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OverBearing and Dishonest Brother and (His) Son - Advise?

I have to get this OFF my chest.... You see, I had a little tiff with my brother (actually he was the one who brought the matter up). Whenever he has something to nitpick it was always about himself (his problems).

My brother - who's on medical leave the whole week from falling from a tree twice the previous Sunday - actually waited for me (yesterday afternoon while I slept) to call his Chinese Traditional doctor when he could pop over by himself in the afternoon. All I meant was that if he's going over in the morning, that he should make a call to make sure the doc is in. I could help him call the doctor but I don't have the number to do that. I asked my brother,"How can you be so reliant on me for such things? Is your adult son disabled today? Do you even know I can't sleep at night these 3 months, I can only sleep in the day? You don't know? How caring!"

I feel so disgusted that my brother suggested I lied to his western doctor (the one he saw for a medical certificate) because had his boss known he was in another non-work related accident, they would not pay for his medical bills. Then, there's also insurance fraud (my brother lied to get insurance). I go crazy sometimes. Sometimes I just feel like going to the police for the things he do (his son too for other crimes)!

My brother versus me is like 1,000 favours demanded from me versus 1 or 2 favours I ask of him. I asked my mum if he was really my blood and flesh brother. And she told me why our fingers are all of different lengths.

And his son had the cheek to complain (not to me, but to my brother) that someone touched his precious guitar (he said it was custom-made to look like blah blah's guitar before the guy died). My mum told him,"You have no right to place that precious guitar of yours in the living room then. What if our tenant knocked into by accident? The agreement your aunt made does not cover such accidents."

The guitar is fine by the way. My nephew texted me to apologize saying he was worried that the paint job on his guitar is ruined because he saw that his guitar was in a slightly different position.

I told my nephew,"Don't be a wimp and go complaining to your dad. Act like a man. If you have a problem with me, come to me. Now....if your can keep that area of the living room spick and span, I will not have any need to clean that area or touch that guitar of yours."

Once, my nephew actually got his friend to take his place for a vaccination so that my nephew could work in a food & beverage establishment. He came to me bragging about it. I asked him,"What if your friend died? You think what you did is right?"

My father like son. I cringe sometimes (Lord help me!) you read it....any advise? What would you have done if you were in this person's shoes?
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