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Knights of Honor - review and picturs

Paradox Interactive and Black Sea Studios' Knights of Honor is a real time strategy game with incredible depth, so much so that it's sort of like taffy. Pulled in several different directions, each of its features aren't as detailed or polished as they could've been, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most strategic games that you'll play. The goal is to rule all of Europe and how you do this is entirely up to you. Will you annihilate your enemies with brute force or employ a more cunning strategy by forming alliances and ordering spies to work for your opponents? Internally, you'll need to appoint knights, raise and lower taxes, and keep your loyal subjects working efficiently. I had some trouble navigating through its menus and I think there's way too much trial and error in this game for its own good, but Knights of Honor is a quality RTS title that will appeal to you if you love the medieval time period. However, as a straight up RTS title, there are better choices.

You know it's funny. So many people want to be President, Prime Minister, or just supreme ruler of a country or even the world but I'll bet that most of them don't understand how difficult it is to hold such a position. With so many responsibilities it seems like it's next to impossible to focus your energies on one point of interest and to make matters worse your enemies are always nipping at your heels. All of this certainly makes me feel for the Empire's Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Those two guys have difficult jobs!

Star Wars references aside (and we're leaving space altogether), if you think ruling the United States is difficult today, imagine what it must've been like to be a king in Europe during the medieval period. Actually, you don't need to imagine anything because Paradox Interactive and developer Black Sea Studios are giving you a chance to see all of this firsthand in the upcoming RTS title Knights of Honor. It's not the most user- friendly or even best-looking PC game, but as far as its wealth of options are concerned, it's among the deepest strategy sims that you'll ever play.

Knights of Honor basically plops you into medieval Europe and grants you the opportunity to rule the entire continent, and when I say continent I really mean CONTINENT. I say that because this game features one of the largest world maps that I have ever seen! You get to pick one of 100 kingdoms in the game, many of which are different from the others in the religion its people believe in and the architecture of their buildings, and to make things even crazier, Knights of Honor takes place over a few hundred years, so you can rest assured that your dollar's going to be stretched further than the world's largest rubber band, but at the same time it's very easy to succumb to the pressures that the game will put on you, because as I already mentioned, ruling isn't easy.

Congratulations! You're now the ruler of your own kingdom. What to do...what to do. Oh yeah, be sure to appoint knights! You can appoint up to nine of them, and you have six different types to choose from including Merchant, Spy, Landlord, Builder, Marshal, and Cleric. My favorite is the spy. You're able to order this guy to go get a job working for one of your enemies, and you can either have him report back to you (dirty little secrets), assassinate members of the royal family, or both! However, make sure you've got the right man for the job, because it is possible to get double crossed. Even worse, you may have spies working for you right now!

While you can assign merchants to help open trade routes and Clerics to handle religious matters, you can also use your knights to beat the hell out of your enemies, though ruthless aggression isn't always the best way to play the game. While you can build up an army that consists of bowmen, axemen, cavalry, laddermen, swordsmen, and peasants (because as we know, armies run in terror from plain-clothed weirdos), I found that I got the most out of this game when I was negotiating treaties and forming alliances. You can partner up with the strongest kingdoms and punish the weak, and even become relatives through marriage. However, it's not all fun and games. There may come a time when one of your best friends attacks one of your other allies, or worse yet, asks you to. Then it's a matter of weighing your options. Which alliance do you prefer? The wrong choice could cost you.

Knights of Honor's battle system isn't unique but it gets the job done. You don't have all of the options that you'd normally have in other games (such as advanced camera functions), but you still get a nice view of the battlefield. Plus, terrain does come into play, so it's always good to take the high ground and rain hell upon your enemies. Also, as a side note, you don't have to actually fight anyone yourself. You can let the computer simulate the battle, though I don't recommend this unless it's clear that you have the more powerful army. You don't want to get lazy, refuse to take care of the matter yourself, and lose when you probably could've won.

While talking with (or bludgeoning) other kingdoms is fun you'll need to also take care of problems on the home front. Like other RTS games you'll need to manage resources such as gold, water, and even books, but then there's the whole tax issue that needs to be balanced, and if you're careless inflation will set in. You'll also need to build structures and there's a decent selection in the game including a butcher, axe smith, a bakery, a church, a spear maker, a sheep farm, a granary, and a fishmongery (I just love that word), among others. Of course, it really sucks when, after building up a town, another army plows into it, but such is life.

In typical RTS fashion Knights of Honor features a multiplayer mode, though compared to the single-player campaign it's somewhat lacking and I find this interesting because usually it's the other way around. In a game like Halo 2, for example, its multiplayer options greatly overshadow the single-player game, but in Knights of Honor's case, because it's such a deep and highly engrossing experience, going into a six-player battle mode where all you can do is fight (much of the strategy has been stripped away) will leave you hungering for more.

There have been several articles that I've written where I begin the graphics paragraph by comparing the game to Age of Empires III. In Knights of Honor's case, just like those other games, its visuals don't come close to capturing the grandeur of that upcoming graphical masterpiece, but when you think about it, what does? With that being said, you shouldn't use Knights of Honor to show off that brand new wide screen monitor you purchased, but the game is far from ugly. Castles look great and the countryside is detailed, though I'm a little put off at how some of the houses and units look the same.

Just as Knights of Honor provides an incredibly deep experience, in terms of accessibility it trips over itself. When I first hopped into Europe I really didn't know what the heck I was doing. Sure, there's a tutorial mode (and it'll take you hours to get through), but the game's menus are a real pain to navigate, and there will be times where you won't have a clue what you're supposed to do next and go through a point-and-click frenzy. Just remember that patience is indeed a virtue.

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