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Retroactive Application of Signatures

Kind of a questions/suggestion all in one thread...think of it as a 2'fer. Razz

Why are signatures not retroactively applied to all of your posts? I haven't had a signature and now if I add one it doesn't show up on any of my previous posts. Likewise, it appears that whatever your signature was at the time of a specific post it will remain their indefinitely, even if you choose to change your signature in the future.

I think it would be preferable if changing your signature changed it everywhere; past, present and future posts. Very Happy Anyone agree? Opinions?
Ghost Rider103
It does sort of work that way.

If you don't have a signature when you make a post, and then later go and add a signature, it won't show up in the post you made when you didn't have a signature. I believe this is because you can choose between whether or not to display your own signature in a post or not, so the system won't know if you just didn't have one at the time or if you chose not to show your sig there.

Now lets say you make some post while having a signature. Then you go and change your signature, your signature will actually update in all the post you made when you had the first signature.

So as long as you have a sig when you make a post and you chose to display it, when you go to change it, it will change everywhere you posted.

Hopefully that makes sense to you.
I understand, so long as there is a signature attached to the post then it will be changed when you change your signature. This is good to know, thank you. Very Happy

Would still like it to be applied to posts that were made when no signature was present, but I suppose that's fine. Razz
You could go back and tick "attach signature" post by post.
truespeed wrote:
You could go back and tick "attach signature" post by post.

Haha sooo not worth it. Razz
ExMachina wrote:
truespeed wrote:
You could go back and tick "attach signature" post by post.

Haha sooo not worth it. Razz

Aw, come on... It would only take 76 times!

Just think how bad it would be if I had to do that!

No thanks!

Too bad you can't access the database directly... Then you could just change them all at once with a few clever queries.
yap this is not possible
maybe a script can work that thing for members
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