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Onpage SEO - An Overview

Here are the factors that stand in their process of on-page for a site, so read through the posts on the forum discussions, how many of you have seen that Onpage = Title, Description, URL is wrong - it is a very wrong perception. Therefore, the hope that his article will provide us with insight on the On-page for the site.

A detailed analysis of the elements of an On-page website

The crucial factor

Use appropriate keywords in the text seo: Enter the text is very important to the process of SEO. To optimize your keywords rank higher for targeted keywords, you should use the keywords targeted at least four times. Currently, there are other forms of cheat bot, a user reading a document, bot read a text, however, you do it this way.

Avoid keyword stuffing: excessive use of keywords in the text can seo negative keyword rankings. Even with the use of target keywords more than twice in the title tag could be considered keyword stuffing. The stuffing keywords (if any) must be a bit tricky to avoid falling into the state of spam.

Avoid a page with several titles: a site that is only a single title, for both users and search engines. Where or suffer if you code both the meta description and meta short description attributes are included in the meta tags, have cleverly put in the code ^ ^

Using exact keyword in the title: Search engines consider the title element is most important to identify key words and web pages associated with a theme or set of terms. Results ranked affected by the use of keywords in title tags.

Placement of keywords in the page: the page using the target keywords in front of the title tag is very big in the charts. Priority important keywords will go from left to right.

The important factors

The site must be search engine index: means the site can not crawl or index will have no chance to rank in the results. Before refining keyword targeting or utilize other optimization techniques, web pages need to ensure access. After a time, if the website is not the index, please email for Google to index your site because of the potential penalty is very high. The TGS has a series like that to resolve this situation.

The keyword is used a lot at work seo: The search engines and users to achieve both target search keywords in the text of the page. Use keywords in the document element (text) to DC users will notice, and that is an essential part of SEO.

Keywords used in the title page: Search engines consider the title element is most important to identify key words and web pages associated with a theme, the ranking is heavily influenced by the use the keyword in the title tag.
Use the "Rel Canonical" appropriately: If the tag is pointing to a standard different URL, it will not count this site as a reference source, so we'll's not the ratings.

Important factor in the average:

Using exact keyword to seo in the text: eg, you seo from the "web design" is not necessarily everywhere must "website design" at all, we can write "website design services," "travel website design" etc ... and Google is still out and index your keywords. Also, the keyword expansion is a priority in the ranking.

Keywords used in the Alt tag: Keywords used in the alt attribute of the image used has a positive effect on the rankings. It also significantly improve the ability to search for images, a common form and is commonly used in the search system.

The number of keywords in the text: The search engines find pages that contain content that their users want. Your content is the site for "web design" can not index the content contained "adult movies" was. Best seo text limited to 300 characters.

Avoid keyword stuffing in the URL: Keyword stuffing in the URL may be considered spam and will also likely lose potential customers to see in search results.

How to use keywords in URL: Keywords in URL strings help for more information related to the page to rank on search engines, supporting users searching in determining the content of the page when viewing URL and provide value when used as the introductory text links.

The least important factor

Keywords used in the H1: Although the targeted keywords in H1 tag does not correlate well with rankings, but its presence is still providing some small value in the ranking. It is considered a point of access and describe the content of the page.

Appropriate length title page: The part that we read of the title page of search results 66 characters long, then it will be truncated to a three-point mark. Therefore, to optimize the best titles we should leave the title under 66 characters, the number of characters to 66 characters long last, the better (That's how the BBC is conducting SEO <= "title more attention will be long ")

Keywords used in b, i, strong: The search engine can give priority to sites using targeted keywords for one of these factors more. It is also valuable to the user itself when the keywords are highlighted priority. So we should focus on using more <b>, <strong>, <em>, or tag <i> to target keywords on the page really stand out as seo.

Keywords used in the Meta Description: Use the keyword query in the meta tag des make it a better chance to be used by search engines and DC as the code of the page. It creates the prominence and visibility with search engines, we can see the keywords in the description text will be bold when search on Google.

Avoid having too many internal links, external links: Links outside is generally a good thing, but as with many optimization tactics in SEO, moderation is the best route. Using multiple external links can reduce the value of any site link (especially if those links do not come from the link quality of the trusted site). But with an excessive amount of internal links, can not directly harm the value of a page, but it can affect the quality of the link and reduce the possibility of collecting data , indexing and ranking of search engines.

Appropriate URL length: Search engines will often truncate the URL displayed in 76 characters. Therefore, let the length of your URL in the appropriate range.

Limit the subdirectory in the URL: The number of subdirectories in a URL it will be less than priority. In addition, there are many subfolders in a URL string can be a signal that this page has the topology very deep, it has negatively affected the process of data collection, indexing and ranking class.
Nice information you have provided but I want to say that keyword stuffing is one method of black hat SEO and it is illegal as you also say to avoid but it is not added in on page technique. And there are many on page techniques like meta tags , url optimization, keyword analysis and more. On page techniques are very effective for getting better results.
I think it is so good Onpage optimizations will yield very high on the SE, but the Google algorithm change too much time doing SEO it is now difficult, or me and you together to share will be lighter
Google algorithm change more than 15%, learn seo now very difficult, we share very good for seo
nice info.. seo one page is best
Thanks you for reply, you and me shere information in seo 2011
On-page seo increase the visibility of webpage and make it search engine friendly which includes content optimization, meta tags, h1 tags, url optimization, keyword density.
thanks for the great information very useful
Now a days several times search engine algorithm will be change so can n,t follow the exact one so you should familiar with new update and technique.
google algorithm always changed, but basic seo never change Smile
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