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Dream weaver reviews?

So for an up coming project in my multi media class we are designing a website using dream weaver now obviously i have mde my own sites with php and html so is any of that gonna be useful with this program? Also I am just wondering if it is a good software or if it is full of bugs and such so if I could get some reviews for it that would be awesome.
I use Dreamweaver all the time I find it awesome of course that my opinion!
I don't have much experience with Dreamweaver in it's current incarnation, but it looks to be a powerful and decent application.

That said, I stay away from it because I prefer to write code from scratch, rather than using an interface to write code for me.
You can write the code yourself in dreamweweaver from what I read, we still have yet to start acually doing that in the class yet lol, but all I have heard from every body that I have talked to syas that it is a very good program. The only other problem I have is that we are using it on MACS, i HATE macs so this is still going to be difficult for me lol.
Dreamweaver is the best!
The best software ever made for PHP and HTML development. I have used it for around 6-7years since the Dreamweaver 4 and now I can't do without it. There are no real alternatives which can match up to dreamweavers power. Only 2 downsides are there is no Linux version and latest Dreamweaver versions are way too expensive. I think Dreamweaver 8 is enough for any work and if you worry about the price get it because it should be lot cheaper than latest version.
Yea now that I have used Dreamweaver a bit I like it, so I was looking to buy it until I found out that it is 400 bucks so after a little research I found a software called KompoZer which is a lot like Dreamweaver. I have been learning how to use it, and then when I go in to work on Dreamweaver they are both pretty much the same. The only thing on KompoZer that I am having troubles with is that it doesn't want to let me directly upload to the site, but I think that this could just because by the host not supporting it because filezilla works just fine. (The site I am using KompoZer on is not hosted by frihost) If you wanna see some of the simple stuff I have done to my site so far here it is:

Whats funny is that in the class I am using dreamweaver we are also using photo shop, so at home I have found free alternatives to both,so for mine I use kompoZer and for the photoshop I use which is a lot like photoshop.
Does KompoZer have CSS and PHP features like Dreamweaver ? With Dreamweaver you can connect it to local http and sql server and test all php files locally before uploading those.
Dreamweaver is good.
if you are newbie you can very easily learn it and can make good websites
if you are master of web development Smile you will save lot of time using Dreamweaver.
i have little time in web development. i use other editors in beginning. but when i start working with Dreamweaver i have lot of fun, in web development and also save lot of time.
so i recommend Smile Dreamweaver.
best of luck
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