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Star Wars Saga Edition Mission Lightsaber Battle Game

Has anyone played this game?

Based on the reviews, it seems pretty neat, and I'm really liking the idea of one, but I'm hesitant to plunk down 50 bucks. Is the attraction the physical interaction, or just the branding?
At first I was like... "xD thats a name of a game?!?!?"

Now I'm like...ahhh...
I don't think I'd pay for it...looks intersting though.
I saw this ages ago and was about to buy one when I read a review and then did some investigation. The actual lightsaber is apparently very small (1/2 arms length) and as such to play you have to be right in front of the TV. Don't know forr sure if this is true but I can't afford to pay for something which is like that. If a full sized version comes out I'll be the first to buy it though as it looks rather cool. Clicking a mouse just isn't the same as actualy doing the moves, harder but cooler and generally better.
We bought one for our seven year old, for Christmas 2005. You can probably find them for less than $50, but you might have to shop around a little bit.

Is it worth $50. Probably not!

You have to have a really good set up to get the thing to work absolutely perfect, which in some scenarios, is exactly what you need! The following may not be exactly correct, because I don't have the directions with me, but the 'eye' needs to be at a certain level, in front of your tv (I want to say chest level), so if you have different people playing it might be kind of weird to play. I had to build a cabinet for the TV and the 'eye' of this game, so they would be at the correct height for him, but then they are too low for me, so when he gets stuck, it is harder for me to do, because I'm about two feet taller than him.

If you really want one, I'd wait as long as possible, and you might be able to get one for $20 in a couple of months!!
Looks interesting. Anybody know where I can find some screenshots?

I'm most likely to hold out for a Revolution lightsaber game though. Waving the Rev controller to block moves would be so bad axe! Razz
linkman2004 wrote:
Looks interesting. Anybody know where I can find some screenshots?

Screenshots? Would that really help? It's not a high-end graphics game. What makes it appealing is the physical interaction. I think I read somewhere a while back that the graphics level is about on par with an old 256-color SVGA-ish game, if that helps.

I'm still waiting on that price to go down. Although maybe I should just get it now and snag the $20 bonus toy I could gift to my friends' kid.
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