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Hi All,

I don't see many squash players here. It's my game of choice, anyone else keen. I've found my game is no longer improving though, been playing 5 years. Any tips?
Yes squash is an interesting game
it is not as popular as tennis or any other games
But is a very good game
is squash really sport? i was always think thats some joke
I feel like it's a rich person's sport. At my university all the wealthy fraternities had their own squash courts in the house.
Squash is a very good sport
It's for people who thinks lawn tennis is too long ... cos it's played on half court - i think think
When you start playing squash for the first time, you think it all about power, the ball is not bouncing, so basically you need to hit it hard so it gets warm.
Then you realize power is not enough, if you hit too hard it basically bounce back in the middle of the court.
That why I like this sport, you need to play with your brain, improve your precision rather than your strength.
Squash is great. It's basically a more intense version of tennis to my mind, so yeah, I'm on board with that.

Don't get me wrong, tennis is good, but there is a substantial number of seconds spent in tension while the other player makes their move. In squash, you need to be ready for anything to happen.
I love squash as well and play it ones a week.

portoskt, I really would like to take you into a squash court for 20 minutes and show you that squash is real sports.

I actually don't understand why people think it is a sport for rich people. OK, we have to pay roughly 20 here for 1 hour in the court but besides this you just need a racket usually lasting very long, a few green balls here and then and of course shoes and some sports wear.

I am always amazed how fast you can get exhausted by chasing this small green ball and I will almost remember my first 10 minutes in a squash court playing against a lady who treated me real nice but still I was almost dead 10 minutes later.

Sometimes I watch beginners in the court having a hard time to get the ball bouncing back from the front wall far enough ... they really don't know the technique and they probably don't know that there are different types of balls and that they better should use one with a red or blue dot better suited for beginners.

The good thing about squash is that it is not only physical sports, but also requires good tactics to ensure your opponent is not making it too hard for you. Certainly similar to tennis and badminton, nevertheless I think squash is faster and tougher.

Unfortunately it is a sport becoming less and less popular. More and more squash courts are closing down in my city and it becomes harder to find a few players, especially also younger ones. Luckily we are still a small group of players meeting every Thursday for 2 hours of fun and sweat.
I also love to play squash.
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