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How you take frihost?

Till today I posted 162 posts. I posted only about 20 new posts till now. Most of the times I replied and commented on other's posts. I never saw any sites, books and any other material for the reply and for my new posts. Anything, I had written is my own creation. What comes in my mind about the topic I wrote. I am not good in English too but I tried a lot. This frishost, I think, made my English good and made me practice to write and discuss in topics.

But I want to know, how you post in this forum? You may follow books, sites and other sources. Do you work too much hard to post for the forum? Or use it as a hobby? Do you copy and paste in this forum?

I like others' views too much and sometimes I found myself too poor to discuss. I sometimes think to leave the forum but I can't because its very knowledge giving place for me. Its as my school. I am so glad to those who are regular to frihost, try to discuss, comment and reply on posts daily. I found about 10-12 person very impressive here to discuss, thank you all for giving and sharing your feelings.
Yes, I actually work hard for my post. I always try to Google search for other opinions about the topic or search for references that will support my statements. It's hard work but it's worth it. You will gain so much knowledge very fast. I used to spend 15 to 30 minutes to think about my post and review it several times to check for some errors. But in time, you will improve and find it easy to post in frihost. You should check your grammar as well to hone your english skills. I'm no native English speaker but at least I think I'm improving. I also notice that I'm getting more free time with same points gained which means I might be making better in posting for the passed few months. I used to spend almost an entire day to post here.
shivaghimire wrote:
Do you copy and paste in this forum?

Mods are not asleep.
No copy and pasting here.*

*Not without quote tags, sources, and your own additions, anyway.


As for how I Frihost... I have a very specific routine;
1- log in
2- open in new tabs: staff CP, PM's, staff forum, spamcan, reports, AWITS (Getting all moderator duties done first)
3- When done with those, open the next forum I frequent (general chat first) in a new tab
4- Open all interesting threads in new tabs
5- Mark all topics read, then close the thread listing tab
6- Read and respond to the threads open in tabs, close tabs when done
7- Repeat to step 3 for the next forum I frequent (suggestions)
8- and so on, until through with the last forum I frequent (languages and translation)
9- Quick look back through for new posts made while I was logged in
10- log out

As for how I post, I usually just reply to whatever happens to be around. Since I have very broad interests, I usually find a lot to talk about... And, of course, I always check every thread I've posted in, to see if anybody replied to what I posted.
I rarely make new topics, but when I do, it is usually for one of two reasons, A) To share something I found elsewhere, or B) in response to something said in another topic (a spin-off thread)... and well, occasionally C) to get feedback on a new idea I've had.

A's are usually just thrown in to see what people have to say about them,
B's are sort of like a response to another thread anyway, just like a branch off of them
C's I usually put a lot of effort into
(And, sometimes the three can be mixed)

So there!

That's how I post!
ocalhoun wrote:
Mods are not asleep.
No copy and pasting here.*

To be fair, you could be copy/pasting your own original posts from another forum you frequent.
shivaghimire wrote:
I am not good in English too but I tried a lot.

Your English is not too bad. I have seen many here that English is their primary language that are worst.

ocalhoun wrote:
I rarely make new topics!

Jay doesn't need a new topic but still waiting for updated pictures. laugh BTW: that is some posting routine you have!
Nameless wrote:
ocalhoun wrote:
Mods are not asleep.
No copy and pasting here.*

To be fair, you could be copy/pasting your own original posts from another forum you frequent.

Oh yeah, forgot about that.
That's usually okay too.
I am fairly new to this so i mostly comment on others posts but i will be posting my own threads on topics that are interesting and informative but right now am doing a lot of work on my web project.
standready wrote:

ocalhoun wrote:
I rarely make new topics!

Jay doesn't need a new topic but still waiting for updated pictures. laugh BTW: that is some posting routine you have!

Don't worry, I took a couple new pictures last weekend. (Nothing spectacular, so don't get your hopes up.)
They're waiting for me to overcome my laziness and upload them.
That could take a while.

And, yes, I do have quite a routine. ^.^ Given how set I am in it, I've even thought of automating it... but I don't think I could figure out how to make it differentiate between read and unread threads, and especially there's no way to automatically pick out interesting threads as opposed to ones I don't want to read.
I have always contributed my own thoughts. I use the same method as one would in writing a book. Just cite resources. Trouble is you get lazy, “like any fiddler who struts and frets his hour upon the stage” – by who cares the guy is dead and past copyright infringement any old how but the reminders by admin is strictly enforced to use quotes .. you must use quotes. [using quotes} which is a good habit to get into and keeps you on your toes on the material you do not actually produce by yourself.
In terms of where my posts originate, they come from me entirely, I think copy/pasting posts would be the worst way to contribute to this forums as well as possibly being caught by the mean team.

I would say I use FriHost mostly as a contributor to active threads. I occasionally start new topics, mostly in the photo area. I generally enjoy adding on to existing topics and enjoy the photo and art sections the most.

I have occasionally visit the Computer Languages and Gaming forums but don't tend to drop by them to often. I generally make most of my posts during college class breaks so I don't have a lot of time to help users with broken HTML and large questions.
Posting here is not to hard here. I use the search function. The first thing I do is see if there is a new reply to my previous post. If there are new posts I read them and reply accordingly.

Next I go for "View post since last visit" and search for interesting topic to reply on.

Finally I search of unanswered post and reply on topics that interests me.

That's my routine on frihost.

BTW, I don't read books or anything here to post a reply but I have referred to book once or twice while replying on science forum.
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