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Survey: Which type of advertisements are you interested in?

Which type of advertisements are you interested in?
Video games
 27%  [ 146 ]
 6%  [ 36 ]
Mobile phones and pda's
 2%  [ 16 ]
Computers and laptops
 17%  [ 95 ]
 10%  [ 54 ]
 9%  [ 50 ]
 5%  [ 28 ]
Digital cameras
 3%  [ 18 ]
Gadgets like webcams
 3%  [ 19 ]
Clothing, gifts, sunglasses and sports equipment
 2%  [ 12 ]
Electronics (tv, video, cd players, ...)
 11%  [ 61 ]
Total Votes : 535

I'm currently trying to choose some new ads for Frihost, more specifically the Chitika ones on top, on the index page and on the right of the screen where you post a message.

Anyway, I would like to know where you guys and girls are interested in.

In the poll are a few categories to choose from, but please don't let this stop you from suggesting something completely different or more into detail as the categories are rather global.
I personally would like car video games and movies. Just because that will attract more people to click them if it is one of those. Are you going to put rotating ad's where it shows more then one ad.
I prefer video games and PDA's ads. I might click on some of them, and I know that some people will agree with me.
xorcist wrote:
Are you going to put rotating ad's where it shows more then one ad.

No, but they change every time you enter a new page.
Voted for Computer and Laptops . Well , others are okay for me too .
S3nd K3ys
Anything digital and games. I'm guessing with all the different members here, there won't be any bad choices.
Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea

You could put in the profile registration a required field asking that kind information. Would be a good way for making statistic of this issue.

I am sure that you pay atention to all host requests. That´s also a good way to extract several profiles of members.

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

I voted in digital Cameras and PC's.
I voted Computers and laptops Wink But i also like video games. Very Happy
I think I have the same opinion of 50% of Frihost members. Smile
Computers and laptops... it is just a very interesting thing Very Happy

James Smile
In my humble opinion:
I think most of FriHosters, will enjoy Computers and laptops, and all other electronic.
thinks its going to have to be Computers and laptops defo!! but the others arnt bad 2nd vidieo game!
Wow!! So many like minded people at one place!! Thank GOD I found this forum!! Even I had chosen Computers and Laptops!!
Cars would be interesting Razz :S
I like all those categories, however, considering I had to pick only one, I chose Video Games.Very Happy
Movies. I'm an independant film maker and I love movies
I'm sure most people who have websites are more into those kinda things...
gamez. i love gamez. they are so fun.
Laptops omg omg elite haxxorz! This christmas, I am buying myself a new custom laptop - AMD turion 2.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon x800Pro PCI-Express GFX Card, Bluetooth, 8x DVD writer, blah, blah PWNAGE!!!

So ya im gonna go for video games Twisted Evil Wink
Do Computers and stuff because im always loooking for better pcs for my games because my pc gets out dated for the new releases Sad
Any of your advertisiment is best than "Ads by Google", ahrz...
I would usually say it's not applicable but in Firhosts case I would go for techi kind of stuff (because the majoraty of people on here seem to like new technology and gadgets)
because my car is so old..İ want to changed to a new car..
i hate all ads end of story xD
movies I like the best Surprised
those ads where you have to hit something to "win" or something like that are always fun i never even care what its for i'll still play them ^_^
Im for computers and laptops.
call me a geek.

Evil or Very Mad
Games Are The Best. Most People go after Games.
They are Fun. They blow away time that you dont need. They make you happy. And finnaly, They Are Fun
Well i prefer none at a given moment and at a given time all are relevant.

Targetted ads like Google are lot better since they are a lot more relevant to whats going on.

I would like to see ads that pay the most. Since i havent till date clicked on ur chitka ads. I wont make a difference to me. Google ads are really fine for me.

Maybe if u could find entry into somead networ who pay for just showing the ads it would be great & a win win situation for all.
I would like to see Pda's more often because i would want to buy a really good pda one day. I want to find the best one that is able to use a cingular chip and run windows on it. i want to be able to connect to verizon wireless online and surf the web. i also want a big hd space and fast processing speed.
Literal answer: None.

Reluctant acceptance answer: Video games. They are probably the only things I am likely to click on random ads for.
definantly not vacuums (that the ad i saw posting this)

Ads that would catch my attention would be:

  1. Computers
  2. Games
  3. Movies
  4. Books
  5. Music
  6. Electronics

I hope that helps.
I'd prefer ads that are relevant to the topic in question...that's just me though...
Anything Puter and I'm good =))
I just interested in computers and internet.
I want more ads about imported Yak meat
I voted for Electronics. With the possibility of a wide variety of people seeing your site, this choice is the most likely to capture the eye of more people, and offend less people. I know that personaly offensive ads are always a turn off for visiting websites.
I like computer because i am very interested about it.
everybody should be interested in computers and laptops... we're all on one now. Getting a better one or just browsing whats new is always interesting.
I'm interested in Hardware and Software advertisement.
I think categories related to computers isn't a bad idea - as this is a forum on the net Smile
I would also click on Movie & Music ads though Very Happy
I voted for movies not because I'd click anything but I might catch wind of something new
I'm looking for banners of scientific magazines
i think about computers, gadgets, mybe movies are cool too... Very Happy
I would choose computers and laptops
Music ADs wouldn't generate much traffic.. but i'd love them Smile

As a Publicity student I can assure you game-related and hardware will catch most of the site viewers' eyes.
I would choose computer and laptops they would be good ads Laughing
Personally, I prefear Video Games. It gives color to the site and has more potential in succecidig!
cell phones Very Happy
I voted for movie advertisements because if they didn't have those then what would us lazy teens do to find out when cool movies are coming out?!?! We often hear about video games around the web and from our friends, but we hardly ever hear about movies. If your friend tells you about a movie, guaranteed he saw the commercial and didn't go to a site such as movietickets. Another thing that is good about movie advertisements is that everyone watches movies! Adult and child alike! For every adult there is Sea Biscuit(random movie) and for every child there is Finding Nemo(yet again another random movie).


As a marketing major at my university, I've studied promotion in a high-tech environment as the web. It is mainly high technology things that you want to promote on these websites since the people going here are techfans. Trying to sell foodstuff etc would be a waste of time.

Computers may be a good choice for the target audience that this site has. I would personally be interested in ads regarding DVDs.


Anyway, Cars are good too. I hate advertisments about "Find Your Love", and receive for free! Stuff. Computers are much much more interesting and have more potential in succeding. Cool Embarassed Crying or Very sad Idea
I recon movie adverts are the best, cause they are addvertising a form of entertaiment that i like! and so far most of the kool movie adverts are kool!!!!
Summer wrote:
Voted for Computer and Laptops . Well , others are okay for me too .

