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Are you in a band?

Are you in a band?

How do you start to be in a band?

What do you like to be in a band?
I am!

I primarily play bass, but, I like to be able to switch up to different instruments in different songs... in this band I also play guitar, and likely, will start playing some keys as well.

How do you start to be in a band? Well, I dunno Razz Around here, there are a lot of musicians, so any band I've ever been in has formed from one of my friends saying "hey, let's make a band", or me approaching a friend and saying, "hey, ya need a bass player?", et voila! So, yeah, the bands I've been in have all been groups of people who already know one another to greater or lesser degree (i.e. our current drummer and second guitar player, I only met through the band, not before, but they both knew the guitar/vocalist).
It's a little more complicated if you don't know anyone to form a band with... then you have to put out ads looking for musicians, or offering your services, then there are auditions. I'm glad I've never dealt with this, as it doesn't seem very organic or inspiring collaborative song writing.
I have been in a few bands. Some were just friends getting together. Other times I have been recruited by a band. I play keyboards, drums, bass and acoustic guitar. Also vocals and write. Recently finished a short tour as a vocalist for a group.
I just got home from the swedish championships in country music... we got a competition , stupid or not, in country music.

there are 5 cathegories; Pure country, poprock country, bluegrass, alternative and rockabilly.

I won rockabilly last year and pure country this year in my band.

Saturn Girl and the Toneheroes is the name. stupid yes but influenced by the old superboy cartoons... check it up on the web if you like.
I've been in and out of bands this past decade. The one thing that bums me is how hard it is to actually find band mates worth jamming with.

I think the best scenario for anyone looking to form a band is to recruit your closest friends with the same interests. The problem is, none of my friends are actually into it as much as me. Some of them want to, and while I'm no virtuoso by any means, one look at them and you'll be convinced music is not meant for them. lol. Anyway, most of my friends can play a few chords and accompany it with mediocre singing, and that's it. They're the kind of band mates that need a lot of guidance with their playing, and it's always a pain in the ass when someone can't get a riff right even if you've taught them for the nth time.

So if I really wanted to form a band, I'd actually have to go out and meet other musicians. But since I'm working full-time now, the idea of getting out there and actually scouring for band members is out of the question.

I dabbled in the drums through most of my 'career'. Recently, I've been playing bass for a band that didn't last a month. lol.

(All of this talk about joining bands makes me want to rock out at this very instant.)
Yeah, I think bands generally start in exactly the way that you would expect.

People play music together for fun.

People realise they really enjoying playing together and are actually good.

People start performing at small venues and go from there.
Bands are fun to learn music. Just be careful to avoid unnecessary drama when egos collide.
I'm a one man quartet and thanks to modern technology, "I've only got one pair of arms" is no longer an applicable excuse. I learned to play most instruments, all self taught, not to any notable distinction or anything, but still passable. I mainly play guitar but I can play bass (duh) and piano and I've dabbled with drums. I couldn't really get my head around drums. Something about 'rackets' (and it will always be one until you get anywhere) have always irritated me. There's enough audible clutter in music and general everyday life already and I certainly don't like to hear myself making one. Back in the days I used 8 tracks and dats. Besides writing songs for guitar and harmonica (I used to wear a bar because I was on a Bob Dylan trip) I also wrote and recorded a lot of hip hop music. When I played guitar and blues harp at the same time, people would say, wow, that's genius. How do you play 2 instruments at the same time? But I'd remind them that's it's definitely not genius. For example, it's not even as impressive as playing 3 instruments at the same time; yet, if I also strapped some cymbals to my knees, then you'd cross the street to avoid such 'genius' right? I would. And do. You've got to give it up to the buskers though. Especially in inner city shopping centers on Saturday afternoon. At home these days, you have the necessary equipment to make a fully orchestrated song. And for the purists, you can play all the layers manually if you so desire (or "organically" - all "organic" means is that you apparently evolve the mechanics and technology of strings, brass and woodwind out of your very chest! As opposed to using electronic technology - you know like computer samples - the complete opposite to honest mediums like electric guitar and keyboards, right? Nay sale). But you can either play all the tracks and layer and sync or you can use samples and presets (drums for example) and come up with some pretty original compositions. Not for nothing, all a band is really relevant for is live performances and shows. Most things are done in studios and it's rare that anything worth listening to was ever done 1st take live (while all of the band were even present on the same day). Sgt Peppers' for example, Rubber Soul. Pet Sounds. War of The Worlds. There's some albums for the purists to ponder.

You start to be in a band because you'd like to impress some girls.

I like to be the George Martin of my own one-man fab four. And it's not because I'm a control freak or perfectionist who can't rely on other people to fulfill my anal retentive wishes, to the very note - it is that, but it's much more... I actually don't have any friends.
Dialogist wrote:
... all a band is really relevant for is live performances and shows.

I can't say I agree with this, really. While it's true of situations of pursuing a singular vision, it completely neglects the importance of collaboration in crafting music. Collaboration in creation can definitely bring life and motion to the process, integrating diverse perspectives into a single movement... it can't be recreated by an individual.
yes, i play guitar in a band -
i think it's a good idea to form a band with some friends.
like others go bowling on thursday evenings, we go into the garage and play for some hours. it's a sporting and social event.
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