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Should I commit to this job?

Hi, I'm an IT professional, working for 10 months already.
I was given an option to have a salary increase in exchange for working on full time commitment.. That means you'll be working for 24/7 when needed depending on the project.. I think it is similar to something like a freelance where you usually don't have work hours but use you time instead just what is important is to finish your project on time and you don't work like a regular employee.

I would just like to ask If it is ok if I go for it?
I'm having trouble choosing because If I go for it, I would spend a lot of time that my sleeping would be deprived.. but the salary is very good and increase are said to be fast.. If I would not choose to do, I'd be assigned along with the other regular employees that only work during work hours on the office.

I'd appreciate your suggestions..
I think you have to consider it for yourself, seeing if it's worth it to you. Sorry I'm not more help, but it sounds like something you need to balance for yourself. Do you really like working at that company? Maybe you can get an estimate to see how often you would be needed on the job, so you can see how much free time you have. If you have nothing else to do in your time, why not?
You should calculate the amount of taxation versus the amount of gain. Do you realy need that extra buck at this moment? If so, you hardly have any choice but to work extra. White money does not come easy anywhere, anytime in the world.
It seems that you haven't known exactly what you really want to do. Maybe you should do as the ancient proverb which says know yourself.
I think NOOO because it will effect your life
but if you wanna get money you can go for it.. if your income will be more than present
but i think it will be tough and difficult to manage your time and to manage your social life
Sleeping could be the best choice one can ever make but I don't really think whether professional should think to do their job or not. After all it's not just work you do and for what the pay for. It's the work you do what they pay for and moreover, your ability to do the job is always the key factor to make you think whether to choose the job or not. If sleep is more important than money you can always go to bed. After all, one day everyone need to sleep for ever.
just take it if you like.
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