I am the same as Summer, Voted for Computers and Laptops, but would click on others as well! Very Happy
hello, im intrest in cars!!
Im not intrest in ars but in trial
im intrest in party's
im larzz
cars every time Laughing
games or electronics
I would like to see ads of sites that are hosted here, I think it would be pretty neat.
i love advertisement about free online games that don't require a fast internet access and high standard pc. i'm so poor and only have pentium II computer with slow unlimited access of internet.
Video games and computers definitely.... You can probly tell that from my signature though... Very Happy
i agreed with video gamez
bondings in my opinion u gave too many options like PDAs and mobile phones and then digicam and then comps and lappies. i like all these but i chose digicam, i think!!!
I like the videogames and computer stuff, but I voted books. There are a lot of very simple books about programming, the internet, etc. But I would like to see adds about good books, great books about how to totally finetune your website or linux-server, not the usual HTML for starters stuff...

But I also like the small computergame thing, because I have a slow internet connection.

To be honest, there are no advertisements that would be of interest to me. I think that it is distracting and frustrating; however, I do recognize that it is a source of revenue generation. Therefore, I would suppose to say that any advertising is fine as long as it not too obtrusive.
well i love books...but not all kinds of books... what i mean is multimedia related paintings and some books that discusses about the rich media... Smile
i´m so interesting in computers because they´re so important for my job... and i think they´re changing day by day, and it´s so important to recycle the information..
... and music is something all people love and its variety makes us to look for news every day...
As I myself sell all the given choices on my website in my country, i would not go for any of them . though i would prefer some advertisements of creative stuffs like humour sites, friendship sites ( for all ages with no adult content ) , donnow what other kind of advertisement are floating around...
i prefer informative adds for digital cameras (i am now looking for a very small one, yet with acceptable quality). informative adds in general (that is why i perefer text adds)
I can never get enough gadgets. Videogames and Comp systems are also good
i'm interested with computers and laptops but i will be interested too with cars... and anything that is new to me:)..
games especially racing games i like
I am also intersting in computers and laptops i can only vote one time
I love ro see a good car:
Definately cars would be at the top of my list.
i also have to go for Video Games.
Granted I may be somewhat of an atypical case, I would like to see advertisements for books. I think the Internet is a lovely place and an interesting concept; however, I think it would be interesting to exhibit a sort of duality between advanced technology (frihost) and more basic things (books). In addition to that, I do not get enough information on books as it is, and visitors I know would most definitely appreciate advertisements for books more than any of the other categories available.
gonzo wrote:
I want more ads about imported Yak meat

I've given up on yak meat
Computers, is it true you can get upto $50 per click on it?
Simulator wrote:
Computers, is it true you can get upto $50 per click on it?

Honestly, are you kidding? Wink

Actually I'm not even allowed to talk about it.
LOL, I read somewhere that someone got $50 for one ad, I'm applied for it too Laughing , I hope you allow it.....
Cars, Motorcycles, Beer and Music =D
I think cars are good - but used car advertisements don't have the feel that new car advertisements do

new car advertisements = sweet

used car advertisements = boring
I choose cars,like car.
i dont care
Games, cars and computers... this would be interesting.
I love me some video games. Very Happy although, its always fun to look at electronic crap like 42" plasma tvs that i'll never afford anytime soon, if at all. Wink
Electronics wouldn't be too bad. I'm a techie at heart lol
I prefer random ads like u find on geocities.


The ad reads, Click here to find seagull control products.
I like computer games advertising better
Definitely Computers and laptops!

I just won a Apple iBook and it's very cool.
You can use it anywhere and the wireless internet is standard on it!

Handy Razz
car commercials are the best but video games are cool
I prefer computers and laptop which I normally look into it. So try to get some advertisements regarding it.
Boles Roor
Anything that has to do with Technology is fine with me.
the are annoying.

It doesn't matter if it in your mailbox or on the internet.
i like 3d modeling and animation.. all software related to such industry.
i used to work on 3ds max, but now i switched to XSI and i'ts a great package!
a pc games advertisement is cool espesially a shooting/first person game
for me what so ever!!! I hate the ADS!!! :evil:
Laughing Computer and laptops for sure!!...mostly laptops though ahha Laughing
Where's the hobbies category? The others are good..encompass a lot of items, but what about outdoors/recreation...just kind of popped out to me. Or maybe it's because I'm sitting at a PC right now...we tend not to go outside, right? Hmmmm....
I am interested in computers and often click on cumpter google ads.
Also web design.
Very important to me
ads for flash games would be nice
I like Styled Cars.

My favorite car is
Ford Mustang GT.

// Bubba
games and cars love em
pls advertise video games.. specially the new releases...
Logic is simple. You are placing ads here for people to click on it and if lucky, make them buy it. If you have the advertisement for a car. Many already own it and shall not click it.

The category that is more likely to be clicked and bought is the music category. With apple bringing costs down to 99cents, music can be a good sensible ad placed.

In between, you can have ads of interesting things - like a geneva auto show (just for example). This will make users click on it. Everybody likes cars.

CAUTION: Many sites have suffered from drop in traffic due to diverting them to other sites through ads. Careful!

ALL THE BEST Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
Anthony Clark
I voted for Movies as i wouldnt have to go to their websites to their ads, i can just visit mine! Very Happy
Personally I would like to see advertisments about video games and books, since those are areas that interest me.
What i Think you should advertise is a varitey of things which appear in a random format because each and everyone is different. i think it would be a good idea to start from maybe Magazine Subscriptions to Cars to Hobbies To electronics and maybe even a bit of Entertainment?

By doing this it is pretty much youll get someones attention on each add. honestly im lookin at a toyota add and its not that appealing, brighten it up a tad, include some slogans and maybe even a little bit of flash, but not to much or else them oldskewl dialup users will never get to see the page.
Anthony Clark
beattsme wrote:
What i Think you should advertise is a varitey of things which appear in a random format because each and everyone is different. i think it would be a good idea to start from maybe Magazine Subscriptions to Cars to Hobbies To electronics and maybe even a bit of Entertainment?

By doing this it is pretty much youll get someones attention on each add. honestly im lookin at a toyota add and its not that appealing, brighten it up a tad, include some slogans and maybe even a little bit of flash, but not to much or else them oldskewl dialup users will never get to see the page.

I agree with you. Not everyone that visits your site will like the ads you put on it. But as for the old skewl dial ups, they should just get to grips with technology and get a better conection. I love flash movies and games! Razz
I would say that any electronics call my attention, but if I have to choose only one, it`ll be video cameras.

It's hard to say cause I'm not really interested in advertiser.
But if I have to choose, I'll say computer promotions...
i voted video games because im interested when video games are released and like to know info about them - especially on xbox
I like to see movie ads and anything related to computers(need to be eye catching).
Software ads are also welcome.
But no more spy remover ads.
has to be Gadgets, they make the world go round. They certainly do for me. For example, the Ipod, possibly THE gadget of recent times. Everyone who has one couldn't imagine life without it. Also Inspector Gadget, possibly THE hero of my childhood.

