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Caravan site from hell


Sorry for not linking a better newspaper but my security is damn tight on this machine. This is like something from a horror movie, I swear I've seen horror movies that sound exactly like this. People being exploited for slave labour by pikies, it's good to see the police did a useful raid recently...
wow that is just too awful.
Amazing what people are capable of...and to what end?

Can someone explain to me what exactly a gypsy gang is though? I'm not familiar with the term.
Can someone explain to me what exactly a gypsy gang is though? I'm not familiar with the term.

Errrr well originally the definition is the romani people, but these days the definition has shifted a lot - big difference between these people here - there are still some very decent travellers around the UK - but these type of people we usually call "pikies" or as the paper calls them "gypsy gangs" are more accurately described as "a community of particually bad pikies" if you ask me.

I try not to judge an entire group by the media/subconcious dispositions/mis-definitions... maybe these weird generalization of definitions is just caused by ignorance or just media hype I don't know*, I'm over-analysing.

*EDIT: MAYBE IT'S THE SUNS FAULT FOR HAVING THE AVERAGE READING AGE OF 9 YEARS OLD (I'm not actually joking I'm pretty sure Oxford uni or somewhere did a test a few years ago)
That's pretty crazy. Unfortunately slavery is nothing new to our world. As long as there are people out there with no morals, and are willing to make money off other people there will always be slavery. With the increasing number of homeless in our country (USA) I can see it happening here soon too. Sex slaves are fairly common in almost all developed and undeveloped nations.

I just can't fathom how human beings can be so destructive, not only to the world, and everything in but ourselves as well. Sometimes I can't wait for Homo sapiens to go extinct!
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