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I was wondering something if anyone might know the awnser...

I have a wireless notebook Im trying to run a webserver on which is apache 1.3.33 and it runs fine when I goto localhost. But when my friends try to see it at there house's it gives them nothing I have a router and I even DMZed it to this notebook, Yet still nothing works. If you need more info feel free to ask what you would need.
I know you've DMZ'ed, but try and fwd port 80-TCP on your router.

Also make sure any software firewalls are not blocking port 80. (Nortan / Windows XP FW.)

Also one last thing.... your router may be configured to use Port 80 as web-interface. This could also disrupt it, try chainging the port in the router settings.

Good Luck.
I personally would think that it would be the last option the guy above suggested. If hes running apache im assuming hes using a Linux box cuz i dont think apache is supported on Windows OSs but i could be wrong. But try adjusting the router seetings and see what happens.
TheGeek wrote:
If hes running apache im assuming hes using a Linux box cuz i dont think apache is supported on Windows OSs but i could be wrong.

Actually Apache is available for Windows OS.

In fact, my site is currently run in Windows on Apache. It works very well. There are a few differences between the Linux version and the Windows version, but they are only slight. It has all the same features and is very stable. The main advantage is you don't have to learn Linux! A real bonus for those not so experienced.
Apache can be used in Windows . For sure .
If you've got the knowhow to be running your own web server, you should be learning how to use linux. It took me a long time to push myself to switch over, because I felt I had so much background experience with Windows and especially because my knowledge of tools for different needs were so well established -- but it's well worth the learning curve for power users.

In answer to your question, port 80 (default http) may be blocked by your Internet Service Provider -- many broadband carriers, including mine, do this.

A useful solution for me is to serve on port 5080 (or some other high port), and then forward to this port from a redirect. So redirects to, and is updated with my IP address.
You need to make sure your friends are trying to access the correct IP address. You will have a local address for your PC (something like 192.168.0.x), but this can only be accessed on the local network. Go to to find your external IP address. Then your friends should use that IP in their browser address bar.
Hey, not sure if you fixed your problem, but another thing you can check is whether your IP address (on the machine running Apache) is set by DHCP or is static. If it is dynamic and the IP address for your machine changes (bid expires, etc) then router forwarding may try to forward to the old IP address instead of the new address. My router warns that port forwarding should only go to IP addresses that are statically assigned.
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