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Big Brothers Big Sisters- Recognition for Accountability

One of the most well respected and well recognized names in youth mentoring is Big Brothers Big Sisters. It is evident from the Littles who have grown into something bigger. Big Brothers Big Sisters have also received ratings and endorsements from organizations that measure accountability.
Charity Navigator, which is America’s premier independent charity evaluator, has awarded Big Brothers Big Sisters of America with a four star rating for their organizational efficiency. The American Institute of Philanthropy has included Big Brothers Big Sisters in their list of Top rated charities. They are also one of the two national youth development organizations to receive the American Institute of Philanthropy’s top rating of A+. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has also been recognized as a top charity, meeting all standards for Charitable Accountability including governance, fund raising practices, solicitations and spending by The Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. They have also been awarded with The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence. This award is given to the Independent Charities of America members that have been able to certify, document and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of cost effectiveness, program effectiveness and public accountability. Big Brothers Big Sisters also proudly belongs to the Children’s Charities of America fundraising Consortium. CCA is a non-profit federation that certifies high quality national charities which protect and assist children in the U.S and around the world.
Mr. ali sharaf dallas finds himself to be very fortunate to be able to help such an organization by providing donations.
I was in the Big Brothers Big Sister's program in 2009, It was very fun! I wouldn't mind going again If I had a job!

It was a very good experience in a Elementary Environment because, I went to that school myself when I was younger and I still knew few of the teachers that where there.
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