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Where is Deanhills?

I noticed that he hasn't been around for a while, and the forums are pretty dull without him (especially the Politics, P&R and Faith forums). He's a prolific poster with some interesting points of view that kept people engaged and discussing their viewpoints, and it would be interesting to see an actual analysis of posts/views since he stopped posting vs. when he was posting.

Anyone know what happened/where he is?
I have seen other users asking the same question. Last post was on August 11, for most users this would not be such a big deal but in this case we are talking about a person that makes an insane amount of posts, 10 posts / day on average. The posting stopped all of a sudden so what could have happened? Vacation, death, love, power outage are all possible reasons but I don't know. I guess we will have to wait and see.
I think Deanhills stopped posting after that London riot incident. And if I'm not mistaken, I think he said somewhere about him going back to UK to check some things. I think it's probably a vacation thing. I hope.

To be honest, it really feels different without Deanhills. Feels like the board is quite. It's like he adds cheeriness to Frihost. And now he's disappeared, Frihost is a little less cheery.

Bluedoll might have some idea. It was her and him cheering for each other in P&R and Faith.
He felt unfairly treated by a certain moderator and left the forums.

--Though he still responds to PM's, actually.

You can argue about who was being the intolerant one... but either way, intolerance about religious views caused yet more damage.
I am sad that Dean has left (only for a little while, I hope).
ocalhoun wrote:
He felt unfairly treated by a certain moderator and left the forums.

--Though he still responds to PM's, actually.

You can argue about who was being the intolerant one... but either way, intolerance about religious views caused yet more damage.

To be honest, I kinda understand why Bikerman is acting the way he is. I mean if you put yourself into his shoes who has strong views about things he'd studied and see these religious views keep coming in the P&R forums with little few words and doesn't even think through what they are saying. It's kinda annoying you know. If I can just curse them away, I'd do it. Perhaps, he felt like it's his home and he needed to protect it.Very Happy

Wait, where's Bikerman anyway. lol.
May 2011: 5221
June 2011: 5901
July 2011: 5203
August 2011: 4408
September 2011: 2905

Post numbers are in decline since Dean left,i doubt they will even reach 4000 this month,its only gone below 4000 once before and that was in march 2010.

Source: Frihost stats
I'm completely bowled over that my absence should be noted. And thanks for all of the kind words. I've got a question however, no thread about Bondings' absence? As my absence exactly corresponds with his. I'm waiting for his return to resolve a situation that to me amounts to complete unfair moderation.

The deal was that religious discussions would be contained in the Phil&Rel forum where Bikerman and Indi seem to be ruling the roost including recently armed with a sticky whereby they can "can" the opposition's posts to their hearts' content. The Faith Forum was supposed to be for nerds like me, but that soon went to discussions dominated by Bikerman. Ironically he was the guy who proposed the Faith Forum "for those who were not quite up to the Phil&Rel Forum". During the last bickering in May/June Bondings assured me that posting outside the Phil&Rel Forum would be OK in order to stay away from the anti-religious type discussions with Bikerman. During July and August, with Bikerman being the only Moderator present, religious type discussions were allowed to be taken to the General Chat Forum. I put complaints in about it but with Bikerman being the only Moderator around, the verdict was predictable. What was the final straw for me is when he relished in all of this by explaining his decision in his "Personal" Blog, including admitting he was biased.

I realize that Frihost is much more than Bikerman, but for me it is much too frustrating and destructive to post when he is the sole person in charge of Frihost. If there had been other Moderators around such as Ocalhoun for example, things might have been different for me. I was completely powerless and had absolutely NO RECOURSE and Bikerman knew it. I realize a perfect Discussion Board is not always possible, but there should at least be a modicum of a pretense of being unbiased when moderation decisions are made. Which in the case that put me over the top in August there obviously was not.

It's not an easy situation, but probably the only person who can resolve this is Bondings. I sincerely hope he will return soon as I obviously have a very soft spot for Frihost and all of its special characters and am more than keen to post again. That kind'a happens when one has posted as many posts as I have.
Glad to see you again deanhills Smile

deanhills wrote:
I've got a question however, no thread about Bondings' absence?

