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I have really loud neighbours...

Yes, I have really loud neighbours and I don't like talking to any of them (in fact I ignore and avoid them whenever I can). They're not the kind of people I want to associate myself with (to say the very very least). Is there a way for me to indirectly tell them to shut up and keep it quiet?

The noise is so bad I can sometimes feel the vibration of whatever crap music they're listen to. They live below me... so I have retaliated in my own way which did make them stop (only for a while). Also, one of them sings in the middle of the night (midnight to 3AM) which I find incredibly frustrating because I have insomnia and it's really hard for me to fall asleep and especially harder when they're bloody sing.

Anyway, what's your advice on loud neighbours, frihost? I'm getting pretty fed up with this bs.
You need to let them know they are to loud. It is hard to know if your neighbours can hear you and if no one tells you it's easy to think that no one is disturbed. If you don't want to talk with them you can give them a note or something. You can just say it's from a neighbour and they will not know it's from you.

If nothing helps you can talk to your landlord if you have one. But don't talk to the landlord before you have tried to reason with the loud neighbours first. You don't want to put them in trouble for something that you could have sorted out yourself by just talking.
If you don't say anything straight up, they're just going to continue assuming that you don't care. (Attempting to 'retaliate' would only reinforce the assumption that loud noise isn't a problem for you.) If you do say something, they don't care, and the noise is loud enough then call the police.

Alternatively, invest in earplugs?
First, as others have said, let them know they are too loud. Second, pending where you live, there are noise curfews, so you could call the police.
If you have a landlord, I would recommend contacting them. If they're the type that doesn't give two hoots about how their building is run, then I would say confront your rude neighbors directly in a polite manner.

If your politeness has no effect, consider calling the police. I think one visit from the coppers will make them think twice about being so rowdy.

Very Happy
The loudness might be habit from their childhood. They feel hard to control.
If they ignore your voice then are undisciplined and manner less people.
I would also suggest that you try to bring up the issue with your landlord or community manager or whatever, if you have one. It's very frustrating being in your situation and hopefully they can do something about it. If they don't stop, just keep bringing it up with your landlord/community manager/etc. over and over and hopefully they will do something Sad Other than that, I don't have any ideas. IF it's loud enough then you could do what someone suggested and call the police.
I sort of have exactly the opposite perspective, my house is a LOUD house - two studios and a couple of sets of speakers downstairs. With radio sets, music production and general parties it can get pretty intense but I would say in the last 10 years we've only had about three complaints - it's about respecting other peoples hours and also having a good relationship with your neighbours. To be fair though having a 400 year old house helps... the accidental sound proofing is great, new house walls are just like paper. Shouting and general noise is a bit of a different matter really, I have neighbours that occasionly play tracks at 4am... but it's kind of quiet by that time and I don't have any right to complain Laughing - I did actually have a very rare complaint while doing a hard trance set recently, I went around personally to apologize (the complaint was from THREE DOORS DOWN LOL). I'm pretty sure I am the kind of neighbour no-one wants to have but I make sure that everyone has my phone number incase it gets ridiculous.

Try discussing it with them politely and if they disagree with you in any way then take further action such as landlord or police if it's really bad. You say they are shouting? Maybe they are having a domestic... by the sounds of it you might get away with that somewhere like mine, but in a flat or whatever beneath your floor you can't really do that without sound proofing - it's very rude, especially if they don't know you.
A couple people suggested to call the police. I'd advise against that. Only an ****** would get the police involved before you ever talk to them. Like someone mentioned earlier, they may not know they're being loud enough for you to hear them and so they may not know they're disturbing you. You have to let them know somehow and then if it continues you can go to the police. But to scare someone (nobody wants a visit from a police officer) when you haven't even warned them is just being an ass. You have to give them a chance and let them know there's an issue.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
A couple people suggested to call the police. I'd advise against that. Only an ****** would get the police involved before you ever talk to them.

I totally agree with this, I would only call the police if they were unreasonable with you. If say you go to them they were really polite to you, but then didn't change to your requests at all then I would say you are nearly justified... see if they mess you about or are rude to you.

Another alternative is get 2000W RMS sub system, with a 15" cone and play an 80hz tone at full amplitude for 20 minutes pointed directly at the floor Laughing
Thanks for the quick responses. I've had a talk with the neighbours and they've agreed to keep it down. There hasn't been much disruptions over this weekend which was awesome although if noise does become a problem again, I really don't want keep having talks with my neighbours so I'm not sure what will happen then.
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