or the other.

The television shows that I used to love and still remember a lot are:

MasterCard Family fortune,
Didi's comedy show,
Alif Laila
Flop show
dekh bhai dekh
kaun banega crorepati(Hindi version of who wants to be a millionaire)
the crystal maze
satyamev jayate
zindagi live
and many more...
"Daiya aur baati hum" and "mann kee awaaz pratigya" both are Indian tv show in Hindi which is my favorite.
Lots of drama shows telecast on our tv.Some based on comedy show and some all challenging shows and i like to watch both shows.The challenging shows tell us how to survive in our life because they show honesty and reality throw the drama's.My favorite shows are:

X Factor
American idol
So you think you can dance
How Can I Met Your Mother
Hi Guys..........These are my favorite TV shows:-

1. Doctor Who
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Fringe
4. Death Note
5. The Wire
Right Now My Favorite Tv Show Is the Big Bang sheldons wise cracks.....i think he is the flagholder for the show and enjoy every bit of it....although penny acts as a good eye candy too.....apart from that am more of a movie person Wink
My favorite TV show is WWE
Been watching Parks & Rec on Netflix lately. It's pretty solid.
Mostly i watch English movies on Star movies.
Then i watch some Programs on Discovery channel like Man Vs Wild,Dual Surveyor,etc...
Following programs i watch when i tuning for a channel:
Big Bang Theory
Just for laugh gags.
American Funny videos.
freaks n geeks was very good...
I personally rarely watch the tv, when I watch, it is always the news and sports not often that I watch any show.
So, the news and sports are my favorite tv programs instead the show.

I have to agree. There is not much in the way of real entertainment in TV. I'm not watching that much news that I should either.
My favorite shows are Jai Hanuman, Om Namah shiway
I like anime shows only!
The vampire diaries I really loved the most these days. I am obsessed with it. Smile Very Happy
My favorite TV show is "Bade Acche Lagtey hain". It is a story about how a couple get fall in love after their marriage.
I don't watch much television but occasionally I watch The Big Bang Theory - which is a pretty funny sitcom here in the States. And then every Thursday night I watch TNA Impact Wrestling. I use to watch the WWE also until their product turned into a complete joke with a bunch of people that have no athleticism overshadowing the people that actually have talent. I also cannot forget Firefly. That is probably the greatest show ever!
Doctor Who.

Although considering it's my favourite, I watch far more of other things.
my favorite t.v shows are game of thrones, fringe, american idol, x factor....
These days I watch Burn Notice and Leverage . Bought all 4 seasons of Leverage and 2 seasons of Burn Notice. Going to buy the third season of Burn notice.
Currently, my favorite TV shows are Avatar: The Last Airbender and it's sequel, The Legend of Korra. I also like other cartoons on Nick as well.
Mostly i watch Family Guy, the flawless comedy show ever.
Sometimes NCIS, Glee and Heroes series also.
right now my favorite is Olympic games.. any channel as long its Olympic games.
Dexter is the best and most viewed show.
Well, just because it's the best show doesn't necessarily mean it should be your favorite. I like CSI shows because the special effects are awesome, and the plots are very suspenseful.
My most favorite tv show the Office and The X-files. I have watched these show daily basis. It is really a great show.
I don't know, but I'd say you see something on tv, but, if you're talking about a character, you will see the character in the tv show.
Hello friends.
my name is eagle smith. Akshay kumar is bollywood acter .The upcoming movie of Akshay kumar is "Joker" and "Khiladi 786".But i intrest in Joker movie.Because Joker movie is Based on new topic. The topic is "Own villiage show on map and Alien coming on earth".
Well i like many TV Shows.

Lets start:

1 - House M.D
2 - The Walking Dead
3 - Castle
4 - Two and a Half man (before season 9)
5 - Anger Managemenet
6 - Lie to Me
7 - Hart of Dixie
8 - Prison Break
9 - Falling Skies
10 - The Mentalist
11 - Terra Nova

Well maybe ther are not that many, but there are few
Breaking Bad is amazing!!! Community is hilarious!!
Yeah, my current favorite is Breaking Bad, but I'm kind of agitated that AMC moved the second half of season 5 to next year on that last cliffhanger.
Currently I'd say it's Supernatural. Other great shows on at the moment are Strike Back, Teen Wolf, The Finder and Person Of Interest.