Im not sad
Incidentally, for extra points, can anyone remember the name of Gadget's dog and Niece. No cheating
i prefer video games coz this is what i'm into ...lot interesting ... Laughing Laughing Laughing

Also, and this wasn't an option in the poll, I like advertisements that link to businesses or services that have websites.

i.e., if I was going to hire a dog walker, as a computer person I would be more likely to hire a dog walker who had a website with information, rates, etc.
I voted for vidio games but its a shame that i couldn't vote for more. Cars and music are heaps good to.
Me, i like advertisements on the hosting and the hardware.
Search engine optimisation, web development etc will be good choice.
hell yes viva the new generation that is video games watch as i do my victory dance Dancing
Ha behold
Mr Thorøe
Video games could be relly cool Very Happy Very Happy If you ad that i will bve happy
i hate ads they destroy your site, and f*** up your layout. and if you want ads on your site, i should make a special page for them and ask every1 who comes to your site to click on 1. or put them on a place that every1 will think it are your own site links or something
i think having sponsers is a good idea, i owuld deffinately check out some video game ads!!
i think movie ads would be great...useful ads abt electronic gadgets would also be great to have around, but none of that crappy pop stuff, that just annoys, the hell out of me...stupid thing.
I enjoy ads about iPods.
I picked 'Movies' which i regret now. Well, maybe not exactly. Electronics attracts me as well. I mean who wouldn't want the latest electronics, right? But the again, i am obsessed on watching a movie. Could've oicked music instead, but movie fits for me.
Im pretty happy with the ones we have already
I voted for electronics all the way (maybe its because I'm a geek, or maybe they're just cool). Anyone who likes to create websites and computer stuff in general HAS to like electronics. Shocked

Personally,I would like to choose cars.Especially cross-country cars! So wonderful!
Also video games would be great!
Well being a new member here I myself am not that picky about the ads but I do prefer ones that are the interest of the majority which seems to be more of the pdas, gadgets and computers.
In Thailand now the cool advetising on tv is Insurance.
Video Games.

Lookin for good reviews.
I am NOOB.


Post it.
Kart Racer.

PRO. Wink
page 9 OF 9.

COmmitment line vioilation.
I put a vote down for books - mainly because all the other things are far too expensive for me. That and books'll last you longer than computer games and gadgets. If you haven't guessed already I'm a complete cheapskate.
My vote goes for the bikes ( motocross & heavy enduro )!!!
I choose electronics as it's sometimes outragously cheap and, of course, I love electronic equipments. Such as cd/mp3 players, robots cleaner, small PDA... we can gain high-tech from just a tiny, cute and toy-like thing.
The reason I chose Mobile Phones/PDA's is because everything we do will be done through these devices in the near future, including games, computer work, shopping, etc.
I actually like more than one type of add. Of course I like video games and movies, but I really like music and books better. Iguess I just really like really creative stuff... some would call that dorky tho... Laughing (or maybe I'm just really imature... XD)
uhhhhh Cars And Video Games
I voted for movies cause movie adds are crazy !!
especially thriller movies are cooooooooooool !!
please, lemme know some cool thriller titles u recently got !!
I do need em... cheers, d.
well, and why not finantial services adverts?
nobody interested on that?

I don't always pick up the Sunday paper. I try to remember to go to CompUSA, Staples, etc websites to check out the sales each week, but forget about 1/2 the time. I don't know if you can get ads from these big retailers.
since we all seem to be at least moderately computer literate in order to be pursuing free web storage space, I would vote for various computer items since this is the way you need to be making money for continuing to run this server.
I'd have to say that I would be most into Video Game advertisements. Maybe it's just my age, but I play them quite a bit. As such if a game looks like it will provide some good action, I'm mor likely to buy it than go and see a movie.
I read somewhere that frihost was getting the money from the ads placed on the forums... but i see really not too many
It would be nice to see some ads about PDAs and electronics in general like plasma TVs or LCD screens...

I think video games and computer ads would be nice.
Ad should provide *some useful information*, or at least a link to something. Short and truthful.

AND, the ad should be interactive, like entering a zip code or selecting one of four tabs.

If it moves, it should move *a very small amount*
i dont like advertisments they just get in the way but if i had to pick i would pick the advertisments about games because i am always playing them and always looking for another game to beat... all video games are too easy for me. there is no video game that can match with my ultimite power... MUAHAHAHAHAHA...
I personally would like books.
Bondings wrote:
I'm currently trying to choose some new ads for Frihost, more specifically the Chitika ones on top, on the index page and on the right of the screen where you post a message.

Anyway, I would like to know where you guys and girls are interested in.

In the poll are a few categories to choose from, but please don't let this stop you from suggesting something completely different or more into detail as the categories are rather global.

What I am interested in is the ads on latest books. Sometimes a good book is published but I do not know about it. I think we can put some ads/information on computer scienece books in this site.
I love those movie clips to be advertizements,cos they really rock!!!!
I, personally, would like to see more about computers, since I have an interest in computers.

Besides, most people probably don't look at the ads anyway. Most people find them annoying and in the way. So in the end I don't think that it will matter much what the ads are. Sure, some people might take the time to look at them and see what they are about. Just depends on your users. In the end, the decision is up to you!

So you know, no disrespect towards you or anyone else. Smile
i would love video game ads, and personally i would like U.S. Army advertisements also. thats just my .2$ Mr. Green
Computers, Electronics, Cars.
In a way I am still testing this site out and the only thing I find difficult at this time is how to make a post-where to click- if you will.

On which ads I am interested in I think that old advertising phrase comes into play, "I didn't know I wanted it until I saw it".
WOW this is entertaining! So i would prefer cell&pda ads, because i wanted to get myself a palm lifedrive, but to date have heard alot of bad comments about it so im still looking for a GOOD pda. Any other ads about techno gadgets are good any time! Movies also get me clicking, i like thrillers! Sometimes pcs are good but not looking for a new one! Car, mostly pickups gets me to follow the link. Thats it, i think...
eso es mi primer post
I think that ad suppliers should be suppliers with a world scope of "shipping".

For example I am from Poland, and I'm completely not interested in US based ads about anything, coz I cant have any benefits from it. On the other hand ads about games and movies can make it, coz it's not a problem to buy popular game or DVD release of a movie in Poland.

Online game-movies-books shops have a way to advertise but I dont see myself buying something, coz shipping costs are often same as or higher than the product price in polish store.

I would like to point slightly different way of making money to support FriHost. There are some marketing companies, which offer payments for filling polls. As for me, for everything that I receive from FriHost for free, I would fill few questionnairies each month with pleasure. And such questionnairies afaik are much better paid comparing to clickable banners. Every user interested in supporting FriHost could make his own profile of interests, so poll providers would be very glad that they reach target group of their own questionnaire-commissioning customers.

I don't think that many people are actually interested in advertisements. Except maybe marketing types and companies trying to figure out how to sell their products. That's what it really comes down to, products. And I know this probably sounds pedantic, and it is also going off the topic, but anyway. The only adverts that interest me are cool adverts or funny ones or catchy ones - however i really don't think i am any more likely to buy the product because of the advert. For instance - Guiness, beating drum, surfers and waves that turn into stallions. Honda - hate something, change something make something better.......!

