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September 11th - 10th anniversary

Well tomorrow, Sunday September 11th, 2011 is going to be the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. The United States of America was believed to be attacked by the group "Al Qaeda". Now the terror threat is at elevated. There are threats that there will be car bombs assigned to attack New York or Washington bridges and tunnels. We only have one credible source and no one to prove or disprove this threat.

Personally I think there will be little things, but nothing as big as what had happened on 9/11.

What do you think will happen or if you had a family member or a friend that passed away because of the 9/11 terrorist attack feel free to post their name for I will pray for them and for you.
I live in New Jersey, so 9/11 certainly hit close to home ten years ago...I still remember the smoke settling on the horizon for days afterwards. Truly a horrifying and catastrophic event that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, though I was fortunate not to have any personal friends/family involved. Ask me thirty or forty years from now and I'll still be able to tell you where I was and what I was doing, and the overwhelming feeling when I found out and witnessed the newscasts.

As to the "credible" threats for the 10th anniversary, I honestly don't believe anything will transpire on American soil, though I wouldn't be surprised if something minor was thwarted.

May the victims rest in peace and we remember them fondly...proud to be an American.
I was on the other side of the country when it happened, but I definitely felt the effects all the way from here. I'm saddened by the deaths of all those who perished, and I'm glad to see the memorial finally unveiled.
Well, I payed my respects since I live close enough, but I refuse to be thrown into the paranoid world of a terrorist behind every corner.

If al-something was really intent on performing terror attacks, why hasn't there been anything like that for the past decade? Even a small backpack bomb? I mean sure, feds have stopped a few other "attacks" but those attacks were child's play compared to 9/11. Anyone remember that kid they stopped during christmas? He was caught in a honeypot.

I'm not even saying it's all a conspiracy or other stuff like that, I'm just saying that the threat is enormously exaggerated and this exaggeration is having a toll on the American way of life.
3000 or so died that day and yep, it was certainly tragic for anyone personally involved in it.
It is no more sad to me than any of the thousands of civilians all over the world who have died through war and other acts of cruelty though.

Of course if you are directly affected by the loss of life and/or property, then the 10 year anniversary will be important to you, and I can understand that.
But for the vast majority of the world who had absolutely no links to that terrible crime, it's no more important than the million+ genocide in Cambodia, half million+ in Rwanda, or the 7000+ murdered in Srebrenica, Bosnia.

I'm just glad we don't cling to every loss of life in the same way the media is obsessed by 911, I was actually tired of the TV & radio being swamped with this story, and we'd be crying for someone somewhere every day if we looked at all the terrible things that have gone on in various places around the globe.
But I guess the sad truth is that if it had happened in say Bangladesh we would hardly hear about it - Western world lives perhaps seem more important to the media than people in poor non white nations?
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