Past shows I'd say my favourites have been: 24, Quantum Leap, Chuck

It's just so easy to watch it and it always makes you feel good. Perfect.
I like America's funnyiest videos and Just for laught gags. I also like to watch renovations programs like My first flip or whatever the show on Home and gardening television. And every night with my wife we watch The simpsons, American dad and Family guys so stupid but relaxing Very Happy
For lack of any shows to watch on TV at the moment I'm watching a Turkish series. I don't understand a word of it because it's in Turkish, but it's good entertainment any way.
deanhills wrote:
For lack of any shows to watch on TV at the moment I'm watching a Turkish series. I don't understand a word of it because it's in Turkish, but it's good entertainment any way.

Try something like AllSubs
Of the ones current showing, Boardwalk Empire, with a close second for the Walking Dead and Homeland tied.

I watch many many more though.
testsoc wrote:
Of the ones current showing, Boardwalk Empire.

SO GLAD THEY DID A THIRD SEASON. HBOs being decent with that one, haven't watched a "historical drama" since rome
Boss! with Kelsey Grammer, is amazing how he went from Frasier to this very dramatioc and complicated character

Also "New Girl" with Zoey Deschannel. So funny !
I love Top Gear and Top Gear USA. I like Man vs Food and 1000 ways to die Very Happy
There are only few TV Shows i like:
1. Top Gear
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Mentalist
4. House M.D.
Right now “Once Upon A Time” is my favorite TV show
Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Dexter, Being Human, House of Cards, House of Lies.... pretty much too many to list..
I think I'm going to go with Stargate SG1 right now. I always found Colonel Jack O'Neill to be rather entertaining and he lightened the mood; I like the humour he added and I thought he was funny. I like Major Samantha Carter because she's very intelligent and she gets lots in the detail a bit. She's pretty, she's quirky too and she's strong and compassionate. Then there's Dr. Danial Jackson. He was okay in the beginning but then he started to fill out and he cut his hair and he basically because eye candy. I found his character to be rather funny as well, especially when it was just Jack and Danial.

As far as the leader of the facility I have to say I liked General Hammond the most. He just looked the part and he was a military man but he cared about the people under his command. I disliked it when the leader kept changing and once they started that it just kept rolling through the characters. The last guy they had was probably the biggest joke in the world. Hank Laundry... He was better off playing the evil president in the alternate reality or whatever they called it.

Also, when they brought Colonel Cameron Mitchell in I just struggled through. He just reminded me too much of Farscape, like he was playing the exact same character. I'm not actually sure which show would have come first, SG1 or Farscape... either way, I didn't like him.
I have watched and re-watched every episode of "Friends" a great many times. It never stops being funny, and that's probably the beauty of the show. I also enjoyed "Prison Break". That show was simply awesome.

Other shows that I watch are:

Game of Thrones
How I Met your Mother
The Big Bang Theory

and so on..
My Favourite TV shows:

House M.D.
Lie to me
Big Bang Theory
Running man (Korean)

It's a pity 3 of my favourites will(House M.D.) or have been(Lie to Me & F.R.I.E.N.D.S) taken off the air.
!. Chuck
2. Lie to Me
I love:

Breaking Bad
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Parks & Recreation
Dexter - How I met your mother - big bang theory Very Happy
My favorite are

Once Upon A Time
Breaking Bad
The Big Bang Theory
There are quite a few here, I don't have an overall favourite to be honest. See my list on this thread -
Recently, I m watching "The Following" from Fox. Besides that, I watch Spartacus and Boardwalk Empire
Tough one, very unspecific question. My current favourite though would have to be the dark fantasy drama series "Black Mirror", although that has just ended its run on Channel 4 here in the UK, I recommend it highly, along with Charlie Brookers' other tv show "Weeklywipe" (with the funniest man alive, Doug Stanhope). The impending third series of "Game of Thrones" is my forthcoming, lead topic of current tv viewing and pre-emptive favourite tv show.

Incidentally, don't give in to your spellcheckers. Favourite has a 'u' if you're speaking British English. Not that I have anything against the other spelling.
Just the folks who speak it.
My favorite TV show is BBC Top Gear , those 3 DAs Very Happy which make you laugh all of that 60 minute during their show. i mostly like those episodes when all 3 went to test 3 cars in a road or for some challenges Smile
only fools and horses and simpsons
At the moment - Lost!
My favorite TV show at the moment is Game of Thrones (can't wait it to be next year so that I can continue watching it). There are others which I like: Big Bang Theory, Bored to Death, How I met your Mother (watching this because I have watched all it's episodes till now), Two and A Half Men (not that great when Charlie Sheen was there but still worth my time), Modern Family and Community. I am going to continue watching all these after summer is over and they broadcast new episodes.

it is a legen ........ wait for it , wait for it ....dary !!!! Very Happy
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