I am though I am sure affected by ads subconsciously. But I think as well seeing someone who is cool or I respect wearing/doing X is as likely to subconsciously make me want to buy X as an advert.

enough already.
Music = Life
However, I hate seeing ads. They really annoy me.
I think advertisements dont work to people because they are interested in particular by a certain type of product. Its more so to do with if it happens to catch their eye.
I chose cars. I mean, I'm interested in everything on there, but cars are awesome. I think you should put a poll like that in the member sign up, that way you will always know what people are interested in. Twisted Evil
Razz i think it is a good idea to have adds for video games on any site because it not only shows u like them but that u want other people to also be intrested
I hate ads. I never see any, there are valid in and they make more parts of the standarts today.
The ads look a lot of time differents in firefox/opera/internet explore ETC.
If I need choose: PC and travel.


ps. There are a tut in w3c but it's not good to start.(use your searchmachine)
pps. i test the forum frontpage
and look how it's link
this is not bad, all is easy to fix, and i think, this is a time problem.


I voted for "Electronics" because they're the type of ads that may catch my eye (especially iPod ads Very Happy). I've always wanted an iPod, but I've never had the money to buy one yet. Music might be interesting too, depending on the genre of music.

All phpBB Forums aren't W3 Compliant. phpBB forums' pages are made up of 3 files.

The header is a overall_header.tpl file, footer is a overall_footer.tpl file, the inedx is a index_body.tpl file and index_body.tpl file is only used for index, not viewforum nor viewtopic yet.
because the game world is so huge and plus there are so many new one out there it is hard to keep up with them. So we use the internet to kinda inform ourselves, to become more, "in touch" with the gamming world.
Yeah computers are all right, alot of my favorite games or on that system. they do have the best type though mmorpgs can't get enough of them. Although i don' tlike payig monthly thats why i hit up Guild Wars woot woot!!! SmileSmile

I don't say it has to be valid, but if it are there are a bigger change for it shows correct in all browsers.(i see freehost in opera FF and IE ) freehost looks ok in all.
Freehost know the problem with IE.
/* Import the fancy styles for IE only (NS4.x doesn't use the @import function) */
@import url("templates/subSilver/formIE.css");
--> This tell all.
My problem with ads is they are made for maybe 800/600 and there site is made to 1024/ but think how ads look when it's the other way and u sit with 800/600 and have scroll becouse of a ads.

It's fun i choose freehost, I don't know php just some asp.
I can do all but some I need learn first.


specific - hip hop
Probably ads concerning music, electronic accessories....and "how to make money!!!"
I'd say video games, they are probably the only thing i really look at to buy on the internet apart from ebay.
i interested book ( if posible pdf format ), espacially mechanical book. i can not find spacial manual book about mechineries.
I'm all about the video games
I loveeeeeeeeee computers
and web site's and their designers Smile
I chose computers and labtops as almost all people did. But i would also like to see ads about video games, books, and anything cool like video game systems. Well thats my vote!!!

ogms admin
video games are very intresting to me, and so are electronics.
Yah, i would like to have a mix of different ads because I love computers, electronics, and cars. With all my differnet interests i can't exactly pick one. I just chose the electronics cause it was the most broad topic.
Rodier wrote:
because the game world is so huge and plus there are so many new one out there it is hard to keep up with them. So we use the internet to kinda inform ourselves, to become more, "in touch" with the gamming world.

Please don't mind my asking, but what does that have to do with the topic? I'm a little puzzled by your response/comment.
I personally would like to see ads about electronics, computers, video games, and those sorts of things which includs digitial cameras and cell phones. I think these would be the most popular choices among the people that use these forums.
Personally i think you should use advertisement of nothing. but if you need to because of money wise then internet stuff (video games movies programs etc etc) would be the way to go. i mean how many of us actually go online looking at advertisements in search of clothes lol
The best ads would probably be for cheap or free things that make everyone's technological life easier.
I prefer video games ads , like many others around here.
I will click on it if i see an video game ad, just to search out some video game info.
people who voted video games .. they are still kid @ net
cars stuff.............
thinks its going to have to be Computers and laptops!! but the others arnt bad 2nd vidieo game!

people who voted video games .. they are still kid @ net and all have one thing in common. games will last forever!!!
Get ramndom ebay ads or ther such stuff to draw attention to the ads. otherwise ads by google get auto ignored.
I d like to see ads for guns and violence....
Just kidding !
I mean i m more interested in independant produced music.
Fed up with listenning main artists with big promotion while they have nothing to say. Just "in da club", shake ur booty" and all that stuff...
If any of those I'd rather have ads for videogames, but not those stupid superficial hype ads for crappy comic/TV-turned-movie-turned-videogame games (good ones like recent Spiderman games are fine).
Its always fun to see what wierd and wounderful things they can come up wit next Smile
I get into the advertising thing to much.
although if the there I might check it out.
I'm not into buying things much off the Internet.
i dont like ads,
Annoying advertisements

For sometime now there has been a new kind of advertisement in web pages that consists of "flying" content, that is, a chunk of HTML that hovers over the page for some seconds blocking part of its content and effectively hampering reading while it’s active.

I was extremely annoyed to find this ads in some sites I visit. One of the biggest online Brazilian newspaper started using them some time ago, which almost made me stop using the site. They have since stopped the practice.

Today, some colleagues at work where discussing how to implement a similar feature in a current site, and others in the future. I pointed that this practice is annoying and rude to the site readers. I got a blank look from some people, and laughs from others.

I was surprised with this reaction. As a developer I care about the users. I want them to enjoy using the site. I can understand advertisers wanting ads; I just can’t understand developers doing the same.
o yeah, almost forgot:

some good anti ads:

Pop-ups, pop-downs, pop-overs, pop-unders...are you as sick to death of obnoxious pop-up ads and their vile cousins as I am?

Then it's time to take back your Web browser. I've found three programs on ZDNet Downloads that will kill pop-ups dead in their tracks.

Pop-Up Stopper does just what its name implies--stops pop-up ads from appearing while you surf the Web. It will also notify you when a pop-up is trying to launch so that you could allow some of them to show up, if you want. (Free/Windows)

AdsGone Popup Killer is a great pop-up ad remover--and it works with America Online as well as with other browsers. It can also block banner ads on Web pages, and allow you to let some sites display ads, while removing them from others. (Shareware/Windows)

PopUpCop does a lot more than block pop-up ads--it also stops sites from playing annoying background music, prevents them from changing your home page, and kills cookies. (Shareware/Windows)

Pop-up ads are undoubtedly one of the most annoying side effects of Web surfing. Use these tools, and you can make browsing fun again.
As a marketing major, I find adds really interesting. I prefer adds that have some sort of catchy joke or song to them - even if they are retarted. Every time I think about how dumb an add is, it strikes me that I am doing exactly what they want me to do - think about the product. So those dumb adds are actually successful!