3 weeks is some time but I wouldn't worry. He has been away for long periods before.
Welcome back Deanhills. Everyone already noticed your disappearance a very long time ago. Check Bluedoll's blog. I could have posted a thread about your disappearance but for someone who has only been around for 3 or 4 months in Frihost, I'm not sure if it's normal to talk about the disappearance of a member. But good to see you back though. Smile

About Bikerman's moderation, I have not remembered of any opposition post that was canned for no reason. I was almost always around as you are when all those things happened. I can't remember anything, except for a couple of posts from Bluedoll that was deleted by Bikerman. The first one was a personal post in red bold font against Indi in P&R, and I had the chance to read that post before it suddenly disappeared in front of me. I was actually about to feed that trollish post for fun but alas Bikerman beat me to it. The second one was a deliberate complaint against Bikerman's moderation in one of the threads in Faith Forum which was deleted after I butt in and was fooling around. Talking about moderation in the middle of discussions is a violation. So it's perfectly reasonable to delete so.

And oh, I also remember that account creator with a sonic avatar that bashed Bikerman in 4 different threads. It must have worsen the serious situation. And before I know it Bluedoll disappeared for a while then you have some fight with watersoul because you messed around with his thread. Watersoul made a separate thread. Everyone discussed. After that, everything was peaceful. And I notice you were no longer post in P&R.

I have no clue what happened before I signed up for frihost. So I have no knowledge of Bikerman being unfair before. But all I know is that everything should have been avoided if nobody took Bikerman's way of arguing personal. I mean, to say that your argument/logic is stupid is completely different from saying you are stupid. It is completely different. I mean what do you expect from a Philosophy geek like Bikerman. For him stupid logic is stupid logic. He could have been so sensitive but he is just being honest.

Honestly, I too take those personally, and I thought he is completely being an a**hole. But it can actually go both ways. You can accuse of him being an a**hole or you just understand him. I'd rather prefer avoid running into a discussion with him. If I have different opinion, I just keep it to myself.

lol. This is funny. A topic about Deanhills showed up when Bikerman is no longer around.

Frihost is on to us. This is a conspiracy. Shocked
I did notice, also, that he hadn't posted in a while. But I didn't think much of it because I am pretty active but even I go a month, occasionally, without posting. I just went to weeks (just coming back) and recently I went a month. Vacations come up, work comes up, school comes up, shit comes up, etc.

But if it really was religious discussions that drove you away, Dean, then I really don't understand you. For someone with over 12,000 posts, it should be no secret that you post in other forums as well. And there are other forums besides P&R and faith forums... Although I suppose that maybe you got mad at Frihost in general because you got mad at some of the moderators which represent the site...

Whatever your feelings are I wish you good luck and hope you're happy in life. Sometimes we agreed in arguments, often we disagreed (especially when arguing about drug policies in libertarian policies in general), but you were an important asset to this forum (debate is boring if everyone agrees with you). So good luck and good bye (or maybe just a "see you later" if you ever decide to come back)...
Moderator Mode:
Just as a bit of a warning note, this topic will probably be locked if it degenerates into an argument about the fairness of moderation, or into an 'airing of dirty laundry' type thing...

Some of the other moderators have pointed out that we shouldn't let everybody post their grievances in open forum; we have reports and PM's for that...
I didn't think about the possibility of this thread becoming like that when I posted, and since it's sorta my fault that it became possible for the thread to take that direction, and not the actions of the other posters here, I'll leave it open and hope that everybody can be mature about it. I don't want to inadvertently ruin the thread.

I do think it would be best to have things out in the open, and give people an opportunity to tell their point of view about it -- but if you see a nasty argument brewing, please avoid it, rather than feeding it.
I think the nose of Deanhills is being long and big, as he is so happy to know many of us are fan of him. I too love him so much and waiting for him. He is the one who always comment on every posts with the detail study and without hurting any hearts.
Congratulations Deanhills for getting for so much love.
Yeah. Deanhills fan here. Very Happy

Bikerman can argue that Deanhills only make about 200 posts a month. But the truth is, when Deanhills is around, Frihost's mood changes. Everyone just goes active mode.
loremar wrote:
... But the truth is, when Deanhills is around, Frihost's mood changes. Everyone just goes active mode.

That's simply due to the sheer volume of material he contributed, I think.
Things have been quieter without him, that's for sure.
Ankhanu wrote:

That's simply due to the sheer volume of material he contributed, I think.
Things have been quieter without him, that's for sure.

