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Shoutboxes in phpBB

I wonder if anyone has seen those marqueeing shoutboxes (from left to right) which is supported by phpBB

Also, i noticed many shoutboxes do not marquee and they occupy half the forum page as a result to lotsa posts. I wonder if anyone knows how to make them marquee, that way i can adjust the height of the box to a minimum Confused
Niels shoutbox + Multibbcode mod by wgceric and nutzyy + marquee bbcode by i dunno who.

Niels shoutbox is fully phpBB integratable. So all the bbcodes work in the shoutbox.

Multibbcode is a must if you want to install extra bbcodes.

Marquee I think its on and . It must be compatiable with multibbcode 1.4.0c
I'm sorry i dont get what you mean.
How do you install Niels shoutbox anyway?
i searched it on yahoo and found nothing but how to fix errors to it upon installation.

Also, what's Multibbcode mod?
Im new at this sorry, i used to use invisionboard and it's so different from phpbb
Ok ive read a tutorial on how to install BBcodes.
One thing, are you supposed to edit those codes on by one? That's so tedious.
Also, i can't find the Niels shoutbox in the MOD database of
Or am i seraching in the wrong place?

The installation description of the MultiBBcode by wgceric says its easy. But with all that copy pasting and thinking, is there an easier way to do this?

That's a pretty fair amount of work for just one MOD. what more if you wana do a few Confused
I'm not sure if this applies to this particular MOD, but I know that there is one MOD that once installed can install other MODs for you. You can find it at the official phpbb website actually. Its quite usefully. but be careful as some MODs are not suported by this auto MOD, MOD. And when these are installed some can cause serious pronblems with your board. So if it doesn't say that the MOD is compatible with it don't try it. Do it by hand. Harder, but safer.
o really?

is it called the multibb code? so leme get this straight, there's going to be an option to install other MODs once i get this MOD? Shocked
niels shoutbox -

you need to install the multibbcode mod before installing any other custom bbcodes, thats the rule.
Aelita wrote:
I'm not sure if this applies to this particular MOD, but I know that there is one MOD that once installed can install other MODs for you.
This Mod is called "easymod" and can be found here:
but whenever ive downloaded the MOD... take multibbcode mod for example. It gives me this set of codes. I know i have to copy them and paste into their designated areas....the tutorial in says so. Now all i want to know is if this is the correct way to do it? Or in a sense if this is the easiest way to do it.. Confused
Thats the only way to do it.

And I don't recommend easymod.
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