I prefer car adds to anyting else though. I am a mechanical engineering major as well, so I really enjoy cars.
I personally prefer video games but not the ones where it says shoot the so and so to win a free playstation and it turns out you have to sign up for all these offers. but advertising to buy video games is ok
I am intrested to have advertisement which are usefull to webmaster's
I voted for video games. Iam always interested in reading p on them and such. Nothing else really suits me since I live in Canada, and everything in the ads will be in U.S Dollars. At least with games I can learn about news ones, click some ads, and read some info on them Smile
bull blood
Video games and music. I love these Razz What is life without music? Nothing.. Wink
I would like to see interesting products that you don't see everyday, like stuff in airplane magazines. Just not those anoying "punch the duck and win a prize" type ads.
mobile phones and pda's all the way now...nothin else seems to matter
I went with electronics. They always make great gifts for the upcoming holidays.
The only ads I really have a problem with are the ones that try to trick people into clicking on them... offering deals that are too good to be true or subjects that I just find generally dodgy.
The options in your poll are all fine for me. I'm pretty unlikely to ever by a car from clicking on an internet ad... I'm more likely to buy something that can be sent to me!
Thanks for only including relevant and intelligent options though Very Happy
I love video games. I don't get to play them very much between work and school, but I love them, and I always want to know about new releases on any of the gaming consoles and any pc games. I like to live vicariously through easily downloaded demos Wink
Anyone interested enough to register with a forum which also provides web hosting space will be interested in anything computer-related.

What about clothes and other accessories? Mainly girls but most girls don't wait to see advertisements of clothes...they're already shopping and seeing this infront of them...hehe

Video Games sure are very persusive and eye-catching. Top-sellers! How do video game producers get the title of being top-sellers without selling the most wanted products?

Anything computer-related, and technical, will attract nearly everyone. Everyone is getting lazier every minute and whenever there is anything that says "makes living simpler" then you have struck a jackpot! How do I know people are getting lazier? 50 years ago people walked miles to get a drink of litres and litres of water are being delivered to our doorsteps.

I voted "Video Games" though, like most of the posts I have just read, I'd agree with in saying that most of those categories would be attractive ads anyway!
I voted for Computers and Laptops. Since I run a small Computer Training Centre I am very much interested in the advertisements. I also welcome advertisements on used computers and laptops it possible.
I hate ads Evil or Very Mad , but if there'll be then make them for video games Smile
I like the electronic ones, and not the honeypot wrist exercisers.
films, music and entertainment please!
A really good ad will not only try to get you to buy the product or service, but teach something you did not already know. Its nice to see half dressed models pointing at some product, but that is not going to get me to buy anything. If the ad can teach me something that I am already interested in, there is much better chance that I will read it carefully. When I move from the "shopping" stage to the "ready to buy" stage, there is a much better chance that I will have thoroughly looked at the ad that made me a smarter shopper very carefully AND remember the advertisers name. There are so many cool ads to see that are easy to remember, but I can't recall what product they were trying to but useless!
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Anything digital and games. I'm guessing with all the different members here, there won't be any bad choices.

We are in a digitall era!
I personally am interseted in car advertisements as well as some tuning tools rather than those massively spammed software/pornography advertisements. As a car fan any time of the day I would check the so 'flashing website' while I certainly ignore or block at other times.
I would say have ads for things like electronics solely because that would give you a wide range of ads to put on, rather than just restricting it to a few things of one category.
i think most of games and computers are all good for yer i think anything to do with those topics are good.
music is the thing i love the most.. from 4th grade i've been playin guitar and singing.. music is the only thing that calms me when i'm angry or sad or anything...

and without my band i would be a nobody Very Happy
i think electronics will work...
I think that games would work, because people notice things about games a lot.
I'd like movies ads
Especially if the band is one I have not heard, a good ad can get me to listen.
I don't mind what an ad is for but I like to see ad's that are worth looking at. It really makes me mad when I see an ad that makes you want to look away. So as long as it isn't a waste of space then who cares. Funny ad's are always good.
Computer Game is my life!
That was is an interesting survey here.
I wonder what the average age of the audiences is here in this forum.
Games might be a really good product for a webmaster to look at for promoting.
Could be a real cash cow.
nextgen wrote:
That was is an interesting survey here.
I wonder what the average age of the audiences is here in this forum.
Games might be a really good product for a webmaster to look at for promoting.
Could be a real cash cow.

Hmm... maybe they should have a poll for age? That might be interesting. Games aren't a problem with me, mostly because my parents don't let me buy any games or game systems (except for my GB and my two GBC) Every other game system seemed so costly, and the games even more. I don't think I have the heart to spend $30+ for a game and on top of that $200+ for a game system.
I would stick to movies and music. My two fave things lol. I always look at movie/music ads. Honestly. Yepp
i voted music, but i like the most advertisments of toothpaste Embarassed i know it's weird but those are my favorite ads..
i like googles ad program. you just sign up and put the code on your site. and you get like 50 cents form each hit on your site. But you cant do it only on your ip is smarter than that a friend of mine tried it and they shut him down but he made 10 bucks before they figured it out.
best ads are the tech gadgets everyone loves them and wants them. from what ive seen the get the most hits out of all of them. expesially now during christmas season everyone is looking for tech gifts to give. honestly u dont buy a car online those r a waste. you have to go to the place and test drive them.
I would be really interested in getting involved with Online Mutiplayer game advertising. I have been hooked on them since Counter Strike. Now I am really getting into Battlefield 2. If you use gameSpy to look for game slike I do you'll notice just how many servers and players there actually are all around the world. Good Luck deciding!!
my vote is to computers and laptops as i like them very much Smile
I voted music, but I also interest in PDA, Laptops, mobile phone advertisement.
I would prefer clothing beacause everyone needs it and "SALE" are always good plus we don't want to run around naked on the street
I would say that video game ads would be awesome. I mean thats how i find games to play by looking at ads and reviews.

I think that when it comes about advertisment I prefer all what has to deal with electronics eventhough some times ads are annoying is also the way to get informed and to be able to buy and access the latest technology
What the... You ask what types of advertisements we want. i dont think we want any. The only advertisments i liek are the ones that actually care about whats going on in the world like 9/11, Tsunami relief effort, etc. So if i have to pick what types of advertsments i want. I would want...............................................................................................................................................................................................................Advertisments that actually care advertisments at all. That would make me happy. And the advertisments should not be bs because I dont like that. And the ads should not be on every freaking page of a website because it get annoying after awhile. Click here for this etc etc...Smile
I'm likely to buy gadgets or computer accessories online, but I'm also really stingy about those things. I look for the best deal forever.

The other thing I buy online is gifts. The main reason is that I can have someone else do the work of packaging and mailing them. I look for things that are classy but not too overpriced. I often buy stuff from I also like online museum stores.

I used to love shopping for groceries online (Webvan). If online grocery delivery ever makes a comeback, you should advertise that.
I like the videogames and computer stuff, but I voted books. There are a lot of very simple books about programming, the internet, etc. But I would like to see adds about good books, great books about how to totally finetune your website or linux-server, not the usual HTML for starters stuff...

