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Star Wars Saga on Blue-ray

Coming to a galaxy near you, Lucasfilm is releasing the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray on September 16th, 2011.

For a whopping 140.00 USD you get all six films remastered for Blu-ray quality with all sorts of extras like commentary, spoof reel, documentaries, etc. However, the real story is the myriad of changes accompanying this release. As usual, ol' George hasn't learned the motto of "If ain't broke, don't fix it!" Once again he's butchering the original trilogy that so many (including myself) hold near and dear. In the past, Hayden Christensen has managed to sneak his way into Return of the Jedi and Greedo somehow managed to shoot first.

This release introduces a few more nauseating changes...though all are NOT confirmed, they are pretty much guaranteed based on corroborating sources and leaked audio.

-Vader now yells "NOOOO" when he picks up and kills the Emperor (yes, it sounds eerily like the "NOOOO" from Revenge of the Sith)

-Obi-Wan's Krayt Dragon call now sounds like this

-Jabba's Palace now has an enormous door (Jabba isn't that fat!)

-Ewoks now have eyelids and blink frequently

-R2D2 apparently needed more rocks to hide behind

What I don't understand is why? A New Hope earned 7 Academy Awards in 1977 out of 11 total nominations. Why meddle in something so critically acclaimed and loved by so many? I honestly believe Lucas has lost his mind...I will always love Star Wars, but honestly Lucas has lost my respect.

Opinions on the matter? Anyone actually purchasing it?
I was actually at Best Buy yesterday and saw that they have it available on pre-order. I played with the idea of making a pre-order for myself, but thought, "Wait a minute, Georgie boy doesn't need my money."

Honestly, the changes are horrendous and absolutely unnecessary. I don't think Lucas has lost his mind, I just think he's gotten old and senile.
I think what george lucas did in 1977 with star wars was amazing.

To remaster it and make it better to cater tot he new generation, I think it had to be redone, otherwise it would not be too interesting for the present generation.

For me Star wars is a classic, and seeing the remastered one didn't really make much of a difference to me.
Seeing the old original one still makes me go "How did he do that, with that time and technological age?"
I still have the utmost respect for George Lucas, no matter what he did to revamp star wars, in fact, I don't think its a bad thing at all.
I just wished they made more movies around star wars.
menino wrote:
To remaster it and make it better to cater tot he new generation, I think it had to be redone, otherwise it would not be too interesting for the present generation.

The only problem is, these changes don't cater to a new generation. In fact, they don't really cater to anyone. In this era of extreme CGI there's really nothing that can be done to the original trilogy to make it "fit in" other then totally re-doing it in computer graphics or something absurd like that. Not to mention that the prequel trilogies would seem to achieve the goal of catering to a new generation, no?
I still enjoy watching old versions, not the new ones. You may watch the new one only because of the bluray trick itself - maybe the detalisation. But I still think nothing can replace old versions. I can even say I dislike the cgi Yoda in eps 2-3, but anyway, I understand he needs to be in CGI cause he has to jump here and there and fight.
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