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cats prepared to be on surgery

so this is how it look like how they prepare cat for surgery....


I ask only because it looks fake to me. As someone studying to become a veterinarian and who has worked in the field, you never have animals put under anesthesia that aren't hooked up to monitoring equipment or a ventilator. Putting them under and lining them up on a shelf would likely kill most of them; you only put them under right before it's their turn to go into surgery.
from rss feeder, i just grab the image url.

here's the url for the feed:

i bet you didn't do your degree at University of Florida.

ok, here's the correct url in case the feed expired:

original story (with the FAKE picture of course) here:

Hun­dreds of cats seized from a major High Springs hoard­ing case are be­ing shut­tled this week to the

Uni­versity of Florida ve­t­erinary col­lege to be spayed or neutered, tested and treated in prepa­ration for an adoption event this month.

The surgery is be­ing done by about 25 UF ve­t­erinary students and a handful of ve­t­erinary res­idents from

UF and the Uni­versity of California at Davis.

"There are over 600 that will need homes," said UF ve­t­erinary pro­fessor Julie Levy. "We are planning a big adopt-a-thon, so that's why we are having the push now to get them spayed and neutered and healthy."

Alachua County Ani­mal Ser­vices, along with national res­cue groups, seized 697 cats on June 7 from Haven Acres Cat Sanctu­ary.

Owners Steve and Pennie Lefkowitz de­scribed the sanctu­ary as a no-kill fa­cility for unwanted fe­lines. The Humane Society of the United States de­scribed it as the largest case of cat hoard­ing in the nation.

Initially the cats, which are be­ing housed in a ware­house, got exams and some treat­ment but had not been re­linquished to Ani­mal Ser­vices. Custody was turned over last week, al­lowing for the surgery — more than 300 need to be spayed or neutered — and more intensive treat­ment.

More than 60 of the seized cats have been euth­a­nized. Levy said many of the survivors have ringworm, mouth in­fections and diseases such as fe­line in­fectious peritonitis and viral fe­line leukemia.

Haven Acres cats are be­ing spayed or neutered in the style of Op­eration Catnip, a sterilization program at UF in which stray and feral cats under­go surgery in as­sembly line fash­ion with staff at var­ious stations do­ing

anes­thesia, vac­cinations, surgery and recovery.

Levy said local ve­t­erinar­ians have been vol­unteering to pro­vide oth­er treat­ment.

"We certainly would be happy to have more ve­t­erinar­ians that would be will­ing to vol­unteer, especially those who can do dentistry, because those se­vere mouth in­fections are very hard to treat," she said. "Some also have tumors that need to be re­moved — mostly be­nign tumors like tumors of the ear."

The adopt-a-thon is set for Aug. 26-28 and will be based at the Alachua County Humane Society, 4205 NW 6th St., which is near the ware­house where the cats are now be­ing housed, said Humane Society exec­utive di­rector Eric Van Ness.

Ani­mal Ser­vices Di­rector Dave Flagler said he hopes widespread publicity from the Haven Acres case will boost adoptions.An adoption fee has not been set, Flagler said, adding that those inter­ested in adopting a cat will be screened in or­der to make sure the cat and adopter are a good fit.

"I'm kind of hopeful that a successful event for us would be 200 or 250," he said. "People need to make sound financial deci­sions. It's easy to lis­ten about the hard­ships these ani­mals have gone through, and they tug at your heart. If a per­son is want­ing to open up their hearts to a new ani­mal, this is a wonderful event. But make sure your wal­let can accommodate that, as well."

Pros­ecutors should decide by next week whether any charges will be filed against the Lefkowitzes, said Spencer Mann, of the State Attor­ney's Office.
Definitely photoshopped.

If you look at the cats on the shelf, the one on the left, second from the bottom was done particularly badly.
I really can't say anything.
I have 4 dogs and five cats who have all been spayed or neutered except one and this photo looks like it is definitely real. Just a bit more luxury than any animal hospital in Indonesia, and cleaner.
ocalhoun wrote:
Definitely photoshopped.

If you look at the cats on the shelf, the one on the left, second from the bottom was done particularly badly.

Thank you, Ocalhoun. I did not believe it especially since there was no monitoring equipment anywhere that I see.
You know... that scene would actually make a lot more sense if it were said to be dead cats and veterinary students...
I downloaded it and viewed 330% and I think it looks real.

Have you ever seen a cat tied down under surgery?
Looks just like this.

If they have already had the operation they would not be hooked up to any equipment any way and it can take a long time for them to regain consciousness.

I have googled this story and it appaers to be legit.
i saw like this one too. there's an operation i think from veterinary students who will go from cities or province and will do surgery...its was my first time to saw a cat go under surgery so that they can't bear more babies anymore....
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