But I also like the small computergame thing, because I have a slow internet connection.
I'm most interested in Video Game advertisments.
Although Hardware and Software would also be cool.
I really hate advertising but if I am forced to watch it (and we all are from time to time) then I prefer humor. Does anyone remember John Cleese spots for Accura watches? He would accost people on the street to find out whether or not they were wearing Accura watches; one guy did not seem to be wearing a watch at all, so Cleese grabbed him by the feet and upended him! The guy was wearing an Accura watch just above his sock... Cleese said proudly, "Aha! Accu-ankle!"
How about... Web hosting... Or music! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
how about ads with lines of web code to help people out? Very Happy

bad idea heh
I have to say the Chikita minimall right under the forum topic is really annoying. It's so big I have to be extra careful not to click it if I'm not interested in the product. Perhaps you could put some textlink ads there instead?
I voted music, but it seems to me that the one interest we all have is webhosting, so maybe how to books, manuals, sites, software, and things related to that would be a good bet.
ye, i dont mind ads in small amounts...
I like ads with plenty of colour. The product must be something i am interested in. I like electronic goods and computers (which i guess you could call an electrical good). I dont like ads that pop up huge on your computer. I like small ones in the corner or at the top of a webpage that relate to what i like and my preferences.
Hardware/Software. Most of people here are searching, or will search in the future for this kind of things. But music would be cool to Smile .
I like usually advertisements of movies.Rarely electronics materials..
I can I say?I don't agree but the important s to partecipate!Thanks
I voted for movies, its the best because I love it...I love watching movies.
I like Video advertisement @ its good to view
I voted for movies, its the best because I love it...I love watching movies.
I would go for video games also and electronics i would click on a few of those.
I like music, movies and videogames advertisements
I would very much like advertisements on mobile phones and PDA's with the fashionables and the latest trends. Not only that they keep on improving by the day and by the hour, we would see a new one coming to the market every other day. Mobile and PDA's simply rock.
Also gadgets in general would be quite good to have...

Quality, rather than quantity, is what I suggest, with subjects of most interest as shown from your poll. Good Luck!
Text Ads! Not Pics.
I would prefer not to see any advertisments on webpages because most of them are annoying as hell, but I guess ill go with vidio games.
Personally, i know that all the multimedia stuff is the most popular but as i am bombarded with it evertime i go online i think it would be nice to see someting differnt like ads for voluntary organisations like red cross, order of st john, spca etc. Granted games and pcs etc make money but we shouldnt forget humanity and the needs of others. Smile
I voted "Computers & Laptops"...but I'm more likely to click on Linux, open source products. Or Think Geek, slashdot, sourceforge...etc.
for me basically it comes down to games advertisments only because they seem to catch ur eye allot with the graphics and the high colors and action packed explosioins that appear on the screen.

most other ads i watch are very very boring and can just get plain annoying.
Cars! Oh the pretty cars! Razz
Nobody like adverts. Cmon now.

I wish the internet had a giant ad blocker attatched to it so that you could actually get to the content you want ... without seeing how to enlarge your penis, or subscribe to internet pron... =I
I know it's a little late in the game to be suggesting this but you should have had a category for 'software' (although I guess this kinda comes under the computers category). Also a category about 'making money online' or something like that. I'm always clicking on ads about that. (Nothing gets my attention quicker... *chuckle*)

Not a fan of adds, but in the right location and right size. One or two are ok. Things I would click would be movies, games, software, compies, pdas, umm.. anything to do with technology to be honest. Picture ads (like the top one from Chitka, Inc.) are fine as long as they're not plastered all over. *cough* (kinda like I'm seeing) When you hit like 3 different ads on the same pages it takes away from the content. So if its possible to keep it to maybe 2 (one on top one on the bottom of the page) I think everything will be ok.
Why would someone like a ad.
Normly a person skips over
them or dosn't like them!
Genarly I do not at all like ads!
I have almost never clicked one.
I myself would prefer an advertisment about video games or anime. They're what I enjoy spending most of my time playing/watching. I'd say if you really want to get me, make an advertisment about a video game based on one of my favorite anime series. (Make the game a good game too please thanks).
I like all kinds of sports, mostly Ice hockey, Videogames, coding, music.
My vote : digital Cameras>>.
it is interesting
doug hines
I voted games simply because I am attempting to get into the industry. Knowing what is coming out would help immensely in seeing what direction the industry is currently going.
I personaly like videogame advirsement, because i like videogames very much + that i also advirse videogames on my homepage
I would be interested in just about any ad that contains technology stuff. However, I have to admit that I very very very rarely click on ads. I honestly don't understand how they work. Do many companies see their customer base grow from web ads?
love movies Very Happy
Bondings wrote:
I'm currently trying to choose some new ads for Frihost, more specifically the Chitika ones on top, on the index page and on the right of the screen where you post a message.

Anyway, I would like to know where you guys and girls are interested in.

In the poll are a few categories to choose from, but please don't let this stop you from suggesting something completely different or more into detail as the categories are rather global.

Where do you get you your ads from. it would be a great help if you would
give the url from where we can get advertisements from. Question
ı am ınterested ın cars and chıldren advertısement,because they affcet me,the lıghts and colorful thıngs make u watch them and they are very succesful about ıt,thıs ıs a very big part of sellıng somethıng,that s the best way of makıng people ınterested ın
Id say video games because there cheap compared to cars and are fun.
I Voted for VIDEO GAMES! I Love Them! There just so... uh.... Noice!


Anyone here like the X-BOX 360?
I just Voted for Cars Because i Simply Love Carz.........specially a Beemer....
I am a geek, so anything that is stable and doesnt move will do Laughing

Only that that works on internet shall gain my mouse's click Twisted Evil
cars computer games the best ads you could have Smile
cars computer games the best ads you could have Smile
I prefer movie advertisements because they are just as entertaining as movies themselves. Some are very funny too. Twisted Evil Idea Shocked
i love it
I want to vote but the thing i like isn't in the list. I want to vote on 'online games'. The game I like is hattrick. The text below explains the game:

Hattrick is an online football game where you trade players and coach your team in competition with hundreds of thousands of opponents playing simultaneously from all over the world.

This is how it works
Hattrick is free of charge. You run your team using your web browser. Matches are played a couple of times a week. You can log on at any time to check the status of your team, issue training orders, trade transfer-listed players - or just have a chat with the other Hattrick users.

Hattrick is never-ending so when (if) you win your league you qualify for promotion to a higher league the following season (each season lasts for 16 weeks). Are you ready? Ready to go for national and international fame?
Definately Video games...

I love looking in one things like the Xbox 360 and other amazing detailed game systems that come out during this era in time...

We have truely developed sooo much in the past 10 years

Nintendo > Xbox 360

That's a big jump...

Wouldn't you say?
I perfer Video Games because they are more attractive and more cool so Frihost web hosting will be the best!!!! Horray for Frihost.
i prefer if posible natural shots. Also i am member of alot of photographerspages. espacially i like wild life and natural shots.
I guess I like video games advertisement. Since I like to play video games
hmm i dont really like adds either they seem to bug me for some strange reason. But if i had to choose any then it would be either Music or Movies as i like both of them things.
hmm i dont really like adds either they seem to bug me for some strange reason. But if i had to choose any then it would be either Music or Movies as i like both of them things.
I like ads about electronic gadgets like Chitika ones which give all the details of the product being advertised.
LA Ridge
That's good to know I guess, that video games are a popular bet for advertising. That's a pretty good demographic survey actually, amongst the populace here.

