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Indian cricket team really needs some good all rounders??

Seeing the situation that the Indian cricket team have put themselves in England, I would have to say that the team lacks some really good allrounders amongst their ranks. Very cleraly, the batsmen the bowlers and the wicketkeeper are not taking the team to much heights. We definitely need some good all rounders amongst the ranks. We have seen how good teams like Sri Lanka and South Africa have excelled in the past few years because of the amazing players that they have got who can excel with both bat and ball. The Indian team also till very recently had some rally good all rounders in Irfan and Yousuf Pathan but somehow. The two pathan brothers have not really delivered the goods in the recent times. however the young Saurabh Tiwary the sll rounder from Jharkhand who had made a mark in the IPL has xome out with flying colors and is one all rounder that can be groomed. Also, Amit Mishra has shown his prowess with the bat on several occasions and he can be groomed as well for the future tournaments. HOwever, the BCCI should look for new budding all rounders from the country. It would be good if we can suggest some...
The Indian cricket team needs very good fast bowlers too

Indian is at its growing stage once again and has the caliber of defeating any country.
All rounders such as Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Pathan Brothers, Harbhajan Singh etc. are some good all rounders India is having which can turn the match anytime with their experience and will.

Irfan pathan needs to improve him
The Indian team needs good allrounders one of the best allrounders int he India team was Kapil Dev
we are not seeing such all rounders now
Indian team also needs some good genuine pace bowlers who can bowl well in flat pitches
funyug wrote:
Irfan pathan needs to improve him

your Irfan Phatan and Yusuf Pathan both brother should to try one times. according to me both are perfect.
Things are changing here
Selection is tough now
This time the Indians have done well in the test match against the West Indies
although they did not play well in the first innings
They bowled well in the West Indies second innings especially the new players Ashwin and Ojha were very good and have done justice to their section in the team
It was a very good decision that they were included in the team and some senior players were left out
The selectors have taken a bold decision
The west Indies also played well especially Chandrapaul with this very good century
Considering the craze of cricket in India, the Indian team should be doing much better that what they have given to the Indian fan. What football to Brazil is cricket to India. And if you look at how many world cups, Copa American - Brazil has won in last 20 years and compared that with India's victory in world cup, asia cup - Indian team's performance is pathetic.

Cricket Board of India should be looking at their player development, domestic league and most importantly their selection process.
Yes off course you are right.
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