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Gamestop has finaly killed themselves.

Well I hope nobody here bought their copy of Deus Ex at gamestop because you got ripped off here is why:
If you purchase your copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution at a retail store, you're supposed to receive a code that allows you to play the game for free using the online gaming service OnLive. It's a neat giveaway, and it certainly gives gamers an incentive to try the service, but a leaked memo seems to show GameStop's fear of digital delivery: employees are allegedly being asked to open every game and remove the coupon.

The e-mail came from Josh Ivanoff, a Field Operations Manager with GameStop. "Please immediately remove and discard the On Live [sic] coupon from all regular PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution," the memo states. "Our desire is to not have this coupon go to any customers after this announcement." Here's a copy of the letter, with Mr. Ivanoff's contact information removed.
OnLive Spot

We contacted Ivanoff on his business line and e-mail, and he refused to comment on the memo, instead asking us to take the issue up with public relations. GameStop spokesperson Beth Sharum confirmed the practice, telling Ars that "Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons."

Some customers are reporting that they've bought the game at GameStop and received the coupon, while others are saying the coupon was missing. A comment on Joystiq alleged that the reasoning behind this move was to avoid sending customers to OnLive, as GameStop is making a strong push into the digital market itself.

If true, this is bad news for customers: GameStop employees would have to open every new copy of this game and throw away a free copy of the game that was meant for customers to be in compliance. For now, if you absolutely must buy the game from a GameStop location, either make sure the game is sealed, or check for the coupon before leaving the location.

Here is the article with a picture of the email:
... this, this is the kind of thing that companies actually need to get sued over.
Wow I really thought that more people would care about something like this... I know I don't shop there anymore (even i had already stopped before this because of what a rip off the store is i bring in a brand new in the plastic rockband game and they wanted to give me $7.50 for it when they sell it used for $30) so yea i dont like the store anyways
Giving a gift and then taking it back for a lame reason-- Perhaps one of the worst human behaviour that need to be stopped. A company cannot change it's policy without notice at it's will, specialy if it involves the customer's interest.
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