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What would you like to do after retirement?

What would you like to do in the days after retirement?
Since that's still about 44 years away, I'd rather not think about it now. Razz
I would do all the things that I didn't have time for. Read a whole lot of books that I didn't have the free time to (or the mental willpower to do so). I would also make sure to exercise regularly, so that I would stay in good health and shape for much longer. I would actually be doing this even before I retire, so that I will still be in good health. If I'm still in good shape, I'd like to do all kinds of sports that I never tried before.

Also, depending on how much money I made before I retired, I would travel the world. It's a bit cliche, but I don't know if I'll have time during my life to travel.
Okay, it is very cliche, but I would love to do the big caravan holiday across Australia.

I have decades to go, but yes, I too dream of this.
Hi one and all, I haven't planned yet .. but from now i need to start thinking about it. I will let you know guys. Can anyone tell me if any of your friends is retiring what kind of gift will give them, can you gift them a life sized memory gift? what would be your gift?
If I ever get to retirement hahaha..

I'd probably go out fishing and camping every day and spend my life how it should be. Instead of getting stuck indoors all the same with nothing to do.. (Video games) get tad bit overwhelming when you have nothing to do..
If I ever have enough money to retire, I will go to work at WalMart as a greeter and harass the shoppers. /sarcasm
Well basically do what I like when I'm retired, however I haven't thought about "after retirement".
I think you mean when your too feeble to do anything and cannot recognise people for example?
Anyway I will enjoy retirement as much as I enjoy working.
I hope retirement lasts a long time before getting to the "after retirement" stage.
I don't think it's worth waiting until retirement to accomplish some things.

Come on, there's so much wonder in the world and it does require some physical prowess to be able to take it all in - at least look at travelling. You can't travel too much when you need to walk around in a diaper and lug an oxygen tank behind you.

Delaying happiness has it's merits, but delaying your happiness until you're old, feeble and useless? That's like shooting yourself in the head.

I'm a firm believer in life style design and a good work-life balance. I don't see a point in life unless I'm able to do some awesome stuff every once in a while, I simply cannot accept a vision of my life where I'm stuck in a cubicle with 2 weeks of free time per year.

We only have ONE life, would you rather spend it making money for some company or actually experiencing things?
by the time I retire...I just wanna continue enjoying the life I have. Spend as much time with my family as possible. I'm not planning to start living 'for me' when I retire (as so many do). Life is too short and uncertain for that. Spend the time available now accomplishing my dreams and let my family know I love them. Thats my plan Smile
Spend most of it in the outdoors.
The same thing I'd do with a million dollars..... two chicks at the same time! (just kidding it's a quote from Office Space).

I'd probably get a part time job at first, because I doubt I've earned enough to live the way I'd want by that point. I'd like to travel the world, maybe by sail boat, do the things I never had the money and/or time to do when I was younger.

I think will be spending time with family. If healthy i like to do tuition for students
Wa, there is still about more than 35 years so I thought it is quite a long way. while I like to have a travel and just staying at home with my wives to plant flowers and live healthily and happily. LOL.
lovescience wrote:
What would you like to do in the days after retirement?

go fishing

Retirement is far far away and as i am in a private sector i don't think there is any restriction like this.
We can work for as many as years we want to.
But i will take a break after 60 and do something of my own.

JBlunt wrote:
I dont really want to retire ever in my life.
As i just cannot be lazy and dont want to waste my time.
Ditto me. The day I retire will probably be the day I retire from life.
Actually till now I did not think about it. I've just started my job in Government Sector, it's been only 4 years and I have more than 20 years to work in this current job. I know I must have to some plan for after retirement...
I have a very simple answer to this on....Relax!
Instead of retiring I will start a new career.
My retirement is still 29 years far. So at present I am not thinking about it. But hopefully I will try to keep me active as long as possible.
I don't plan on retiring. Living life without any objective/mission would just drive me crazy. I'll always be pursuing something, until I can't no more in which case my physical body will be retired but I'll always be planning a way to bring the end to the world, mwhaha.
I will be trading in the stock market, will also be catering to some social plans that I have in mind and will also care for street animals Smile
When I retire from work in the middle east, I plan to go back to India and try and really get on with music full time.
Another thing is probably work for my friend over there, or start something on my own, which requires my presence full time there.

And make it a point to frequent the beach every evening for the sunsets...Smile
Sleep. I want to sleep a lot and read and watch TV and explore new places and hang out and just relax all day. I feel like I never ever get enough sleep or time to relax.
When I got retirement I would like to go around the world.
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