At least for me. He got me inspired. And I noticed my posts decreased after he left.
I'm bowled over by everyone's comments and feedback. I never expected it! I'm a fan of jmi's posts, so must say I feel VERY honoured that he should have posted a thread about my absence. Thanks jmi!

Matrix, I'm with you on what you said and it is very much reciprocated. By the way it was not about the religious discussions it was about the moderation that I combusted. I don't want to go into more details as Ocalhoun has asked not to make the moderation a discussion topic.

Loremar, I thought your mention about the London rioting was hilarious! Thanks for all the kind words. Very Happy

Peterssidan, Bondings has been away from end of July, with a brief appearance on 4 September. So it is a bit longer than three weeks. It feels much longer to me of course as I have been counting the days. Very Happy

Thanks for the comments Standready. I also hope things will be resolved soon so we can get back to posting again. Hope I have not missed anything about the latest antics of your neighbour .... Very Happy

Shivaghimire. Your comment completely bowled me over. Thanks for the kind words. Very Happy

Great to hear from you Ankhanu. Very Happy
DH was great so I thought I would put one more entry in this dialog to promote his memory before this dialog drops out of sight for good.
Good luck Dh it was fun!
Welcome back Deanhills.
I also like reading your posts and your arguments / points of view as well, as I think a lot of us do.
I'm glad that you are ok amidst the London riots. For a moment there, I thought Loremar wasn't kidding.

On note of the heated discussions going on with your religious views and moderation views, I think you probably went "jasmine revolution" here. lol

Maybe some things should be left as bygones and new topics are there all the time.
Welcome back mate - sometimes those kind of threads can get a bit heated... so I understand the potential for frustration on either side.
Welcome back! I always love reading your replies!
Welcome back, dude.
Why don't you ask to become a moderator Deanhills?
One does not ask to become a moderator. Staff will ask the individual, if discussion by the staff behind the scenes has thrown up suitable candidates. Moderators have the ability to make serious changes to the forums - technically, by changing, moving, deleting etc, and 'tone'. The moderators and other staff are given a great deal of autonomy to act as they feel is correct and any member invited to become a mod will have been through a fairly frank and thorough discussion/selection process to ensure that there is a consensus amongst staff that the person chosen will handle that autonomy within the rules and spirit of the community. We cannot have a staff that are divided and at war amongst themselves, and Bondings has, I believe wisely, opened any suggested new moderators up to careful discussion by his/her future colleagues in the staff forums, and taken full account of the opinions expressed before finalising any decision.
We do not reveal the subject or content of such discussions because it is crucial that staff are able to express themselves honestly and frankly, and it would be unfair to both the staff AND the person(s) concerned if those discussions were made public. The current staff are, as far as I know, mostly products of this system. I have no doubt that I was discussed in the staff forums before being invited to join the staff and I could, I suppose, check posting archives in the staff forum to see who said nasty/nice things at the time. The thing is I haven't and won't - because I believe the system works. If some of my colleagues DID post negative opinions of me, that was entirely appropriate to their role, and I am not interested in raking over such discussion to either satisfy my ego or to 'make a little list' of foes. I'm familiar with this sort of process, both from within science and from work as a lecturer. Peer review is a vital part of science and teaching (and many other roles/disciplines), and I've had some very personal and very 'frank' discussions with colleagues over the years. If one let these fester it would inevitably lead to personal animosities, and the formation of cliques and factions through the staff, and staff-room politics of a nasty and damaging kind - I've seen this happen in one particular school. Some people DO take criticism very personally and badly (nobody enjoys being criticised, I think) but I like to believe that most are honest and professional enough to be able to conduct any such discussions without undue personalisation and with a level of professional detachment, in order to arrive at the appropriate actions.

In short - asking to become a mod is probably not a good move - personally I would generally consider it a minus point rather than a plus in any subsequent considerations - but I don't speak for the mods, let alone the staff, on this - other staff may take a different view, and unless a policy has been agreed beforehand, that is how it should be.
Deanhills a moderator?
When that happens I can only imagine what watersoul would feel. lol.
The two of them just don't mix.
gandalfthegrey wrote:
Why don't you ask to become a moderator Deanhills?
Thanks for the vote of confidence gandal. Bikerman has given a good explanation of how it works. Ultimately it is up to Bondings of course. Must say it looks as though there are plenty Moderators for now.
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