I would like to see a rotation maybe. Every couple of weeks advertise something different. Can that be done?

I work for a major music site and we don't have many ads, but they are a good revenue stream and many of the sites like this can pay the server fees with good ads and ranking. I'm going to get some of my 4000+ members to come over here and join this great forum! If you are a music fan or a musician, you might want to come check out our facilities too!

That's my artist affiliate page link, but you can check me out on the "About Us" portion in the main page. My name is Aaron and my credits are on there.

I am excited about this forum and am going to recommend this to my network at Music Forte.
Dread Lord Chaos
THe forum members are pretty young so I'd say if you geared it towards video games and music you'd be most successful.
LA Ridge
I see others posting banners. I didn't know if it was cool or not, so I just posted the affiliate link.

We are primarily a music site that artists and fans can sell, buy, music on. We are going through some radical changes right now with our different programs. Ads are something we are looking at. We have some games on the site that are constantly pulling in traffic, which is cool. I don't actually own the site I just work there. I really do enjoy the job, and I also work at the Live Support help desk during the day, so anyone can come and chat with me whenever.

Oh... and in reference to a "young" audience, I would have to say that I prefer that scenario. It's better than a bunch of old whiners crying about how bad they have it... Unless it gets too childish, etc. But, enthusiasm rocks!
I like ads for computers and gadgets simply because they are the most realisitic thing for me that I would actually click on to buy online!! I buy all of my gadgets online and am always lookinbg for new stuff.
It sounds good, where do the adds appear? Are they closable? Either way I suppose it's a good way to get the cash coming in Cool

I would say that ads relating to computers would be most appropriate. In my case, I would prefereably buy computer components on the internet. Better promotions
Ads are not that bothersome as long as they do not get in the way. Banners are better than pop ups as long unless the web browser has a pop up blocker. The ads on this site are very acceptable and respectable.
video game ads are better to me, I dont really like the webcam ads as much...
Anything electronic or PC periperals... iPod accessories and other MP3 devices (I'm always bad about those Smile), removable storage devices, flash drives, printers, scanners, video cards... etc.
Aloha Firhost Team,

da kine techie... as we might say in pigeon on this remote Pacific isle.
I'm guessing that most of the members and visitors are computer savvy and by "self-selection" the target population might be broadly interested in any gadget, widget, or techie toy that's cutting edge and wow-appeal.

I personally like to see any tech-device ad that offers deep discounts and/or pushes the envelope with respect to the “next generation toy.”



translation: da kine techie = technology things
Wow I'm going to recommend this site to my friends. You guys care enough to ask what type of ads we all want to see. Thnks a lot.
targeted ads like adsense from google i like the most also put up sum install firefox and become adsense affiliate buttons they make good money 2 Wink
This ad's i want to see :
First >>> Games for PC and pc soft/hardware.
Second >>> don't like (hate Razz)
ads on internet should be ads selling stuff from internet. Like computer games, magazine etc.
none i hate adverts
How come you can't choose anything other than entertainment or luxury. What happened to advertisments for types of education (courses and stuff) or charity organisations? I think I would choose those. We already get bombed with all kinds of digital gadgets every day. I go to internet for some useful information or advise because information can be "custom made" if you know what I mean.
definatly video games, pretty much the only adds i have ever clicked have been ads to discount games. Or cheap web hosting Smile
Thats right Hana

What happened to advertisments for types of education (courses and stuff) or charity organisations?

Why only entertainment and luxury
just music and movies
yes Smile

video gamez Love it
to be honest here I can't say exactly what I'm interested in. I'm interested in anything that makes my mind tick. Pretty in to computer and other consumer electronics. I like sunglasses too come to think of it. I can't even make a selection from the ones provided in the originating post of this topic. I would like a tasty advert for all of those things. But in particular I would like an advertisement of a special off or good deal. Something different to the ordinary. I think the average person is so bombarded by ads these days that they're immune to it, or at least they got a thick skin against it. So this demands new approaches to advertising. I got a degree in business back in the UK and for this we had to study a lot of tripe about advertising, consumer behaviour and marketing and promotion etc. Basically just follow the AIDA system and maybe an ad will work.

From the listing video games, but what I'm truly interested in myself is programming/game development.
I chosed Movies, but I would have chosed Music too and something about programming would be nice.
i think movies, music, computer games - the stuff the people is the most interested in. i think that people would actually click on them...
I would like to see aftermarket car advertisments, as well as new car ads. Surprised
I would say judging from experience of running websites, certainly flash based or even just pictures generate far more clicks and followups than any text based ad.
I would also say that, again judging from experience that the ads have to match the target audience, for example on this website you want fairly technical pc info since your audience is web hosting.
It is also true 'free' stuff campaigns do well since everyone wants something for free, this can also wok fo you since they povide flash based ads like the click on 'XYZ' to win. I think a current one is to shoot a duck and 'win' an ipod.
I would definitely like to see video games.
I voted Games but...

I know that i only click links if they either:
    Are relevant to something im looking for

    Promise me something free which isnt too good to be true or too rubbish to be true

    Or make me laugh

Hope this helps you decide what advertisement to include
I actually prefer books from all these because I'm a book lover and the others doesn't interest me.
i think, that laptors and other electronic stuff is a good choice. It is interesting both for those, who create sites, and in many cases for those, who visit them.

It is also reasonable to create sensible-system (as google one), which will decide what advertisment to show, depending on the site-content.
I personally would like car movies.Because I'm often go to cinema,So I want to know some movies news!
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Anything digital and games. I'm guessing with all the different members here, there won't be any bad choices.

What i would choose aswell Very Happy
i hate advertisement ¬¬
I honestly think it does not matter Why Question

because i wold never buy something that i see advertised unless

Arrow Ive searched around for a long time looking at prices

Razz So all im all it does not matter Razz
I'd go for video game ads, I'm a real hardcore gamer and am always interested into finding out about all sorts of new games. The games I perfer most are RPG and action if your planning to put on that kind of ads.
Well I just voted for books.
I feel lonelly on that category.
Does nobody like books any more?
I feel they are the real source of knowledge.
As a matter of fact, I don't like any ads on my site. If i must, then i'd prefer ads on the content of my webpage.
I just think ads are so annoying, if we could just personalize ads and say like, "do not click on this, bad link!" or "click on this right now! you must see this!", or something of the sort, wouldn't that be great?
Overall, I like book ads.

zluis said:
Well I just voted for books.
I feel lonelly on that category.
Does nobody like books any more?
I feel they are the real source of knowledge.

