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Advertisements on tv.

We pay lots of money to view the best channels. But one of the stupid things happening is we should watch a lots of advertisements on those channels. Those channels are costly to watch and its too boring to watch advertisements. A lots of advertisements on TV is seen mostly in South Asian televisions. I think, if we should pay for the channels then advertisements should be reduced or if its needed to give advertisements then the channels should be made free. In our country, Nepal we mostly watch foreign channels but we see Indian advertisements. Even in BBC, HBO, CNN we watch Indian advertisements which really disturbs. They only intended to earn more money. In original BBC, CNN, HBO there is no more advertisements. South Asian channels are really boring to watch due to this problem.
Yes, advertisements should be done but if TV channels focus on advertisements then it should me made free.
What are the worst adverts on the TV at the moment... Have to be Pay Day Loans, Cash 4 Gold, Injury Lawyers and Go Compare!
we pay money for the service and maintenance , the ads pay for the stuff to be shown and broadcasted. Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
The adverts are the main income source. Without adverts, the stations cannot afford to play the shows.

That said, they should cover the other costs themselves, so that people should not have to pay for the priviledge.

In newspapers and magazines, it is the same, the purchase fee barely covers the delivery costs. Advertising is where all the money is made.

The main bonus for them to charge us is to say to the advertisers, x amount of people watch/read our tv station/magazine/paper...

In Australia, we have 2 types of tv. Free to air tv and pay tv. Everyone can watch free to air for free, but you have to pay for pay tv (obvious enough from the names).

Personally, I don't pay for tv, because the free to air stations are better on the whole. Pay TV seems to be mostly American programs.

Free to air stations are perfectly capable of providing good programs because they make loads of money on advertising, they show all the 'hot' shows from America and they make their own 'reality' shows and provide news.

The government stations provide the best options here, they make high quality docos and childrens shows, dramas and infotainment, news coverage and backgrounds, they show 'the arts', they do not play the 'hot' shows from overseas but they play instead smaller shows, some of which have become 'hot' shows (see Southpark). This is paid for from both tax and advertising.

So, I agree, people should not have to pay for the tv station. You cannot get away from the advertising though.
How about a system that allows one to decide on what shows are to be advert free... such as a text vote... I really believe people wont mind adverts too much if they were to put their money after their mouth
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