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Samsung's smartphone breaks sales record

Samnsg the mobile phone market in Korea has created an uproar. The company has broken all records of the sales to S Galaxy.

Samsung today announced that its Galaxy Series Two of the smartphone market has made a new record. The company said that it's to the Galaxy series, 50 million smartphones are sold worldwide in just 85 days.

JK Shin, head of the company's mobile phone business in the Galaxy's only five months to have new achievements. Since its launch in April 2011, he said to the Galaxy's no looking back. Samsung's smartphone market reveals that commitment.

The company is going to launch two more smartphones. These are the Galaxy and the Galaxy's two HD Eltii S to light. They will provide high definition display.
Samsung products is not so good overall. i have used many range of its devices, such as laptop, mobile phones and the galaxy tab. Their brand just average for good quality with affordable value. The galaxy tab i used just a few month, then it become hang and lastly it blank. I bought it from overseas and after send it the company service center at my country, i have been told that its was the motherboard faulty. And i am just know the galaxy tab is not have INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY. I think Samsung are just the best among various China tech electronic products.

Its not surprise for the high sales in the company home KOREA. Their popularity are because of strong promotion from Chinese merchandiser worldwide and the comparatively lower price than the superior Apple Ipad.
Really Samsung phones are awesome i am currently using galaxy grand awesome phone with multi touch and multi window.
malaysia wrote:
I think Samsung are just the best among various China tech electronic products.

Sheep, Samsung is no "Chinese tech electronic products". Do some research before bashing something.
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