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enabling snipping tool in Win7 starter-pack

UNlike Win7, Win7 Starter Pack does not display SnippingTool in Accessories. Yet c:\windows\system32\snippingtool.exe exists I could not find a SERVICE to turn it on and it is not listed amongst the tickable Window Components. So how can it be enabled, despite Micro$oft's with-holding of functionality ?
Oooooooh my friend I feel your pain. Many a time have I battled with Microsoft trying to hold back features (vista home is more restrictive than xp home, it gets worse every time). I would recommend using a 3rd party piece of software, sometimes you are forced to in situations like this. There possibly is a hack around it, especially if the exe is there... try googling something like "windows 7 starter pack snipping tool" I found quite a few people with your problem but I have XP so I can't help you out too much sorry.
It would seem that it's a matter of getting and entering the correct codes into the correct places to 'uncripple' Win7 Starter Pack. As the netbook is not mine - I am simply helping out - I can not yet report success, but appears to have the answer.
You might want to try this if a hack doesn't get you anywhere.
The Netbook owner used the method and the codes of that YouTube, and his Win7 reported a successful upgrade, but snippingtool was still crippled. I am aware of Snippy, and my one attempt to see how it works, left me preferring to enable snippingtool.
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