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I like Japan, China, Korea (both) and all Asian countries to the oceanic space.

The cultures of each country see verifiable find interesting. Just as the Scandinavian countries.

I've been in Finland and found it great. The language, the people, the food and the scenery for example.

I've still was not in Japan or somewhere in Asia, but heard from my father, that should be there very nice and the people are a lot nicer than here.
Japan is one of my best countries. But I never been there but hope I will be there at least once in my life and its my dream. I am from Nepal and Nepalese people goes for visit very rarely in abroad countries as we have low income and its difficult to make money for visit abroad, its costly for us. We generally go abroad for work and study.
Me too may not come only for visit but come for any job after some years. The relation between Nepal and Japan is good so hope this will continue for years and years. Anyway, I love Japan and hope to come there once in my life.
this is a great country
I've never been there but I'm certainly an admirer of Japanese tradition and history. I'm sure I'll make it there at some point in my future travels...

I do love my Japanese car, though...Honda for the win! Razz
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Japan is really one of the best countries but.... China can't be. People here can be quite annoying and impolite.
Every country has its nice points. big country like China can vary a lot from one city to another.
I agree that most countries have their good points and bad points.

Originally from the US I have traveled to Japan, China, Vietnam and currently live in South Korea. The only places I have lived for an extended period of time are Korea and the US and there are many similarities and differences. There are things that people do just because and it is interesting as an outsider to see the differences. Surely I now question a lot of the things that are common place back home and feel like a better person from it.

One thing I do notice is that travelling as a trip is much different than an extended stay. A trip is the tip of an ice berg while living their is actually experiencing the country. And to get even deeper understanding of a country learning the language and surrounding yourself with natives is a true experience of the culture and people. I've noticed a lot of foreigners here that just meet people from their own countries and learn jack squat about it here.

Japan is a very interesting place, but I haven't lived their for an extended period of time. Japan is quite different than Korea but they are much more similar than Japan and the US. Anyone who is interested in travelling to Japan, teach some English there for a year. You will learn a lot about Japan and A LOT about yourself in the process.
I want to travel one time Japan. japan is really cool.
I would also like to experience Japan, but may not as it is very expensive to travel there. There are also other countries higher up on the list that I still would like to visit. Particularly South America, the Maldives and Madagascar.
beautiful and clean
Also called "Land of the Rising Sun" is a country where the past meets the future. Japanese culture stretches back millennia, yet has also adopted (and created) the latest modern fashions and trends.

Japan is a study in contrasts and contradictions. Many Japanese corporations dominate their industries, yet if you read the financial news it seems like Japan is practically bankrupt. Cities are as modern and high tech as anywhere else, but tumbledown wooden shacks can still be spotted next to glass fronted designer condominiums.
Japan has beautiful temples and gardens which are often surrounded by garish signs and ugly buildings.

With the proper planning, and with expectations held in check, a trip to Japan can be incredibly enjoyable and definitely worth the trip.
You should not think too much about it. This so-called uniqueness of the Japanese ....... Japanese cook only with water. Have several dozen Japanese friends. And what can I say ....... they either have approached me or I to them ........ just like normal people. Forget all this giri, Gimu, on, uniqueness, Bowing firstonce quark. Since you are not necessarily looking for Japanese etiquette business partner, ranking go loose.
You should (eg shoes off not if you should take them off), only the usual no-gos observe and be friendly and courteous.
For Japanese and gaijin you just have (especially as the [German] tourist) by a bonus. It certainly expected a little, that you do everything perfectly correct Japanese.
I wanna travel to japan someday too. Someday... Smile
Japan is really great country because is really difficult find violence. About culture, great also more different than european style but is easy understand.

About places, many people visit Tokyo or Kyoto, but for me I think that Kamakura are nice place, also little village are so great.
I'm American and I lived in Japan for five years and I really loved it. I was lucky enough to be in an exchange program in which I lived in a very small town in a mountain valley. I worked with the town office staff and taught English in all the schools, from nursery school up to junior high school. The people were so kind to me, even though I couldn't speak Japanese when I first arrived. Almost every night I was invited to dinner at someone's home, or to a festival at a local shrine, or the farmer's co-op fair, etc. After about a year I really felt like I was part of the community, even though I was the only outsider. Later I moved to a bigger city (Hiroshima). Even though it was a city, the people were still very easy-going and kind, and I made many friends.

I think what I love the most about Japan is the feeling of being inside a group. Once you're in the group, you no longer have to worry about impressing anyone. You are just accepted. The members of the group take care of you and you take care of them. The only disadvantage of living in Japan for me was that I was only expected to do one kind of work-- teach English. I tried to getting other work in international things, such as import-export or work with an large automaker. But I never had any luck. It was like people could not imagine that I could actually think and contribute, other than to just teach English. I would still be there, if I had found more interesting work. Still, Japan is the best place I've lived.
I really love Japan!! I haven't been there though. But I would like to go there some time. Smile I love their culture. They seem to be really neat with their surroundings. I love the way they dress, their hairstyle, anime, manga, language, tourist spots, music, and art~~!

It would be great if I can live there some time. Very Happy I'd like to experience seeing sakura flowers fall during autumn. Smile
Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:12 pm Post subject:
I like Japan, China, Korea (both) and all Asian countries to the oceanic space.

Japan, China and Korea are nice countries.. i love also the weather in there and the food specially these 3 countries where food is amazing.
johans wrote:
Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:12 pm Post subject:
I like Japan, China, Korea (both) and all Asian countries to the oceanic space.

Japan, China and Korea are nice countries.. i love also the weather in there and the food specially these 3 countries where food is amazing.

Haha! Yeah! Very Happy Whenever I watch Korean and Japanese dramas and a food is captured on the screen, I always think "Woah! I'm sure that food tastes good!". I have eaten some foods from these countries and I really like them. Very Happy
I would also love to visit Japan, but as per my friend, who loves Japan, it is very expensive (as Deanhills also mentioned).
Better to put off Japan for a time when I have anough money, which won't be anytime soon, though.
I'm not a total fan of Japanese cuisine such as sushi, for example.
I've had it, and its ok, but not something I crave for, like some of my friends who really love it.
I tried the wasabi once, and it was a bit spicy, but at one time, it really got to my head and affected my nose.
If only I worked for a company that sent me there on a long business trip, and I had time to explore the place during the free time.... (ah! wishful thinking!....)
inuyasha wrote:
Japan is really one of the best countries but.... China can't be. People here can be quite annoying and impolite.

Ye, i'm agree with this..

I have see their culture there, how they live each other, how the speak with outer people.
Most of them are polite..

China, ye, little bit agree with you too.. Rolling Eyes
japan is one of my list and i also love to visit their country someday.....hopefully, next year if given a chance.....
Yes I also like to one time visit Japan. Really Japan is great and beautiful country.
Make sure you check out the local japanese bars. Not the tourist traps, the local barkeeps are friendly and so are the customers. Some customers are loyal to the bar, and have been going there for 10 years. Interesting stories..
things i miss about japan:
1. convenient means of transportation
2. cleanliness & orderliness
3. sakura during spring season
4. food! Very Happy
Ahh yes, Japanese and Korean culture are really interesting. At the very least, interesting enough that I've been learning Japanese for a few years and would really like to learn Korean. Smile

Haven't yet visited Japan, but that should be changed soon...

Hmm right now, or soon to be, is hanami time isn't it. Must be nice... to walk along the streets w/ random sakura petals falling. Smile All we have here are stinky flowers (no really, they do stink..)
lol welcome to japan.... Laughing
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