You know what, I do too. I agree.
Tony The Tiger
I was wondering if FriHost will continue to offer space with no ads. Are you asking about ads that will appear on our web pages.
Tony The Tiger
P.S. How long has frihost been around. I am not sure I understand how a fre webhosting site can stay in business. Will frihost be around in the future. I am trying to understand the business model before I expend a lot of time building a web page on this service. If they stay around will they be free forever?
The movie, I like watching the movie, but also has the game, I also like playing the game.
I like video games (probably because i play them all the time Razz). And probably cars because of the cool cars like ferrari.
For me, Rock music (and movies too)... but no rap Confused ... (all tastes are in the nature)
but.... i dislike ads....
Da Rossa
I voted for cellphones & Pda's because the other types of ads we see everywhere, everytime. I personally HATE any kind of ads, you might think the same, but regarding to cellphones, they are necessary. I always like to know what are the new models, new funcionalities, and new tech tendencies.
I personally prefer to receive no advertisements... if I need something, I'looking for it myself
[img]hi all group members

I' m realy interested in durable consumer goods ,especially fridges,and home appliences


I voted for books a few days ago.
I have nothing against other kinds of publicity, as long as it doesn't get too invasive.
Publicity also has an informative role, sometimes it's good to know that there is a new product or domestic apliance.
I'm against pop-ups that we can't close, and that keep forwarding us to wherever they want.
I think that, in the right amount, publicity won't harm us.

And it'll keep the hosting free Wink
I generally would only click on something related to a game I thought looked interesting or perhaps an advertisement for a computer hardware company, such as alienware or falcon NW
i strongly feel that video games will draw in more ppl to this site because of the growing number of video gamers
I like advertisements that is focusing on videogames and movies.

Movies is so fun to watch!

A few days ago I saw King Kong.
It was super good!
Peter Jackson really has done it again!
That and Tom Clancy's games like Splinter Cell.
Sam Fisher comes with the most funny comments in really bad crises.

"I spent most of that year sleeping in a ditch between Bagdad and Cuvait."
"Well if it's any consulation I had a bad year that year too."
"What? Didn't you work for NSA during the Gulf War?"
"No, I was in teenth grade..."

Many of thoose comments, didn't find a good one right now but the point is that he comes with so many funny comments.
And putting thoose comments in reclemations and advertisements makes the game look so cool but also a bit unserius.

Splinter Cell 4 (Double Agent) comes spring 2006....
If you want more information visit:

There it is loots of facts of Splinter Cell Double Agent.
My vote went for books. In truth, however, I would be interested in seeing advertisements for books, music, film, or art.

I have a wide range of interests, however so whatever is advertised will very likely distract/attract (depending on how you look at it!) me easily.

Does anyone hear also like books, music, film or art - in particular vintage films?
hmm the destination is very hard but they are interested me Smile
well... think it's obvious that people here are interested in computers and videogames... what about more general topics s.a. multimedia, art, literature etc?
I like funny ads which is so lame but makes you laugh all the time. Sometimes, I like to search the net for funny ads and I found a whole bunch of 'em. Really exciting....really

P.S I don't recommend firefox because it doesn't properly resize embedded videos and that's bad. Sad
Arti della Fibra
bauzz wrote:
well... think it's obvious that people here are interested in computers and videogames... what about more general topics s.a. multimedia, art, literature etc?

I chose books, but I also agree with the above post.

Is there a way to categorize in more general terms? Like, someone who is interested in electronics in general may have wanted to pick more than one of the categories listed...

...I know I did... Smile
I like video games and all that is related so thats what I vote for
I chose movies. I think the obvious choices are videogames, computers, and the like, but I use the computer a lot to see what movies are good (I go to a lot of them - I adore it) and I think movie ads tend to help my opinion of a movie.
The site that referred me here said fryhost is ad-less.... they lied. I'm mad. At least if you allow flash uploads and a reasonable upload limit i'll be happy. Anyway, the only thing i might possibly click on would be videogames.
no_face15 wrote:
The site that referred me here said fryhost is ad-less.... they lied. I'm mad. At least if you allow flash uploads and a reasonable upload limit i'll be happy. Anyway, the only thing i might possibly click on would be videogames.

Your website hosted on frihost is ad-less, not the forum.
Well, as you can see from my sig...computers will be nice...

but it cant be crappy ones...try some newegg em!

Or you could use text links that underline in txt or whatever...those i dont mind so much.
But what really tickles my pickle is that there are ads for OTHER webhosts at the bottom...

Kind of wierd, eh?
Yeah we live in a computer age now and I would have to say video games too because I love them Very Happy However I do click on software ads too. I'm very much into flash animation and using other Macromedia and Adobe software. So if I was to see some interesting ads on that kind of software I'd probably give it a click.
i prefer online games and computers ads ! Very Happy

because these kinds of ads is very much in demand due

to the evolution of our generations... Smile

someday i post these kinds of ads to my upcoming website ! Wink
i like books , so i prefer books ads but i think there is not much pep. suppose i m right!!
I've always been interested in advertising - the persuasiveness and creativity - all rolled into one. The conventional stuff got boring, the before and after ads, more focus on the target audience than the product, and that sort. But then I got to Tokyo, and WOW! Ads EVERYWHERE! And mostly, entirely, terrible. My favorite thing to do now is compare which ads are the worst- which I suppose could be a particular tactic as I am after all talking about those ads. For those of you in or visiting Tokyo- look for the ads from PROMISE. They are shockingly bad. Usually some smiling girl with a hand up, for no reason, just to look like a complete dolt. Not sure how that sells anything. But then, this is a common theme in Japanese advertising, especially drinks. Some smiling buffoon holding the drink close to his or her face. I just don't get it. how does a city spend that much money on advertising - and all of it bad?
music i like best. it really attracts my eye. and books.
I am a musician so anything Heavy Metal, Rock , Country, any guitars or equipment, Cars I love to keep up with new cars, and I love to play Games I have a Playstation 2 and love it.
I would have to say video games because I want to know what games are interesting, and fun to play. I saw an advertisement for Super Mario Sunshine, and my sister and I were VERY interested in it. We bought it at a second hand games shop for $15.00!
that was funny, everyone wants advertisements only of the things they need at that time, anyone else looks at it for pleasure. not for any purpose.
LA Ridge
I don't know if this was mentioned... Teen dating sites? I know about the pervs at MySpace doign that crap, but it still might be a hit around here. I don't know.
I'm going to buy new car.
So I'm interested in car advertisements.
I know the companies of auto has great abilities that every car looks great. Before I drive those cars, I can't realize difference between ads and real.
But sometimes some ads make me crazy. it seems as if I became a driver of the car and have driven the car by myself.
it's so great for me
There Are Many web Sites To Download E-Books, Video Games, and Cars None of the middle class peoples can buy. The Thing Which is Attractive and very useful to middle and highclass peoples are digi cams.Now a days mobiles ve cams but they r not that clear. so this is the thing that people can buy
Games i like Laughing
I am interested in New technology/Mobile content related ads.
Mostly they advertise rubbish.
I prefer ads about Electronics and IT related devices.
I like most of them, but I like Video Game ads the best Very Happy
I have casting my vote for Movies But I also like Books, Music and information regarding Computers and Laptop.
such video game savvy frihosters!
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